Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Molding Rigid Mica MaterialsJB/T 7099-19931994-1-1
Explosion-proof Lighting Switch Gears Intended to Be Used in FactoriesJB/T 6750-19931994-1-1
Silicone sealant for buildingGB/T 14683-19931994-7-1
Metal Coating and Chemical Treatment of Relays and Their Accessories. Classification Codes and MarkingJB/T 7101-19931994-1-1
Standard for design of Telecommunications facilites in civic residential district and office buildingsYD/T 2008-19931994-1-1
Rated Voltage and Current of Power Semiconductor DevicesJB/T 7063-19931994-1-1
Turning toolholders and cartridges for indexable inserts´╝ŹDesignationGB/T 5343.1-19931994-7-1
High-voltage Oscilloscopes for Impact TestJB/T 7089-19931994-1-1
Type A cartridges for indexable insertsGB/T 14661-19931994-7-1
Cooking Tank of Paper Manufacturing Machinery QB/T 1851-19931994-1-1
Dielectric Withstand Testing Instruments for Insulating MediumJB/T 7082-19931994-1-1
Turning tools with indexable inserts´╝ŹTypes,dimensions and technical specificationsGB/T 5343.2-19931994-7-1
Phonograph needlesGY/T 87-19931993-12-1
Technical Specification for Labor Safety in White Spirit IndustryQB 1852-19931994-1-1
cartridge terminologyGB/T 14657-19931994-6-1
Swirl Settling Tank QB/T 1850-19931994-1-1
Imine Epoxy Impregnating VarnishJB/T 7095-19931994-1-1
Safety Requirement for Household Diffusion and Absorption Refrigerators and FreezersQB 1842-19931994-6-1
Impulse Voltage Testing Instruments for Low Voltage ApparatusJB/T 7083-19931994-1-1
YSD Series Pole Change Double Speed Three-phase Asynchronous MotorsJB/T 6741-19931994-1-1
Elastic damping leaf damperGB/T 14654-19931994-7-1
Specification for design and construction of V-style recurved roof coverJGJ/T 21-19931994-6-1
Plasma Arc Welding MachinesJB/T 7109-19931994-1-1
Specification for concrete mixer linerJG/T 5045.2-19931994-6-1
firearm terminologyGB/T 14658-19931994-6-1
Air Plasma Arc Cutting Water Injection Arc CuttersJB/T 7106-19931994-1-1
Terminology of demolition equipment and materials for oil and gas wellGB/T 14659-19931994-6-1
Specification of the press toolsGB/T 14662-19931994-7-1
Flexible Rigid Mica MaterialsJB/T 7100-19931994-1-1
Silicon Wafers Intended to Be Used in Power Semiconductor DevicesJB/T 7061-19931994-1-1
Analytical method of the chemical composition in the quartz glassGB/T 3284-19931994-7-1
Partial Discharge DetectorsJB/T 7088-19931994-1-1
Specifications of Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder Assembly for Automobile Hydraulic BrakingQC/T 77-19931994-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Motors Intended to Be Used in Range HoodsJB/T 6737-19931994-1-1
Guideline for Assembly Process of Electric ToolsJB/T 7086-19931994-1-1
AD box fan and speed regulatorQB/T 1841-19931994-6-1
Technical specification for computer aided design of power engineeringDL/T 5026-19931994-3-1
KB Series Two Pole Thyristors for Overvoltage ProtectionJB/T 7060-19931994-1-1
Double Helix Beet Continuous DiffusersQB/T 1849-19931994-6-1
rules for Ro/Ro ship - To - Shore connectionGB/T 14655-19931994-7-1
Marine cast iron flanged stop check valvesGB/T 591-19931994-7-1
Guide for Preparation of Standard for Power Semiconductor ModulesJB/T 7059-19931994-1-1
Explosion Proof Electromagnetic Starters Intended to Be Used in FactoriesJB/T 6751-19931994-1-1
The properey test rule for marine auxiliary boiler unitGB/T 14649-19931994-7-1
Explosion-proof Lighting Switch BoxesJB/T 6749-19931994-1-1
Technical Specification for Labor Safety in Alcohol IndustryQB 1853-19931994-6-1
Pressure Relief Devices for TransformersJB/T 7065-19931994-1-1
Specifications for construction of monitoring sites for broadcasting and television at provincial levelGY 5046-19931992-7-1
Model Designation Method for Testing Instruments and ApparatusJB/T 7081-19931994-1-1
General specification for marine auxiliary boilerGB/T 14650-19931994-7-1
High Voltage Shunt CapacitorsJB/T 7111-19931994-1-1
jig boring machine - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 14660-19931994-7-1
Carbon Arc Air Gouging MachinesJB/T 7108-19931994-1-1
Timer RelayJB/T 3702-19971994-1-1
Electrically heated glazing materials for locomotives and shipsGB 14681-19931994-7-1
Specification of plastic packaging mouldGB/T 14663-19931994-7-1
Test method for burning behaviour of flame-retardant paper and boardGB/T 14656-19931994-6-1
Silicone Fiber Glass Self-extinguishing TubesJB/T 7093-19931994-1-1
SphygmomanometerGB 3053-19931994-6-1
Rubber roller of concrete mixerJG/T 5045.3-19931994-6-1
Industrial Potato StarchQB/T 1840-19931994-6-1
General Technical Specifications for Coils Intended to Be Used in Relays and Their AccessoriesJB/T 7103-19931994-1-1
Fibre Glass Fixed Grained Casing TubeJB/T 7091-19931994-1-1
Emission Standards of Air Pollutants in Sichuan ProvinceDB 51/186-19931994-4-1
Specification of concrete mixer bladeJG/T 5045.1-19931994-6-1
Flexible link couplingGB/T 14653-19931994-7-1
Partially enclosed lifeboat. SpecificationGB/T 14651-19931994-7-1
Conical Fermentation Tank QB/T 1848-19931994-6-1
Petroleum equipment. Thread gages for rotary shouldered connectionsGB/T 4749-19931994-6-1
Boiling Pot QB/T 1847-19931994-6-1
Modified Polyester Impregnating VarnishJB/T 7094-19931994-1-1
Key type drill chuckGB/T 6087-19931994-7-1
Standard for flying accidents of aircraftGB 14648-19931994-7-1
Drill chuck tapersGB/T 6090-19931994-7-1
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