Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Steel gratingYB/T 4001-19981998-12-1
The classification and numbering of food additivesGB/T 12493-19901991-7-1
Gas monitors and alarms for workplace atmosphere general technical requirementsGB 12358-19901991-5-1
Vertical shaft skip loading measuring equipmentMT 21-19901990-11-1
Coal and rock permeability measurementMT 223-19901990-12-1
White oil for food-machineryGB 12494-19901991-7-10
Electric dumperMT 215-19901990-11-1
requirements for one-sided printed circuits boards made of paperSJ 3275-19901990-10-1
White oil for food-machineryGB/T 12494-19901991-7-10
The rationality of electricity usage in guesthouse and hotelGB/T 12455-19901991-9-1
Single ring steel-plastic intrauterine devicesYY 0005-19901991-4-1
Hoisting container rope suspension device technology conditionMT 214.5-19901990-11-1
Rope suspension device of hoisting container wedge rope ringMT 214.1-19901990-11-1
Coal and rock permeability coefficient determination methodMT 224-19901990-12-1
Control standard on cyanlde for waste slagsGB 12502-19901991-7-1
Double-Wing vagina dilatorYY 0006-19901991-4-1
The pusherMT 216-19901990-11-1
requirements for components and assemblies at high voltageSJ 3273-19901990-10-1
Shaft cage with cradleMT 217-19901990-11-1
SickbedYY 0003-19901991-4-1
Cartridge fuse-links for miniature fusesSJ 3277-19901990-10-1
Coal mine explosion-proof diesel engine exhaust carbon monoxide nitrogen oxides inspection specificationMT 220-19901990-11-1
Hoisting container rope suspension device of spiral hydraulic rope adjusting deviceMT 214.2-19901990-11-1
Vertical shaft skip ropeMT 20-19901990-11-1
Technical requirements of equipment for extracorporeally induced lithotripsyYY 0001-19901991-1-1
Under the condition of uniaxial compression of coal and rock creep measuring methodMT 225-19901990-12-1
Rope suspension device of hoisting container round tail rope suspension deviceMT 214.3-19901990-11-1
Code for quality acceptance of cement mechanical equipment installation engineeringJCJ 03-19901991-1-1
Rope suspension device of hoisting container flat tail rope suspension deviceMT 214.4-19901990-11-1
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