Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Textile Yarn Evenness Tester-Capacitance MethodJJG 890-19951995-7-1
Leaf chains, clevises and sheavesGB/T 6074-19951995-10-1
Wheat Flour Gluten Tester LS/T 3703-19951995-10-1
OCu intra-uterine devicesGB 3156-19951995-7-1
General Technical Specifications for Specific Gravity StonerLS/T 3520-19951995-10-1
Construction machinery and equipment. High strength plain washers--Large seriesJG/T 5057.33-19951995-10-1
Strength tests for manual wheelchairsGB/T 15494-19951995-9-1
Functional classification of wheelchair basketball and swimming for disabled athletesGB/T 15492-19951995-9-1
General requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratoriesGB/T 15481-1995
Uterine cavity form intrauterine devicesGB 11234-19951995-7-1
Classification and Code for Labour Protection Appliances LD/T 75-19951995-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Flat-turn Screen Sieve for Rough Grain LS/T 3524-19951995-10-1
Functional classification of shooting and table tennis for disabled athletesGB/T 15493-19951995-9-1
TCu intrauterine devicesGB 11236-19951995-7-1
Motor vehicle maintenance regulationJT/T 201-19951995-7-1
Construction machinery and equipment. Specification of high strength fastenersJG/T 5057.40-19951995-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Flat-turn Screen Sieve for Polished Rice LS/T 3525-19951995-10-1
Classification Table of Scientific and Technological Archives in Automotive IndustryQC/T 196-19941995-5-1
General Technical Specifications for Sand-roller Rice Polisher LS/T 3522-19951995-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Jet Rice Polisher LS/T 3523-19951995-10-1
Th re e-p h as ei nd uc tio n m ot orGB 12497-19951995-6-1
Fire protection snap connectionsGB 3265-19951995-9-1
Method for chemical analysis of graphiteGB/T 3521-19951995-10-1
Construction Standards of Security & Protection Installation of Civil Aviation Transportation AirportMH 7003-19951995-6-1
Flake graphiteGB/T 3518-19951995-10-1
Specification for Concrete Structures with Cold-Rolled Ribbed Steel Wires and BarsJGJ 95-19951995-7-1
Waste scanner―Waste trommelCJ/T 5013.1-19951994-7-1
General Technical Specifications for High-speed Sieve for Barnyard Millet RemovalLS/T 3521-19951995-10-1
Performance requirements of electricity and methods of measurement for duplexers used in the mobile servicesGB/T 15491-19951995-7-1
Amorphous graphiteGB/T 3519-19951995-10-1
Climatic tests for electric wheelchairsGB/T 15495-19951995-9-1
Calibration and testing laboratory accreditation systems-General requirements for operation and recognitionGB/T 15486-19951995-10-1
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