Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
General-purpose oscilloscope for Type XJ4210SJ/T 10194-19911991-12-1
Coated Fabrics - Test Method of Resistance to Low TemperatureFZ/T 01007-19911992-1-1
Test method for levellerGB/T 13001-19911992-1-1
Climate testing equipment-Series of temperature changing for test chamber(chamber)for Type Y73SJ/T 10186-19911991-12-1
Code for blasting technics in water transport engineeringJTJ 286-19901991-10-1
Methods of determination for density of potassium silicate solution for use in electronic industrySJ/T 10226-19911991-12-1
Graphic and Symbol base for electronic products CAD drawing standard architecture part graphicSJ/T 10224-19911991-12-1
Method for determiantion of the swelling of woodGB/T 1934.2-19911992-1-1
Determination of wood shrinkageGB/T 1932-19911992-1-1
Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools—Part 2: Particular requirements for electric reciprocating saws (jig and sabre saws)GB 3883.11-19911992-2-1
General specification of moisture electronic meters for cereal grainsSJ/T 10201-19911991-12-1
General specification for MSI and SSI digital IC static parameter test instrumentSJ/T 10195-19911991-12-1
Determination of the width of annual rings of woods and percentage of late woodGB/T 1930-19911992-1-1
Design requirements and test methods of electric explosion subsystem and electric exploder HB 6487-19911991-7-1
A-Ceramic for microwave dielectric materialsSJ/T 10246-19911991-12-1
Collection method of sample wood used for physical and mechanical testsGB/T 1927-19911992-1-1
Standard color sample of national flagGB 12983-19911991-12-1
Sawing and study of physical and mechanical tests of wood and method for cutting of test sampleGB/T 1929-19911992-1-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Determination of tensile strength of separatorSJ/T 10171.4-19911991-12-1
Zinc-air(oxygen) alkaline battery type PR20SJ/T 10172-19911991-12-1
Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools--Part 1: General requirementsGB 3883.1-19911992-2-1
Graphic base of electronic components graphics of semiconductor discrete deviceSJ/T 10149-19911991-12-1
Climate testing equipment-Damp heat testing equipment for Type Y61SJ/T 10185-19911991-12-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Determination of guanlification of separatorSJ/T 10171.2-19911991-12-1
Explosive atmospheres - Part 11: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures d - Method of test for ascertainment of maximum experimental safe gapGB 3836.11-20082009-10-1
Transform bushingHB 3315-19911991-7-1
Ladder guide pin used for line drilling machine HB 3318-19911991-7-1
Red flare parachute signal for shipsGB 3107.2-19911992-3-1
Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances for hot-rolled billetYB/T 002-19911992-1-1
InclinometersJJG石油 04-19911991-11-1
Electrical installations for outdoor sites under heavy conditions General requirements for equipment and ancillariesGB 9089.3-19911992-2-1
BoltHB 3323-19911991-7-1
Spectrum analyzer for QF4031SJ/T 10234-19911991-12-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Determination of thickness of separatorSJ/T 10171.1-19911991-12-1
Determination of separating capacity for chemical analysis filter paperGB/T 12912-19911992-3-1
Verification Regulation of Metal Vickers Hardness Testing MachinesJJG 151-19911992-1-1
Super-minicomputer TJ2220SJ/T 10198-19911991-12-1
Bar code for China standard book number(the part of ISBN)GB/T 12906-19911992-1-1
General specification for aircraft AC supply control box HB 6485-19911991-7-1
Dysprosium oxide YB 4040-19911992-1-1
Test method for the anticompressive elastic module of transverse fiber of woodGB/T 1943-19911992-1-1
Test method for the hardness of woodGB/T 1941-19911992-1-1
KJ type hydraulic quick-action couplingsJB/T 5121-19911992-1-1
Blast-furnace top bell and hopper YB 4060-19911992-1-1
Space point stationary precision toolHB 3305-19911991-7-1
Terminology for ship technology-Hull constructionGB 12924-19911992-2-1
Test method for the tensile strength of longitudinal fiber of woodGB/T 1938-19911992-1-1
Specifications for the first and second order levelingGB 12897-19911992-1-1
Test method for the tenacity under impact of woodGB/T 1940-19911992-1-1
Holder used for staff gaugeHB 3312-19911991-7-1
Coated Fabrics - Determination of Resistance to Penetration by Water (Hydrostatic Test)FZ/T 01004-19911992-1-1
The examination rules and test methods for the shipscargo handling gearGB 12927-19911992-2-1
Glass containers-Thermal shock resistance and thermal shock endurance-Test methodsGB 4547-19911992-3-1
Test methods for LCR measuring instrumentsSJ/T 10298-19911991-12-1
Terminology for ship technology-Installation technologyGB 12925-19911992-2-1
Universal Fixed Changing Distance PlateHB 4511-19911991-7-1
Horizontal short precision toolHB 3302-19911991-7-1
Specification for microcomputer Great Wall 0520A, C-HSJ/T 10204-19911991-12-1
General use plywood of tropical broadleaved speciesGB/T 13009-19911992-1-1
Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools--Part 4: Particular requirements for sandersGB 3883.4-19911992-2-1
Safety code for painting-Technical requirements of safety for working in confined spacesGB 12942-19911992-2-1
Microwave ceramic dielectric materials-Alumina ceramic substrates for microwave integrated circuitsSJ/T 10243-19911991-12-1
Paper and board-Determination of bending stiffness-Resonance methodGB/T 12909-19911992-3-1
Horizontal long precision toolHB 3301-19911991-7-1
Gum turpentineGB/T 12901-19911992-1-1
Coated Fabric Abrasion Resistance Measurement MethodFZ/T 01011-19911992-1-1
ZG1 series double-acting ram cylinderJB/T 5123-19911992-1-1
Technical conditions for scaleplate HB/Z 22-19911991-7-1
Method for determination of the water absorption of woodGB 1934.1-19911992-1-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Brinell Hardness Test BlockJJG 147-19911991-10-1
Crosswise high precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3306-19911991-7-1
Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools--Part 6: Particular requirements for electric drillsGB 3883.6-19911992-2-1
Crosswise low precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3307-19911991-7-1
Key points for manufactrue quality control of tantalum electrolytic capacitorsSJ/T 10223-19911991-12-1
Metallic materials-Determinaiton of Charpy impact fracture surfaceGB/T 12778-19911992-1-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Determination of copper and iron content in separator by atomic absorption sepectrophotomtrySJ/T 10171.11-19911991-12-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Determination of maximum Pore diameter in separator-Bubble testSJ/T 10171.10-19911991-12-1
Code for the representation of names of languageGB/T 4880-19911992-1-1
High-voltage ceramic wall bushingsGB 12944.1-19911992-2-1
Test method for the compressive strength of longitudinal fiber of woodGB/T 1935-19911992-1-1
Method for determination of the modulus of elasticity in static bending of woodGB/T 1936.2-19911992-1-1
Test methods to determine the thermal performance of domestic solar water heatersGB/T 12915-19911992-2-1
Ruler for Adjusting and Changing DistanceHB 4517-19911991-7-1
Definition of common terminology used in bar code system--Terms for bar code symbolGB/T 12905-19911992-1-1
Microwave ceramic dielectric materials-Microwave composite dielectric substrateSJ/T 10245-19911991-12-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Determination of apparent density of separatorSJ/T 10171.3-19911991-12-1
Detail specification of multilayer ceramic dual in-line package for semiconductor integrated circuitsSJ/T 10175-19911991-12-1
Longitudinal low precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3309-19911991-7-1
Determination of wood moisture contentGB/T 1931-19911992-1-1
Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools; Part 2: Particular requirements for electric grinders polishers and disc-type sandersGB 3883.3-19911992-2-1
Rectangular Plate (For Wye Bearing Y Assembly Machine)HB 4512-19911991-7-1
Galvanized steel wire for mesh enclosure YB 4026-19911992-1-1
steady sunlight simulator for air-mass 1. 5SJ/T 10174-19911991-12-1
Shipbuilding-jib cranesGB/T 12932-19911992-2-1
Omnipotent precision toolHB 3303-19911991-7-1
Solar energy-Thermal applications-Terminology Part 2GB/T 12936.2-19911992-3-1
Coated Fabrics - Test Method of the Coating ThicknessFZ/T 01006-19911992-1-1
Method of testing in bending strength of woodGB/T 1936.1-19911992-1-1
Cleaning equipments of controled air source for shipGB/T 12919-19911992-2-1
General specification for zinc-air(oxygen) alkaline batteriesSJ/T 10170-19911991-12-1
Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools; Part 2: Particular requirements for electric planersGB 3883.10-19911992-2-1
Longitudinal high precision tool (for frame assembly machine)HB 3299-19911991-7-1
Pressing partsHB 3320-19911991-7-1
Lock bushingHB 3314-19911991-7-1
Oily water separating equipmentGB 12917-19911992-2-1
Sliced veneerGB/T 13010-19911992-1-1
Analytical methods of turpentineGB/T 12902-19911992-1-1
Ruler for adjusting and changing distanceHB 3311-19911991-7-1
Codabar bar codeGB/T 12907-19911992-1-1
Key points for manufacture quality control of fixed organic dielectric capacitorsSJ/T 10218-19911991-12-1
Marine oil-water interface detector specificationGB/T 12921-19911992-2-1
BushingHB 3316-19911991-7-1
Specification for hand-held metal detectorsGB 12899-19911992-1-1
Paper and board-Determination of the ink absorbencyGB 12911-19911992-3-1
Crosswise low precision tool (for frame assembly machine)HB 3298-19911991-7-1
Built-in thermal protection for rotating electrical machines-Rules for protection of rotating electrical machinesGB/T 13002-19911992-5-1
Specifications for the third and fourth order levelingGB 12898-19911992-1-1
Sewing Method for Determination of OilFZ/T 60001-19911991-10-1
Hole Distance StopHB 4514-19911991-7-1
Standard underboardingHB 3313-19911991-7-1
Metallographic inspection for high Ni-Cr infinite chilled centrifugal cast ironYB 4052-19911992-1-1
Marine reciprocating air compressor for low pressureGB/T 12933-19911992-2-1
Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres-Method of test for ascertainment if maximum experimental safe gapGB 3836.11-19911992-2-1
Erbium oxide YB 4041-19911992-1-1
High-voltage ceramic wall bushings Dimensions and characteristicsGB 12944.2-19911992-2-1
Cement injection gunHB 3324-19911991-7-1
Detail specification for electronic components-Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors for Type CT41 Assessment level ESJ/T 10210-19911991-12-1
Sine Precision MoldsHB 4510-19911991-7-1
Methods of determination for viscosity of potassium silicate solution for use in electronic industrySJ/T 10227-19911991-12-1
Detail specification of metal rhomb package for semiconductor integrated circuitsSJ/T 10176-19911991-12-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Determination of air permeability through separator (medium range)-Schopper methodSJ/T 10171.9-19911991-12-1
Technical specification for high pressure reciprocating air diving apparatusGB 12930-19911992-2-1
Determination of the density of woodGB/T 1933-19911992-1-1
BushHB 4516-19911991-7-1
10KW short-wave single-sideband transmittersSJ/T 10197-19911991-12-1
Techinical conditions for scoring drilling hole platform HB/Z 24-19911991-7-1
Marine oil-free air compressor for control use--Technical specificationsGB/T 12934-19911992-2-1
Marine reciprocating air compressor for high pressureGB/T 12929-19911992-2-1
Specification for rubber-sealed chock for aluminium electrolyte capacitorsSJ/T 10242-19911991-12-1
Model 714 Weather radarSJ/T 10192-19911991-12-1
Design and use guide to components for mounting printed boardsSJ/T 10188-19911991-12-1
Test methods for frequency character of marine radar transmittersSJ/T 10295-19911991-12-1
Longitudinal low precision tool (for frame assembly machine)HB 3300-19911991-7-1
Test method for the shear strength of longitudinal fiber of woodGB/T 1937-19911992-1-1
Elastic damping leaf couplingGB/T 12922-19911992-2-1
Specification for oil discharge monitoring and controlsystems for oil tankersGB 12918-19911992-2-1
Determination of density for magnetic oxide powders-Determination of apparent density, Oscillating funnel methodSJ/T 10215-19911991-12-1
Pressing partsHB 3322-19911991-7-1
Synthetic camphorGB/T 4895-19911992-1-1
Rectangular Plate (For Scribing and Drilling Table )HB 4513-19911991-7-1
Test method for compressive strength of the transverse fiberGB/T 1939-19911992-1-1
Paper and board--Determination of tensile properties--Constant rate of elongation methodGB/T 12914-19911992-3-1
The type xz-8 noise generatorSJ/T 10238-19911991-12-1
Explosive atmospheres - Part 12: Classification of gases or vapours with air according to their maximum experimental safe gaps and minimum igniting currentGB 3836.12-20082009-10-1
Rim contours for industrial trucksGB/T 12939-19911992-5-1
Solar energy-Thermal applications-Terminology part 1GB/T 12936.1-19911992-3-1
Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres-Classification of gases or vapours with air according to their maximum experimental safe gaps and minimum igniting currentsGB 3836.12-19911992-2-1
Cotton cultivar - Test method of yarn FZ/T 01012-19911992-1-1
Terminology for ship technology-Repairing and shipbuilding facilitiesGB 12923-19911992-2-1
TDA75 single crystalline silicon solar cellSJ/T 10173-19911991-12-1
Specification for marine metallic propellerGB 12916-19911992-2-1
Inserted pin used for frame assembly machineHB 3317-19911991-7-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Vickers Hardness Test BlockJJG 148-19911991-10-1
General rules for methods of physical and mechanical tests of woodGB 1928-19911992-1-1
TG1 series telescopic cylinderJB/T 5124-19911992-1-1
Test method for antisplit of woodGB/T 1942-19911992-1-1
Square box precision toolHB 3304-19911991-7-1
Personal protective equipment terminologyGB/T 12903-20082009-10-1
Plate for fixing and changing distanceHB 3310-19911991-7-1
Longitudinal high precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3308-19911991-7-1
Personal protective equipment terminologyGB/T 12903-19911992-1-1
Measuring methods for CCD single-chip colour applied TV video cameraSJ/T 10203-19911991-12-1
Bolt used for slotHB 3325-19911991-7-1
Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres--Hermetically sealed electrical apparatus hGB 3836.10-19911992-2-1
3 of 9 bar codeGB/T 12908-19911992-1-1
Requirements and testing methods of high-temperature load reliability for electric tuners of TV broadcasting receiversSJ/T 10292-19911991-12-1
Combination microwave and passive infrared intrusion detectorGB 10408.6-19911992-1-1
Low distortion meter for Type ZN4112SJ/T 10230-19911991-12-1
Signal generators for Type QF1052SJ/T 10235-19911991-12-1
Basic standard for refractory product for glass melter YB 4014-19911992-1-1
Self-igniting light for lifebuoysGB 4541-19911992-3-1
Verification Regulation of Shore Hardness TesterJJG 346-19911992-1-1
Dimension, shape, weight and tolerances of cogYB/T 001-19911992-1-1
Axle for railway locomotives and vehiclesYB 4061-19911992-1-1
Key points for manufacture quality control of thin film resistorsSJ/T 10219-19911991-12-1
General technical specifications of pneumatic systems for shipGB/T 12920-19911992-2-1
Holder used for frame beamHB 3319-19911991-7-1
Technical Requirements for Grain Combine HarvesterJB/T 5117-19911992-1-1
Measurement methods for performances of separator of alkaline batteries-Quantitative analysis of acetoxy in hydrate cellulose separatorSJ/T 10171.12-19911991-12-1
Pressing partsHB 3321-19911991-7-1
Stereo signal generators for Type XT-24SJ/T 10239-19911991-12-1
Self-igniting light and orange smoke signal for lifebuoysGB 3107.10-19911992-3-1
Standard Padding BlockHB 4515-19911991-7-1
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