Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Female Die for Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤2000mm)QJ 2315.4-19921992-11-1
Positioning Plate for Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤2000mm)QJ 2315.7-19921992-11-1
Anti-Static Requirements of Electronic Instrumentation and Equipment QJ 2245-19921992-10-3
Ultrasonic Testing Method and Quality Level for High Temperature Alloy ForgingsQJ 2252-19921993-1-1
Slotted Countersunk Head Screws QJ 2373-19921992-11-1
Technical Specifications for Automatic Control Devices of Marine Generating PlantsCB/T 3152-19921992-10-1
Technical Specification for Spheroidal Graphite Iron CastingsQJ 2330-19921992-12-1
Bibliographic Database of Aerospace Intelligence System - Preliminary Treatment QJ 2325-19921992-12-1
Automatic Temperature Controller for ShipsCB 3456-19921992-10-1
Technical Specifications for Automatic Accurate Synchronizers for Marine Generating PlantsCB/T 3441-19921992-10-1
Slotted Spherical Cheese Head Shoulder ScrewsQJ 2382-19921992-11-1
Technical Specifications for Marine Hydraulic Oil Purification DevicesCB/T 3445-19921992-10-1
Technical Specification of Grey Iron Castings QJ 2329-19921992-12-1
Technical Specifications for Self Starting Device of Marine Diesel Generating SetCB/T 3442-19921992-10-1
Mold Shaft for Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤220mm)QJ 2312.3-19921992-11-1
The technical specifications of turbochargers used for marine diesel enginesGB/T 13410-19921993-1-1
Gaskets for large-diameter cabon steel pipe flangesGB/T 13403-19921992-10-1
Junction Box for ShipsCB 3413-19921992-10-1
Cup-head ScrewsQJ 2386-19921992-11-1
General specification for marine electromagnetic logsGB/T 4301-19921993-1-1
Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤1200mm)QJ 2315-19921992-11-1
Technical Specifications for Pistons for Marine Diesel EngineCB/T 3453-19921992-10-1
Male Mold of Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤220mm) QJ 2312.2-19921992-11-1
Hexagon Thin Nuts QJ 2395-19921992-11-1
Top Piece for Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤2000mm)QJ 2315.5-19921992-11-1
Double End Studs QJ 2389-19921992-11-1
General Technical Specifications for MicrocomputerQJ 900-19921992-11-1
Hexagon NutsQJ 2394-19921992-11-1
Classification and Code of Object of Wind Tunnel TestQJ 2343-19921992-11-1
Criteria for the evaluation of software used for industry controlGB/T 13423-19921992-1-2
Female Die for Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤220mm) QJ 2312.4-19921992-11-1
Textiles - Stitch Pattern - Classification and TerminologyFZ/T 01019-19921992-10-1
Marine Charge and Discharge BoardsCB/T 3046-19921992-10-1
Marine Vertical Centrifugal Pumps in Series Parallel ConnectionCB/T 3459-19921992-10-1
Technical Specification for Threaded Fastener Made of Brass and Aluminum Alloy - Bolts, Screws and Studs QJ 2397.1-19921992-11-1
Slotted Hexagon Nuts QJ 2396-19921992-11-1
Slotted Cheese Head Positioning Screw QJ 2379-19921992-11-1
Marine Horizontal Single-grade Vortex Pump CB/T 3461-19921992-10-1
Windlasses and anchor capstansGB 4447-19921993-1-1
Clear View Screen for Ships CB 644-19921992-10-1
Slotted Spherical Large Cheese Head ScrewsQJ 2383-19921992-11-1
Technical Specifications for Cast Iron Cylinder Jacket for Marine Diesel EnginesCB/T 702-19921992-10-1
Metallographic Test Method for Beryllium Bronze QJ 2337-19921992-12-30
Technical Specifications for AC Asynchronous Motors of Marine Axial FansCB/T 3440-19921992-10-1
Hexagon Head Bolt with Hole QJ 2365-19921992-11-1
Type and Basic Parameters for Marine IncineratorCB/T 3462-19921992-10-1
Cubic Boron Hydride / Cemented Carbide Unfair-hole Boring Cutter with High Stiffness QJ 2341.2-19921992-10-1
Cross Recessed Raised Countersunk Head Screws QJ 2378-19921992-11-1
Character of Illuminating Radar Signals Test Methods QJ 2348-19921992-10-4
Butterfly NutsQJ 2390-19921992-11-1
Standard for Technical Rating of Equipment QJ 2311-19921992-11-1
Series Spectrum of Temperature Sensor QJ 2278-19921992-12-1
Contents list for scientific and technical periodicalsGB/T 13417-19921992-1-2
Lower Holder of Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤220mm) QJ 2312.1-19921992-11-1
Technical Conditions for Universal Trough Curve Mold QJ 2316-19921992-11-1
Slotted Pan Head Screws with Waisted ShankQJ 2380-19921992-11-1
Generic Specification for Standard Modules of Microcomputer QJ 2358-19921992-11-1
Marine Vertical Centrifugal PumpCB/T 3458-19921992-10-1
Structure Types and Main Parameters of Marine Clutch FacingsCB/T 3454-19921992-10-1
Specification for Management of Aerospace Computer Network Users QJ 2308-19921992-12-1
Cross Recessed Pan Head Screws QJ 2376-19921992-11-1
Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Screws QJ 2377-19921992-11-1
Textiles — Terms of knitted fabrics defects FZ 70004-19921992-10-1
Hexagon Locknuts for Non-Metal InsertsQJ 2393-19921992-11-1
Marine Wire ReelCB/T 3468-19921992-10-1
Large-diameter carbon steel pipe flangesGB/T 13402-19921992-10-1
Switches(coaxial), RF transmission line, general specification forGB/T 13416-19921992-1-2
Marine Distribution BoardsCB/T 1046-19921992-10-1
Grooved pulleys for automotive V-beltGB/T 13405-19921992-10-1
Safety Requirements for Marine Electric Fan and Its Speed Regulator CB 3415-19921992-10-1
Hydraulic ElongatorCB/T 3457-19921992-10-1
Marine Inert Gas BlowersCB/T 3464-19921992-10-1
Cheese Head Screw with Hole QJ 2385-19921992-11-1
Knurled Thumb Screws with Waisted Shank QJ 2381-19921992-11-1
Crankcase Explosion Proof Door for Marine Diesel Engine CB 3451-19921992-10-1
Slotted Set Screws with Cone Point QJ 2374-19921992-11-1
Test Method for Microwave Mixer QJ 2349-19921992-11-1
Technical requirement for lifeboat davit installationGB/T 13406-19921993-1-1
Flat Raised Head Screw QJ 2387-19921992-11-1
Technical Specification for Threaded Fastener Made of Brass and Aluminum Alloy - Nuts QJ 2397.2-19921992-11-1
Knurled Thumb ScrewsQJ 2384-19921992-11-1
90° Raised Countersunk Head Screws QJ 2388-19921992-11-1
Structure and Dimension Series of Modular Cabinet AccessoriesQJ 1909.6-19921992-11-1
Marine Pneumatic Logic ElementsCB/T 3447-19921992-10-1
10A Plug and Socket for ShipsCB 3412-19921992-10-1
Cheese Head Bolt with Hole QJ 2368-19921992-11-1
Marine Electrician Test Panel CB/T 1047-19921992-10-1
Marine Proportion Spill ValvesCB/T 3446-19921992-10-1
Steel plate butt-welding pipe fittingsGB/T 13401-19921992-10-1
Slotted Cheese Head Screws QJ 2371-19921992-11-1
Marine Small-sized TransformerCB/T 1167-19921992-10-1
Hexagon Head BoltsQJ 2366-19921992-11-1
Cup-head BoltsQJ 2369-19921992-11-1
Model Compilation Method for Marine Auxiliary BoilerCB 3463-19921992-10-1
Limits of maximum permitted spurious emission power levels and methods of measurement for radio transmittersGB 13421-19921992-1-1
Splits of Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤220mm) QJ 2312.10-19921992-11-1
Acceptance Specification for Bibliographic Database SystemQJ 2332-19921992-12-1
Screening Specification for Step Recovery Diodes QJ 2362-19921992-12-1
Technical Specifications for Marine Compressed Air DryerCB/T 3450-19921992-10-1
10A Switch for ShipsCB 3411-19921992-10-1
Technical specification for silver-metaloxide electrical contacts by alloy internal oxidation methodGB 13397-19921992-10-10
Top Pole of Universal Trough Curve Mold (L≤2000mm)QJ 2315.6-19921992-11-1
Marine Freon Piston Type Refrigeration CompressorCB/T 3460-19921992-10-1
Mixers, radio frequency, general specification forGB/T 13415-19921992-1-2
Marine Electric Fan and Speed Governor CB 3414-19921993-10-1
Positioning Plate for Universal Trough Curve Mould (L≤600mm)QJ 2313.7-19921993-11-1
Slotted Set Screws with Flat Point QJ 2375-19921992-11-1
Marine Proportion Pressure Pilot Valves CB/T 3444-19921992-10-1
Design and Painting of Marine Anode Shielding LayersCB/T 3455-19921992-10-1
Pollution Control Method for Vacuum Thermal Test of Satellite QJ 2321-19921992-11-1
Polytetrafluorethylene envelope gaskets for pipe flangesGB/T 13404-19921992-10-1
Eye Bolts for Hexagon Head Screw RodsQJ 2367-19921992-11-1
Marine Combination Valves along the direction of Electro-hydraulic Proportion Flow RateCB/T 3443-19921992-10-1
Slotted Round Nuts QJ 2392-19921992-11-1
Knurled Thumb Nuts with CollarQJ 2391-19921992-11-1
Slotted Pan Head Screws QJ 2372-19921992-11-1
Test Method for the Susceptibility of Electromagnetic Measurement By Radiation Transverse Electromagnetic CellQJ 2350-19921992-10-3
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