Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test methods for deformation of plastics under loadGB/T 14483-19931994-5-1
Terminology for non-broadcasting televisionSJ/T 10363-19931993-10-1
Method for determination of cereal and starch gelatinization properties using a viscographGB/T 14490-19931994-2-1
Isolate and synthetic aroma chemicals. Determination of acid value of acid contentGB/T 14457.4-19931994-1-1
Methods for the calibration of vibration and shock pick-ups. Basic conceptsGB/T 13823.1-19931994-3-1
Self-priming Pump - Test Methods of Self-priming CharacteristicJB/T 6664.3-19931994-1-1
General principle of nomenclature and classification of radioisotope productsGB/T 14503-19931994-4-1
Regulations for radioactive waste managementGB 14500-19931994-4-1
Cooling methods for rotating electrical machinesGB/T 1993-19931994-2-1
Verification Regulation of Hand Saccharimeter (Content-meter )and Hand RefractometerJJG 820-19931993-10-1
Alkyd Varnish HG 2453-19931994-4-1
Vinylon cut fibreGB/T 14462-19931993-1-2
The method of kaolin clay physical propertiesGB/T 14564-19931994-7-1
Specifications for Manufacturing of Boiler HeaderJB/T 1610-19931994-1-1
Lower confidence limit of normal probability within specified limitsGB/T 14438-19931994-1-1
General specification for colloid millGB/T 14466-19931994-3-1
Plastics―Determination of fammability by oxygen indexGB/T 2406-19931994-4-1
Heavy duty carbide insert blanks for cutting toolsGB/T 14446-19931994-1-1
Single sampling procedures and tables by attributes for product quality auditGB/T 14437-19971997-1-2
Various Color Alkyd Ready Mixed Paint HG/T 2455-19931994-4-1
Verification Regulation for Sodium IonometerJJG 822-19931993-10-1
Verification Regulation of Depth Gauge Reading in 0.01mmJJG 830-19931993-12-1
Sillicate rocks. Determination of fluorine content. Ion selective electrode methodGB/T 14506.12-19931994-2-1
Metallic materials-Determination of bending mechanical propertiesGB/T 14452-19931994-1-1
Discharge standard for water pollutants from ordnance industry. Ammunition loadingGB 14470.3-19931994-1-1
Sillicate rocks. Determination of zineGB/T 14506.20-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of the residues of tetracyclines in honey products for exportSN 0205-19931993-8-1
705 Antirust Agent SH 0554-19931994-5-1
Polyester stapleGB/T 14464-19931993-12-1
Aromatics. Determination of carbonyl value and carbonyl compounds content. Hydroxylammonium chloride methodGB/T 14454.16-19931994-1-1
Aromatics. Quantitative evaluation of residue on evaporationGB/T 14454.6-19931994-1-1
Hand-hole Device of BoilerJB/T 2191-19931994-1-1
Pneumatic fluid power-Quick action couplings-Test methodsGB/T 14514.2-19931994-1-1
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) MeterJJG 824-19931993-10-1
Specification for Tubular Air PreheaterJB/T 1616-19931994-1-1
Test method for ignitability of building materialsGB/T 14523-19931994-4-1
Silicate rocks. Determination of nicket content. a,a-Furil dioxime photometric methodGB/T 14506.27-19931994-2-1
Tea Drying Machine - Test MethodJB/T 6675-19931994-1-1
Isolate and synthetic aroma chemicals. Method for determination of solubility in ethanolGB/T 14457.1-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of foreign matter in oilseedsGB/T 14488.2-19931994-2-1
Carbon tetrachloride for industrial useGB/T 4119-19931994-4-1
Aromatics. Method for valuation of odorGB/T 14454.2-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of crude protein in oilseedGB/T 14489.2-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of inorganic bromide residues in fruits for exportSN 0202-19931993-8-1
Resolution TargetJJG 827-19931993-10-15
Viscose staple fiberGB/T 14463-19931993-1-2
Isolate and synthetic aroma chemicals. Determination of ester contentGB/T 14457.5-19931994-1-1
Silicate rocks. Determination of contents of major and minor elements. X-ray fluorescence spectrometric methodGB/T 14506.28-19931994-2-1
General principles for evaluating the rational utilization of water in enterprisesGB/T 7119-19931994-2-1
Performance requirements and test methods for intrinsically-safe automatic mine telephoneSJ/T 10362-19931993-10-1
Method for determination of 2 4-D residues in meat and meat products for exportSN 0195-19931993-8-1
Aromatics. Determination of phenol contentGB/T 14454.11-19931994-1-1
Motor vehicles and trailers Photometric characteristics of registration plate light QC/T 578-1999
Telecontrol equipment and systems. GlossaryGB/T 14429-19931993-1-2
Essential oils. Principles of nomenclatureGB/T 14455.1-19931994-1-1
Technical Stipulation for the Design of Civil Structure of Thermal Power PlantDL 5022-19931993-10-1
Printing specifications for chartsGB/T 14477-19931994-2-1
Silicate rocks. Determination of cobalt content. 4-[(5-Chtoro-2-pyridyl)-azo]-1,3-diamino benzene photometric methodGB/T 14506.26-19931994-2-1
Isolate and synthetic aroma chemicals. Method for determination of melting pointGB/T 14457.3-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of moisture and volatile matter content in oilseedsGB/T 14489.1-19931994-2-1
Aromatics. Preparation of test sampleGB/T 14454.1-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of chlordimeform residuesin honey for export. Hydrolysis-iodination-gas chromatographySN/T 0213.2-19931993-8-1
Sampling inspection rules by attributes for precious metal jewelleryGB/T 14459-19931994-1-1
Sillicate rocks. Determination of combined water content. Gravimetric methodGB/T 14506.2-19931994-2-1
Safety code for painting-TerminologyGB/T 14441-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of optunal residues in fresh vegetables for exportSN 0196-19931993-8-1
Silicate rocks--Determination of cadmium content--Hydrochloric acid-potassium iodide-tetraethyl ammonium bromide (iodide) medium polarographic methodGB/T 14506.24-19931994-2-1
Aromatics. Determination of optical rotationGB/T 14454.5-19931994-1-1
Bead wireGB 14450-19931994-1-1
Specifications for Manufacturing of Boiler TubeJB/T 1611-19931994-1-1
Test method for aerosol productsGB/T 14449-19931993-12-1
Method for determination of thiophanate-methyl residues in canned fruits for exportSN 0200-19931993-8-1
Standard for checking and evaluating the quality of industrial metallic pipingGB 50184-19931994-2-1
Oil of sassafras. Determination of safrole and isosafrole content. Gas chromatographic method on packed columnsGB/T 14454.15-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of free fatty acids content of oils in oilseedsGB/T 14489.3-19931994-2-1
Aromatics. Determination of refractive indexGB/T 14454.4-19931994-1-1
Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering Specification for Deign of GateSL 41-19931993-10-1
Dimensional tolerances for plastic engineering moulded plastic patsGB/T 14486-19931994-5-1
Silicate rocks. Determination of vanadiumGB/T 14506.22-19931994-2-1
Plastics Determination of charpy impact strength of rigid materialsGB/T 1043-19931994-4-1
Safety code for painting - TerminologyGB/T 14441-20082009-10-1
STANDARD methods of testing for impact resistance of plats and pats made from engineering plastic rigid plastics by a ball(falling ball)GB/T 14485-19931994-5-1
Safety code for painting-Safety rules for spraying boothGB 14444-19931994-1-1
Essential oils. Determination of relative densityGB/T 14455.4-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of albendazole residues in meat for exportSN 0207-19931993-8-1
Aromatics. Preparation of standard solution, test solution and indicator solutionGB/T 14454.14-19931994-1-1
Sillicate rocks. Determination of silicaGB/T 14506.3-19931994-2-1
Sillicate rocks. Determination of nickel and cobalt content. Ammonium hydroxide-ammonium chloride-sulfosalicylic acid-dimethyl glyoxime medium polarographic methodGB/T 14506.21-19931994-2-1
STANDARD practice for measuring the operating characteristics of eddy current flaw detecting systemGB/T 14480-19931994-2-1
Test Methods of Soils for Highway EngineeringJTJ 051-19931992-2-1
Specification for Manufacturing of Boiler BarrelJB/T 1609-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of polychlorinatedbiphenyl residues in aquaatic products for exportSN 0201-19931993-8-1
Metallic material-STANDARD test method for the elastic modulus at high temperature-The method of disc-VibratorGB/T 14453-19931994-1-1
The general principles for energy balance of industrial enterpriseGB/T 3484-19931994-2-1
Technical Specification for Manufacturing of Boiler HeaderJB/T 1610-1993(2006)1994-1-1
Copper base brazing filler metalsGB/T 6418-19931994-3-1
Packing steel drum for calcium carbide of exportGB/T 14492-19931994-4-1
Accelerated weathering test method for plastics,coatings and rubber materials used for machinery industrial productsGB/T 14522-19931994-3-1
Method for determination of procymidone residues in liquors for exportSN 0203-19931993-8-1
Rare-earth ferrosiliconGB/T 4137-19931994-1-1
Safety and health regulation for fur manufactureGB/T 14442-20082009-10-1
Rare-earth ferrosilicomagnesiumGB/T 4138-19931994-1-1
Method for determination of carbadox residues in meat for exportSN 0194.1-19931993-8-1
Stainless Steel WiresGB/T 4240-19931994-1-1
Spray gunsGB/T 14469-20012002-6-1
Test procedures for three-phase synchronous machinesGB/T 1029-19931993-12-1
Industrial robots-Circular mechanical interfaceGB/T 14468.1-19931993-1-2
Steel product. Zinc coating mass testing methodGB/T 1839-19931994-1-1
The terms of tea sensory testsGB/T 14487-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of oil content in oilseedsGB/T 14488.1-19931994-2-1
Sillicate rocks. Determination of iron oxideGB/T 14506.5-19931994-2-1
Safety and health regulation for fur manufactureGB/T 14442-19931994-1-1
Steel wire ropes for controlGB/T 14451-19931994-1-1
Verification Regulation of Plastic Ball Indentation Hardness Testing MachineJJG 369-19931993-11-1
General specification for TL whip antennaSJ/T 10364-19931993-10-1
Silicate rocks--Determination of molybdenum and tungsten content--Sulfuric acid-phenylhydroxyacetic acid-cinchonine-potassium chlorate medium polarographic methodGB/T 14506.25-19931994-2-1
Package of industrial explosiveGB 14493-19931994-3-1
Packaging terms-wooden containersGB/T 7285-19931993-12-1
Design code for hydrogen and oxygen stationGB 50177-19931993-12-1
Specification for Utility BoilersJB/T 6696-19931994-1-1
Formic acid for industrial useGB/T 2093-19931994-4-1
Test methods for bearing strength of plasticsGB/T 14484-19931994-5-1
Specification for precision couplingSJ/T 10359-19931993-10-1
Specification for Boiler Steel StructureJB/T 1620-19931994-1-1
Essential oils. Analysis by gas chromatography on packed columns. General methodGB/T 14455.9-19931994-1-1
Silicate rocks--Determination of chromiumGB/T 14506.23-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of oxolinic acid residues in live eel for exportSN 0206-19931993-8-1
Essential oils (containing tertiary alcohols). Estimation of free alcohols content by determination of ester value after acetylationGB/T 14455.8-19931994-1-1
Power rectifier substation for trolleybuses and tramwaysGB/T 14428-19931993-1-2
Aromatics. Method for determination of trace chlorinated compoundsGB/T 14454.12-19931994-1-1
Discharge standard for water pollutants from ordnance industry. Power and explosiveGB 14470.1-19931994-1-1
Classification and terms of aerosol productsGB/T 14448-19931993-1-2
Safety requirements on civil nuclear-fuel-cycle facility HAF 301-19931993-6-17
Method for determination of clopidol residues in poultry meat for export—Propionylation-gas chromatographySN/T 0212.3-19931993-8-1
Test procedure for single-Phase synchronous machineGB/T 14481-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of carbophenothion residues in fruits for exportSN 0189-19931993-8-1
Technical Norm of measurement and Test of Characteristic Parameters for Linear Solia State Linage SensorsJJF 1037-19931994-1-1
Safety code for painting-Safety rules for paint drying ovenGB 14443-19931994-1-1
Aromatics. Determination of cineol content. o-Cresol freezing point methodGB/T 14454.8-19931994-1-1
Man-hole and Head-hole Devices of BoilerJB/T 2190-19931994-1-1
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