Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Guide Pillar ComponentsHB 4337-19891989-12-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Metal TankJJG 259-19891991-7-1
Narrow Rectangular Position BlockHB 4324-19891989-12-1
MandrilHB 4359-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Ejector SleeveHB 4284.12-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Reset LeverHB 4284.13-19891989-12-1
Ball Bearing Retainer ComponentsHB 4338-19891989-12-1
Wide Straight Guide RulerHB 4328-19891989-12-1
Right SplintHB 4345-19891989-12-1
Round Top PlateHB 4362-19891989-12-1
A Type Flat KeyHB 4332-19891989-12-1
Test code for industrial boilerGB 10180-19881989-7-1
Packaging of corrugated box for domestic ceramicsGB/T 11423-19891990-2-1
Test method for bond strength of leather shoe heelsGB/T 11413-19891990-2-1
Technical bases of HFBC coverageGB 11410-19891990-2-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Rod GasketHB 4284.10-19891989-12-1
Terminal equipments for domestic satellite communication earth stations--Technical requirements--Part 1: Frequency division multiplex terminalGB/T 11445.1-19891990-3-1
Health protection zone STANDARD for lead storage battery plantsGB 11659-19891990-6-1
B Type Rectangular Ejector Plate BlankHB 4379-19891989-12-1
X Shaped Ejector PlateHB 4365-19891989-12-1
Round Hole Supporting Guide PlateHB 4307-19891989-12-1
Health protection zone STANDARD for ironmaking plantsGB/T 11660-19891990-6-1
Rectangular Back Plate BlankHB 4375-19891989-12-1
Square Female Die Back PlateHB 4308-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Template HB 4284.1-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Push Plate HB 4284.4-19891989-12-1
Terms in common Use and Their Definitions for the Magnetic MetrologyJJF 1013-19891990-5-21
Square Back-up BoardHB 4311-19891989-12-1
Curved Female FrameHB 4343-19891989-12-1
Wide Rectangular Position BlockHB 4325-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Push Rod HB 4284.9-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Head ScrewHB 4348-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4340-19891989-12-1
General technical specification for motor driven variable hydraulic pump HB 6365-19891989-12-1
Double Hole Guide Bush Holder ComponentsHB 4335-19891989-12-1
Round Ejector Plate BlankHB 4380-19891989-12-1
Polished Shank Stud BoltHB 4352-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Guide Sleeve with ShoulderHB 4284.8-19891989-12-1
A Type Round Male DieHB 4367-19891989-12-1
Square Supporting Guide PlateHB 4305-19891989-12-1
Bar Shaped Padding BlockHB 4317-19891989-12-1
Bar Shaped RubberHB 4383-19891989-12-1
Square Head ScrewHB 4347-19891989-12-1
Isolate and synthetic aromatics-Analysis by gas chromatography on packed columns-General methodGB/T 11539-19891990-4-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Stepped Push RodHB 4284.14-19891989-12-1
Terms of fuel and control systems of aero-engine HB 6367-19891989-12-1
Round Hole Padding BlockHB 4315-19891989-12-1
GH-1 Flat Grain Glass-fibre Fabric Honeycomb Core HB 5436-19891989-12-1
Cross Ejector PlateHB 4364-19891989-12-1
Standard test method for impact resistance of rigid plastic sheeting by means of a tup(falling weight)GB 11548-19891990-7-1
Rectangular Top PlateHB 4361-19891989-12-1
Dynamically tuned gyroscope for platform inertial navigation system - general specification HB 6364-19891989-12-1
Narrow Straight Guide RulerHB 4327-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Female Die BlankHB 4372-19891989-12-1
A Type Rectangular Ejector Plate BlankHB 4378-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Ejector PlateHB 4363-19891989-12-1
Card RingHB 4386-19891989-12-1
C Type Square GussetHB 4299-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Supporting Guide PlateHB 4306-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Cushion Block HB 4284.3-19891989-12-1
Position PlateHB 4326-19891989-12-1
Single-axle pendulum type servo linear accelerometer - general specification HB 6363-19891989-12-1
Square Shank Stud BoltHB 4353-19891989-12-1
Health protection zone STANDARD for copper smeltery (closed blast furnace type)GB/T 11657-19891990-6-1
Quality steel wire ropesGB 8918-19881989-7-1
Long and Round Hole Padding BlockHB 4316-19891989-12-1
Bar Shaped Backing BlockHB 4314-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Male and Female Die Back PlatesHB 4303-19891989-12-1
Nut with ShoulderHB 4354-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Top Plate BlankHB 4376-19891989-12-1
Round Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4341-19891989-12-1
Photographic base paperGB 11541-19891990-4-1
Health protection zone STANDARD for lead storage battery plantsGB/T 11659-19891990-6-1
Torsion SpringHB 4385-19891989-12-1
Narrow Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4342-19891989-12-1
Square Male and Female Die Back PlatesHB 4302-19891989-12-1
Self-centering ShankHB 4296-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Guide Post with HeadHB 4284.5-19891989-12-1
Square Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4339-19891989-12-1
Curved Die BlockHB 4369-19891989-12-1
Rubber with RHB 4384-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Guide Sleeve HB 4284.7-19891989-12-1
T Shaped ScrewHB 4349-19891989-12-1
Single Hole Guide Bush Holder ComponentsHB 4334-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Limit LeverHB 4284.11-19891989-12-1
Series 1 freight containers―Classification,dimensions and ratingsGB/T 1413-19981999-5-1
Rectangular Guide Plate BlankHB 4370-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Sector Push RodHB 4284.15-19891989-12-1
Square Lower Padding BlockHB 4321-19891989-12-1
Slotted ScrewHB 4350-19891989-12-1
Inserted PinHB 4331-19891989-12-1
B Type Flat KeyHB 4333-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Hole Back-up BoardHB 4310-19891989-12-1
Round Hole Male and Female Die Back PlatesHB 4304-19891989-12-1
45° Straight Guide RulerHB 4329-19891989-12-1
Die body combination die assembly HB/Z 150-19891989-12-1
Stock Stop Ejector ComponentsHB 4330-19891989-12-1
Textile-reinforced hoses for waterGB/T 10547-19891989-12-1
Cross Key Seat Rectangular Guide Plate BlankHB 4371-19891989-12-1
Cross Key Seat Rectangular Female Die BlankHB 4373-19891989-12-1
Plastics-Determination of tensile creepGB/T 11546-19891990-7-1
Arc Limit Clamp PlateHB 4358-19891989-12-1
Plastics-Determination of the effects of liquid chemicals,including waterGB/T 11547-19891990-7-1
Guideline for design of aero-engine fuel oil and control system plunger type fuel pump HB/Z 151-19891989-12-1
Essential oils-Analysis by gas chromatography on capillary columns-General methodGB/T 11538-19891990-4-1
Grooved WrenchHB 4382-19891989-12-1
Guidline on design of circular section fixed value flow nipple for aero-engine fuel oil and control system HB/Z 153-19891989-12-1
Structural type, designation, specification and dimension series of standard mould base of plastic injection mould HB/Z 149-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Conical Locating PieceHB 4284.16-19891989-12-1
Rectangular SpacerHB 4319-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Lower Padding BlockHB 4322-19891989-12-1
A Type Rectangular GussetHB 4300-19891989-12-1
Square Hole Back-up BoardHB 4309-19891989-12-1
Male Die Male and Female Die BlanksHB 4374-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Guide Post with Shoulder HB 4284.6-19891989-12-1
Limit Clamp PlateHB 4357-19891989-12-1
Parachute sewing part (silk, cloth) HB 6361-19891989-12-1
Guideline for design of aero-engine fuel oil and control system nozzle - baffle hydraulic parts HB/Z 152-19891989-12-1
Cross Position BlockHB 4323-19891989-12-1
Brazier Head ScrewHB 4351-19891989-12-1
Bar Shaped BoardHB 4346-19891989-12-1
A Type Square Gusset HB 4297-19891989-12-1
Square SpacerHB 4318-19891989-12-1
Method of static load test for bus topGB/T 11381-19891990-1-1
Testing method for static flexural strength of piezoelectric ceramicsGB 11387-19891990-1-1
B Type Rectangular GussetHB 4301-19891989-12-1
Grooved SpacerHB 4320-19891989-12-1
Health standard for elthylene oxide in the air of workplaceGB 11721-19891990-7-1
Guide Pillar HolderHB 4336-19891989-12-1
Health standard for 1,2-dichloroethane in the air of workplaceGB 11723-19891990-7-1
B Type Round Male DieHB 4368-19891989-12-1
B Type Square GussetHB 4298-19891989-12-1
Long X Shaped Ejector PlateHB 4366-19891989-12-1
Square Ejector Plate BlankHB 4377-19891989-12-1
Plastic Injection Mould Standard Parts - Fixed Plate HB 4284.2-19891989-12-1
Box Wrench ComponentsHB 4381-19891989-12-1
HandspikeHB 4360-19891989-12-1
Round Castle NutHB 4355-19891989-12-1
Left SplintHB 4344-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Back-up BoardHB 4312-19891989-12-1
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