Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical code of maintenance for urban roadCJJ 36-19901990-12-1
Methods for chemical analysis of ferrosilicon-The infrared absorption method for the determination of carbon contentGB 4333.10-19901991-1-1
Quality inspection and assessment of prefabricated concrete structural membersGBJ 321-19901991-3-1
Determination of Design Basis Flood for Nuclear Power Plant Sited by CoastHAD 101/09-19901990-5-19
Method of measuring noise at boundary of industrial enterprisesGB 12349-19901991-1-1
pH(acidity )Measuring InstrumetnsJJG 2060-19901990-9-1
Standard of noise at boundary of industrial enterprisesGB 12348-19901991-1-1
Requirements for PABXs access to public telephone switching networkYD 344-19901990-8-1
Specifications for the design of fire prevention in rural areas constructionGBJ 39-19901991-3-1
Specifications for construction and acceptance of vertical cylindrical welded steel petroleum strorage tanlkGBJ 128-19901991-3-1
Cheese forging―Method for ultrasonic inspectionGB/T 1786-19901991-1-1
Specifications for the design of construction in wet and depressive loess areasGBJ 25-19901991-3-1
Technical specifications for plate-lifing structures reinforced concreteGBJ 130-19901991-3-1
Verification Reguiation of MODEL 1109 Coaxial Power Transfer StandardJJG(YD) 001-19891990-5-1
Steel wire rope-Bending fatigue testingGB/T 12347-19961997-3-1
Micrographics-Test object character and instruction for 16mm microfilm recorderGB/T 12356-19901991-3-1
Micrographics-Splices of microfilm with imageGB/T 12355-19901991-3-1
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