Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Method of test for optical theodolitesGB/T 12748-19911991-10-1
Oil of CitronellaQB/T 1033-19911991-12-1
General specification for coaxial line electrical dummy loadsGB/T 12774-19911991-1-2
Technical Conditions for Imperial Height Vernier CaliperHB 4507-19911991-7-1
Flat cone head pure Ti rivet HB 6480-19901991-6-1
The specification for oceanographic survey General rulesGB/T 12763.1-19911992-1-1
Signal system for subway-General specificationGB 12758-19911991-12-1
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances--Particular requirements for spin extractorsGB 4706.26-1991
Welded stainless steel tubes for machine structureGB/T 12770-19911991-12-1
Manganese metalGB/T 2774-19911992-1-1
Methods for measurement of capacity of pumpGB/T 3214-19911992-1-1
Rolling bearings-Needle roller bearings, drawn cup, without inner ring-Boundary dimension planGB/T 12764-19911992-1-1
Mechanical PencilsQB/T 1023-19911992-1-1
Large oval head pure Ti rivet HB 6479-19901991-6-1
Plant quarantine rules for producing areas of soybean seedsGB 12743-19911991-10-1
Determination of Water Resistance on Bonded Assembly of Solid Wood for FurnitureQB/T 1094-19911991-12-1
DC Digital OhmmeterJJG 724-19911991-12-1
Electrical aluminium ingots for remeltingGB 12768-19911991-12-1
Continuous handling equipment-Term of aerial ropewaysGB/T 12738-19911992-2-1
Congruent draw bar HB 6471-19901991-6-1
Standard Steel TapeJJG 741-19911991-8-15
Design guideline for lightning protection and overlapping of civil aircraft HB/Z 185-19901991-6-1
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances--Particular requirements for washing machinesGB 4706.24-1991
Recommended symbols for schematic diagram of aircraft fuel system HB 6484-19901991-6-1
Meat and meat products-Method for determination of vitamin A contentGB/T 9695.26-19911991-1-2
Verification Regulation of Milling straight EdgeJJG 740-19911991-8-10
Technical Conditions for Imperial Vernier CaliperHB 4503-19911991-7-1
Internal combustion engines-Nomenclature and code of designationsGB 725-19911991-12-1
Standard Digital ClockJJG 722-19911991-12-1
Installation requirements for aircraft fuel system pipelinesHB 6483-19901991-6-1
Technical specification for control operating rod at closed ends HB 6475-19901991-6-1
Motor vehicle-Heating performance-Test methodGB/T 12782-19911991-1-2
500MHz Phase Noise Measurement Set (Phase Detector Method)JJG 721-19911991-12-1
Specification for submersible pumps for deep wellGB/T 2817-19911991-12-1
100°countersunk head pure Ti rivet HB 6478-19901991-6-1
Offset PaperQB/T 1012-19911992-1-1
Terpinyl AcetateQB 1029-19911991-12-1
Coloured paint coat steel plates and stripsGB/T 12754-19911991-1-1
Design Codes for Vent Stack and Flare Stack Tower Pylons in Petrochemical EnterprisesSHJ 29-19911991-10-1
Updraft sintering machineGB/T 12762-19911992-1-1
Lock washer HB 6473-19901991-6-1
Regulations on Classification of Height Vernier Caliper QualitiesHB 4509-19911991-7-1
Determination of precipitation number for lubricating oilSH/T 0024-19901992-4-1
Animal fats and oils-Determinaiton of melting pointGB/T 12766-19911991-1-2
β-naphthyl Methyl EtherQB/T 1028-19911991-12-1
Verification Regulation of the Standard Dosimeter of Water Absorbed Dose for γ-Rays (Radiation Processing Level )JJG 735-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Flat PlateJJG 117-19911991-8-15
Verification Regulation of Engler ViscosimeterJJG 742-19911991-9-1
Technical Norm of Reliabity Analysis Principle for Measuring InstrumentsJJF 1024-19911991-12-1
Thermal protective aids for life-savingGB/T 12757-19911991-12-1
Valve steel bars for internal combustion engines -Technical requirementsGB/T 12773-19911991-1-2
Band Knife Splitting Machine QB/T 1063-19911991-12-1
Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel plates and strips for automobileGB/T 3275-19911991-1-1
Dynamic Relative Vacuum Apparatus (Grade Ⅱ)JJG 729-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Universal Gear TesterJJG 92-19911991-8-10
Roll-profiled steel sheet for buildingGB/T 12755-19911991-1-1
Cold rolled stainless steel and heatresisting steel stripsGB 4239-19911991-1-1
Bearing oilSH/T 0017-1990(2007)1992-4-1
Meat and meat products-Method for determination of vitamin B2 contentGB/T 9695.28-19911991-1-2
Flow turning HB/Z 186-19901991-6-1
The specification for oceanographic survey swivey of acoustical and optical parameters in the seaGB/T 12763.5-19911992-1-1
Test Method for Carpet Thickness Reduction under Medium Static Load for Short TimeQB 1092-19911991-12-1
The specification for oceanographic survey observations of chemical parameters in sea waterGB/T 12763.4-19911992-1-1
Static penetrometerGB/T 12745-19911991-10-1
General specification of metallic bellows expansion jointsGB/T 12777-19911992-1-1
Standard Inks for Testing Printability of PaperQB 1020-19911992-1-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Shore Hardness Test BlockJJG 347-19911991-10-1
Synthetic Sandenol 803 QB 1027-19911991-12-1
Nylon cable clamp HB 6476-19901991-6-1
Method for Verifying Imperial Dial CaliperHB 4506-19911991-7-1
Titanium-clad copper barGB/T 12769-19911991-12-1
Standard penetrometerGB/T 12746-19911991-10-1
Steel wire ropes for conveyer beltsGB/T 12753-19911991-11-1
Test Method for Carpet Thickness Reduction under Dynamic LoadQB 1091-19911991-12-1
Inspection method for inch height vernier calliper HB 4508-19911991-7-1
Cartridge PaperQB/T 1016-19911992-1-1
Verification Regulation of Aneroid Barograph and Aneroind BarometerJJG 272-19911991-10-1
Thickness Test Methods for Machine-made CarpetQB 1089-19911991-12-1
Tooth form washer HB 6474-19901991-6-1
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances--Particular requirement for dishwashersGB 4706.25-19911991-10-1
Meat and meat products-Method for determinaiton of vitamic E contentGB/T 9695.30-19911991-12-1
Verification Regulation of the Standard Metallic Scale (Grade Ⅲ)JJG 71-19911991-8-15
Meat and meat products-Method for determinaiton of vitamin B1 contentGB/T 9695.27-19911991-1-2
中国有色金属工业总公司YS/T 12-19911990-6-1
Meat products-Method for determinaiton of total sugars contentGB/T 9695.31-19911991-12-1
Technical specification for nylon cable clamp HB 6477-19901991-6-1
Ordinary draw bar HB 6472-19901991-6-1
Black Leads for Mechanical PencilsQB/T 1024-19911992-1-1
The specification for oceanographic survey-Marine biological surveyGB/T 12763.6-19911992-1-1
Method for Verifying Imperial Vernier CaliperHB 4504-19911991-7-1
Musk Ketone QB/T 1026-19911991-12-1
Test Methods for Pull-out Force of Carpet TuftingQB 1090-19911991-10-21
Meat products-Method for determinatioin of vitamin C contentGB/T 9695.29-19911991-1-2
Determination of Shear Strength on Compressive Parallel to the Grain of Solid Wood Glue Joint for FurnitureQB/T 1093-19911991-12-1
Outdoor antipollution-type solid-core post insulators of ceramic materialGB 12744-19911991-10-1
Trucks and buses-Brake-Bench test methodsGB/T 12780-19911991-12-1
Oil of White Camphor QB/T 1030-19911992-1-1
Zinc-coated steel wire―Test method for weight of zinc coatingGB/T 2973-19911992-1-1
The specification for oceanographic survey-Oceanographic survey data processingGB/T 12763.7-19911992-1-1
General technical requirements for undercarriage system HB 6482-19901991-6-1
the Standard Total Radiation PyrometerJJG 717-19911991-11-1
Machine-made Carpet - Sampling and Intercept Method for Physical TestQB 1087-19911991-10-21
Verification Regulation of Mobile Detecting Meter of TemperatureJJG 718-19911991-11-1
Copy ParchmentQB/T 1017-19911992-1-1
Technical Conditions for Imperial Dial CaliperHB 4505-19911991-7-1
Rules of safe operation in power industry (electric power line part)DL 409-19911991-9-1
The specification for oceanographic survey-Marine hydrographic observationsGB/T 12763.2-19911992-1-1
Sectional specification for semiconductor integrated circuits, excluding hybrid circuitsGB/T 12750-19911991-1-1
The specificaiton for oceanographic survey Marine meteorological observationsGB/T 12763.3-19911992-1-1
Method of measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration for reciprocating machinesGB/T 12779-19911992-1-1
The series of optical theodolites and its basic para-metersGB/T 3161-19911991-10-1
Lasting MachineQB/T 1065-19911992-1-1
White portland cementGB/T 2015-19911992-1-1
ThymolQB 1025-19911991-12-1
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