Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Sealed insulating glassGB/T 11944-19891990-7-1
Textiles - Natural fibres - Generic names and definitionsGB/T 11951-19891990-7-1
48×48 Dot matrix Songti font set and data set of Chinese ideograms for information interchangeGB 12041-19891990-7-1
Water quality - Determination of iron and manganese-Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodGB 11911-19891990-7-1
Geological instrumentation terminology-Radiometric prospecting instrument termsGB 11933.6-19891990-7-1
Strong basic anion exchange resins in chloride form-Determination of exchange capacityGB 11992-19891990-11-1
Test methods for physical and mechanical properties of finger-jointed lumberLY/T 1350-19991990-7-1
Valve seat grinderJT/T 130-19931990-7-1
Water quality - Determination of benzene and its analogies gas chromatographic methodGB 11890-19891990-7-1
Polyamides-Determination of ashGB/T 12006.3-19891990-11-1
Water quality - Determination of calcium and magnesium-Atomic absorption spectrophotometric methodGB 11905-19891990-7-1
Surface active agent-Technical alkane sulfonates-Determination of mean relative molecular mass and content of alkane monosulfonatesGB 11988-19891990-12-1
Water quality-Determination of manganese-Potassium periodate spectrophotometric methodGB 11906-19891990-7-1
Determination for particle of polyvinyl alcohol resinsGB/T 12010.10-19891990-11-1
35mm Motion Picture Sound Recording Magnetic FilmHG/T 3568-19891990-3-1
Surface active agents-Determination of wetting power by immersionGB 11983-19891990-12-1
Loaders-Methods of measuring tool forces and tipping loadsGB/T 10400-19891990-1-1
Water quality-Determination of dissolved oxygen-Electrochemical probe methodGB 11913-19891990-7-1
32×32 Dot matrix Hei Ti font set and data set of Chinese ideograms for information interchangeGB/T 12036-19891990-7-1
Bathrooms in housing-Functions and series of dimensionsGB 11977-19891990-8-1
Determination for residual acrylamide of polyacrylamide-Liguid chromatographyGB/T 12005.4-19891990-11-1
Graduation and test method of daylighting properties for windowsGB/T 11976-19891990-8-1
General purpose 37 - Position and 9 - Position interface for data terminal equipment and data circuit-terminating equipment employing serial binary data interchangeGB/T 12057-19891990-7-1
Determination for sodium hydroxide contents of polyvingl alcohol resinsGB/T 12010.11-19891990-11-1
Water quility-Determination of Kjeldahl nitrogenGB 11891-19891990-7-1
Legend and color standard for comprehensive engineering geological mapGB/T 12328-19901991-5-1
Plastics. Cellulose acetate. Determination of insoluble particlesHG 3030-19891990-11-1
Data processing-procedure for registration of escape sequencesGB 12054-19891990-7-1
Water quality - Determination of chloride-Silver nitrate titration methodGB 11896-19891990-7-1
Determination of impurities particles number in polyvinyl chloride paste resinsGB/T 12004.1-19891990-11-1
Water quality-Determinatoin of potassium and sodium-Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometryGB 11904-19891990-7-1
Determination for volatile matter of polyvinyl alcohol resinsGB/T 12010.4-19891990-11-1
Surface active agents - Determination of interfacial tension - Drop volume methodGB 11985-19891990-12-1
Water quality-Determination of silver-Spectrophotometric method with 3,5-Br2-PADAPGB 11909-19891990-7-1
Polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate - Determination of isocyanato contentGB/T 12009.4-19891990-11-1
Geological instrumentation terminology-Seismic prospecting instrument termsGB 11933.4-19891990-7-1
Polyamides-Determination of viscosity numberGB/T 12006.1-19891990-11-1
High-speed dental air turbine unitYY 91044-19991991-7-1
Biaxally oriented polypropylene film for hert-sealGB 12026-19891990-10-1
Geological instrumentation terminology-Gravimetric prospecting instrument termsGB 11933.2-19891990-7-1
Lead-lined Chemical Equipment HG/T 20671-19892001-6-1
Determination for transparency of polyvinyl alcohol resinsGB/T 12010.12-19891990-11-1
Polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate-Determination of viscosityGB/T 12009.3-19891990-11-1
Korean character coded character set for information interchangeGB 12052-19891990-7-1
Surface active agent-Technical alkane sulphonates-Determination of total alkane sulphonates contentGB 11987-19891990-12-1
Machine for cutting friction lining of brake shoeJT/T 124-19931990-7-1
Water quality-Determination of silver-Spectrophotometry with cadion 2BGB 11908-19891990-7-1
Uranium dioxide powder and pellet - Determination of phosphorus - Molybdenum blue spectrophotometric methodGB/T 11926-891990-7-1
Polyvinyl chloride plastisols--Determination for Brookfield viscosityGB/T 12004.4-19891990-11-1
Polyether polyols-Determination of acid numberGB 12008.5-19891990-11-1
Determination of total phosphorus pentoxide content in detergents-Quinoline phosphomolybdate gravimetric methodGB/T 12031-19891990-10-1
Water quality-Determination of benzo(alpha)-pyrene-Acetylated paper chromatography with fluorescence spectrophotometric methodGB 11895-19891990-7-1
Determination of glass transition temperature of plastics (Thermomechanical analysis)GB 11998-19891990-11-1
Optics and optical instruments-Environmental test methods-Definitions extent of testingGB 12085.1-19891990-8-1
Standard for terms used in the storage structuresCECS 11-19891989-12-16
Polyamides-Determination of water contentGB/T 12006.2-19891990-11-1
Water quality-Determination of the chemical oxygen demand-Dichromate methodGB 11914-19891990-7-1
Requirements and methods of enviromental test for electronic keyboardsGB/T 12106-20072008-9-1
Data processing - Procedure for registration of escape sequencesGB/T 12054-19891990-7-1
Marine axial flow fansGB 11864-19891990-7-1
General specification of central control equipments for electrical parts in power stations and substationsGB 11920-19891990-7-1
Complete dental unitYY 91043-19991991-7-1
Method for pneumatic testing of cylindersGB/T 12137-19891990-10-1
Determination for hydrolysis degree of partly hydrolysis polyacrylamideGB/T 12005.6-19891990-11-1
Electronic crane scaleGB/T 11883-19891990-8-1
Surface active agent-Technical alkane sulphonates - Determination of total alkane sulphonates contentGB 11987 -19891990-12-1
Environmental experimental requirements and experimental methods for electronic organsGB 12106-19891990-7-1
Determination for average polymerization degree of polyvinyl alcohol resinsGB/T 12010.9-19891990-11-1
Isocyanates-Determination of hydrolyzable chlorine contentGB/T 12009.2-19891990-11-1
Large die-blocks used for die-forging hammer and mechanical forging press-SpecificationGB 11880-19891990-7-1
Generic specification for X-ray tubesGB 12078-19891990-8-1
Geological instrumentation terminology-General termsGB 11933.1-19891990-7-1
Information processing - Uighur coded graphic character sets for information interchangeGB 12050-19891990-7-1
Food additive-Oil of spearmintGB 11960-19891990-9-1
Epoxide resins-Determination of color-Gardner color scaleGB 12007.1-19891990-11-1
Determination for coefficient of linear expansion of plasticsGB/T 1036-19891989-12-25
Determination of PH of sodium carboxymethylcellulose for detergents (Potentiometric method)GB 12029.3-19891990-10-1
Determination for pH of polyvinyl alcohol resinsGB/T 12010.8-19891990-11-1
Water quality-Determination of sulfate-Gravimatric methodGB 11899-19891990-7-1
Polyether polyols-Determination of sodium and potassiumGB 12008.4-19891990-11-1
Food additive—Glyceryl mono-and distearateGB 1986-20072008-6-1
Water quality-Determination of trace amounts of arsenic-Borohydride potassium-nitrale silver spectrophotometric methodGB 11900-19891990-7-1
Water quality-Determination of aniline compounds-Spectrophotometric method with N-(1-naphthyl) ethGB 11889-19891990-7-1
Water Quality - Determination of Suspended Substance - Gravimetric MethodGB/T 11901-19891990-7-1
Determination of gelation time of epoxide resinsGB 12007.7-19891990-11-1
Measurements of the photoelectric properties for X-ray tubesGB 12079-19891990-8-1
Determination for dissolving velocity of powder polyacrylamideGB/T 12005 .8-19891990-11-1
Polyether polyols-Determination of water contentGB 12008.6-19891990-11-1
Information processing-Uighur coded graphic character sets for information interchangeGB/T 12050-19891990-7-1
GB 11986 -1989 Surface active agents - Powders and granules - Mesurement of the angle of reposeGB 11986 -19891990-12-1
Alphanumeric character sets for optical recognition - Part 1: Character set OCR-A-Shapes and dimensions of the printed imageGB/T 12053-19891990-7-1
Ion exchange resins-Determination for swelling upon complete conversionGB/T 11991-19891990-11-1
Bible paperGB 1912-19891990-10-1
Determination for limiting viscosity number of polyacrylamideGB 12005.1-19891990-11-1
Method for determination of acidity of starches and derived productsGB/T 12090-19891990-8-1
Determination for dissolving velocity of powder polyacrylamideGB 12005.8-19891990-11-1
CECS 1289 Specification for engineering use of imported timberCECS 1289
Plastics-Preparation and use of multipurpose test specimensGB 11997-19891990-11-1
Isocyanates-Determination of total chlorine contentGB 12009.1-19891990-11-1
Anionic surface active agents-Determination of soluble matter content in light petroleumGB 11989-19891990-12-1
Determination for particle size of powder polyacrylamideGB/T 12005.7-19891990-11-1
Marine explosion-proof light--SpecificationGB 12045-19891990-7-1
Water quality - Determination of silver-Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometric methodGB 11907-19891990-7-1
Water quality-Determinatoin of free chlorine and total chlorine-Spectrophotometric method useing N,N-diethyl-1,4 phenylenediamineGB 11898-19891990-7-1
High-speed duplicate audio tapeGB/T 11956-19891990-12-1
Determination for solid content of polyacrylamideGB/T 12005.2-19891990-11-1
Epoxide resins-Determination of sodium ionGB/T 12007.2-19891990-11-1
Measuring methods for high frequency signal generatorsGB 12115-19891990-7-1
Water quality-Determination of permanganate indexGB 11892-19891990-7-1
Limits of airborne noise emitted by marine diesel enginesGB 11871-19891990-7-1
Water quality - Determination of nickel - Dimethylglyoxime spectrophotometric methodGB 11910-19891990-7-1
Polyvinyl alcohol resins-DesignationGB/T 12010.1-19891990-11-1
Water quality-Determination of free chlorine and total chlorine-Titrimetric method using N,N-diethyl-1,4-phenylenediamineGB 11897-19891990-7-1
Isocyanates-Determination of total chlorine contentGB/T 12009.1-19891990-11-1
Geological instrumentation terminology Geological analysis and rock property testing instrumentation termsGB 11933.8-19891990-7-1
Asphalt-Determination of evaporation lossGB/T 11964-19891990-10-1
Surface active agents; Non-ionic surface active agents; Determination of cloud point index(water number) ; Volumetric methodGB 11277-19891990-1-1
Korean character coded character set for information interchangeGB/T 12052-19891990-7-1
Plastics--Test methods of exposure to damp heat steady stateGB/T 12000-19891990-11-1
Water quality-Determination of total phosphorus-Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometric methodGB/T 11893-19891990-7-1
Epoxide resins-Determination of viscosityGB/T 12007.4-19891990-11-1
Quality assurance system of containersGB/T 12121-19891990-7-1
Designation of radio emissions and determination of necessary bandwidthsGB/T 12046-19891990-7-1
Epoxide resins-Determination of total chlorine contentGB/T 12007.3-19891990-11-1
Water quility-Determination of total nitrogen UV spectrophotometric method-Alkaline potassium persulfate digestion methodGB 11894-19891990-7-1
Polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate-Determination of isocyanato contentGB 12009.4-19891990-11-1
Determination of moisture and volatile content of sodium carboxymethylcellulose for detergentsGB 12029.1-19891990-10-1
Polyether polyols-DesignationGB 12008.1-19891990-11-1
Uranium dioxide powder and pellet - Determination of phosphorus - Molybdenum blue spectrophotometric methodGB/T 11926-19891990-7-1
Geological instrumentation terminology Geology geophysics prospecting data process equipment termsGB 11933.9-19891990-7-1
Polyether polyols-SpecificationGB/T 12008.2-19891990-11-1
Geological instrumentation terminology Magnetic prospecting instrumentation termsGB 11933.3-19891990-7-1
Optics and optical instruments-Environmental test methods-Solar radiationGB 12085.9-19891990-8-1
Determination for dissolving velocity of powder polyacrylamideGB/T 12005.8-19891990-11-1
Extreme deviation for undeclared tolerance size of automobile parts - General requirementsQC/T 266-19991999-1-1
Generic specification for electronic analog voltmetersGB 12116-19891990-7-1
Marine navigational equipment - General requirements - Methods of testing and required test resultsGB 12267-19901991-1-1
Regulation of radiation protection for handling nonsealed radioactive materialGB 11930-19891990-7-1
Sealing strips for plastic doors and windowsGB 12002-19891990-11-1
Photographic grade sodium thiosulfate, crystillineGB 10551-19891989-12-1
Determination of ash of polyalkylene terephthalatesHG 3031-19891990-11-1
Water quality - Determinaton of selenium - Diaminonaphthalene fluorometric methodGB 11902-19891990-7-1
Epoxide resins-Determination of softening point-Ring and ball methodGB/T 12007.6-19891990-11-1
Geological instrumentation terminology-Electrical prospecting instrumenttermsGB 11933.5-19891990-7-1
Polyvinyl alcohol resins-SpecificationGB/T 12010.2-19891990-11-1
Test method for dimensional stability of plastic filmsGB/T 12027-19891990-10-1
Information processing - Magnetic tape cassette and cartridge labelling and file structure for information interchangeGB/T 12055-19891990-7-1
Moulding materials for windows of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride-Part 1: DesignationGB/T 12001.1-19891990-11-1
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