Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
CAD standard parts file--Specification of geometry and parameters--WashersGB/T 15049.9-19961997-5-1
The ship maintenance system-The management of action cycle for maintenance planGB/T 16558.6-19961997-6-1
Color for Pipeline of Diesel and Electric LocomotiveTB/T 1132-19961997-4-1
CAD standard parts file--Specification of geometry and parameters--PinsGB/T 15049.4-19961997-5-1
Technical Specification for Round Pin and Lining for Railway Vehicle BrakeTB/T 2601-19961997-4-1
Pyrites and concentrate-Determination of total iron content-Part 2: Titanium trichloride-Potassium dichromate volumetric methodGB/T 2463.2-19961997-5-1
Pyrites and concentrate―Determination of zinc content―Part 3: PAN Spectrophotometric methodGB/T 2468.3-19961997-5-1
Standard for furnishing instruments, apparatus and architectural area of metallic laboratory in fossil fuel power plantDL/T 5060-19961997-5-1
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for food poisoning of enteropathogenic eschricha coliWS/T 8-19961997-5-1
Disinfection requirement for livestock and poultry productsGB/T 16569-19961997-2-1
Urine—Determination of p-aminophenol—High performance liquid chromatographic methodWS/T 56-19961997-5-1
Specification for Strength Design and Test Appraisement for Railway Rolling StockTB/T 1335-19961997-4-1
Biological materials―Methods of monitoring―Guide of developmentWS/T 68-19961997-5-1
Quarantine requirements for livestock and poultry at the places of productionGB 16549-19961997-2-1
D201 macroporous strongly basic styrene type anion exchange resinsGB/T 16580-19961997-5-1
Tri-hydroxy polyether polyolsGB/T 16576-19961997-5-1
Pyrites and concentrate - Determination of moisture - Gravimetric methodGB/T 2461-19961997-5-1
General rules of packaging waste disposal and utilizationGB/T 16716-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of methanol - Headspace - Gas chromatographic methodWS/T 62-19961997-5-1
Integrated Wastewater Discharge StandardGB 8978-19961998-1-1
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for food poisoning of tung oilWS/T 6-19961997-5-1
Urine—Determination of pentachlorophenol——High performance liquid chromatographic methodWS/T 61-19961997-5-1
Preparation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pastes for test purposes-Dissolver methodGB/T 16613-19961997-5-1
Waterproof asphalt caulking putty for constructionJC/T 207-19961997-3-1
Specifications for port rail-mounted high mast type craneGB/T 16562-19961997-6-1
Rubber,vulcanized-Determination of adhesion to wire cordGB/T 16586-19961997-6-1
Urine - Determination of phenylglyoxylic acid and mandelic adid - High performance liquid chromatographic methodWS/T 54-19961997-5-1
Welding code for mechanical components of PWR nuclear islandsEJT1027.1~19-19961997-2-1
Urine—Determination of lead—Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometryWS/T 18-19961997-5-1
Draw Gear of Diesel and Electric Locomotives (Downward Action)TB/T 1595-19961997-4-1
Technical Conditions for Axle Used by Vehicle and TenderTB/T 451-19961997-4-1
Urine - Determination of arsenic - Silver diethyldithiocarbamate - Triethanolamine - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 28-19961997-5-1
1,8-Cineole (Isolate)QB/T 2243-19961997-7-1
α-HexylcinnamaldehydeQB/T 2241-19961997-7-1
Urine - Determination of hippuric acid and methylhipuric acid - High performance liquid chromatographic methodWS/T 53-19961997-5-1
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for pseudomonas cocovenenans subsp farinofermentansWS/T 12-19961997-5-1
Urine—Determination of mercury—Cold atomic absorption spectrometric method-Ⅰ—Alkaline stannous chloride reduction methodWS/T 25-19961997-5-1
Diamond GradingGB/T 16554-19961997-5-1
Adhesives-Determination of tensile strength of butt jointsGB/T 6329-19961997-6-1
Security alarm centre control stationsGB/T 16572-19961997-5-1
Technical requirements of heavy duty railway motor trolleyGB/T 10082-19961997-6-1
Motor vehicles—Cradle-mounted in-line fuel injection pumps for diesel engines-Mounting dimensionsGB/T 16570-19961999-4-1
Icecream Production LineQB/T 1171-19961997-7-1
Fast gas chromatographic method for analyzing active ingredients of pesticides--Part 1: 12 kinds of pesticidesGB/T 16587-19961997-6-1
Urine - Determination of thiocyanate - Pyridinebarbituric acid spectrophotometric methodWS/T 39-19961997-5-1
Classical V-belts for general useGB/T 1171-19961997-6-1
Blood—Determination of lead—Graphite furnace ?atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 20-19961997-5-1
Urine—Determination of nickel—Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 43-19961997-5-1
Slugs of aluminium for aerosol cansBB 0009-19961997-1-1
Draw Gear of Diesel and Electric Locomotives (Upward Action)TB/T 1594-19961997-4-1
Rubber,vulcanized-Test method of resistance to artificial weathering (Fluorescent UV lamp)GB/T 16585-19961997-6-1
Tobacco and tobacco products -- Preparation of test sample and determination of water content -- Oven methodYC/T 31-19961997-7-1
Ice Cream Freezer QB/T 2247-19961997-7-1
Terms for railway tunnelGB/T 16566-19961997-6-1
Pyrites and concentrate - Methods for sampling and preparation sampleGB/T 2460-19961997-5-1
Pyrites and concentrate - Determination of silicon content - Gravimetric methodGB/T 16574-19961997-5-1
Self-contained compressed air breathing apparatusGB 16556-19961997-6-1
Pyrites and concentrate--Determination of aluminium content--EDTA volumetric methodGB/T 16575-19961997-5-1
Code for the bio-safety disposal of carcasses and by-products from diseased livestock and poultryGB 16548-19961997-2-1
Rubber and plastics hoses, non-collapsible, for fire-fighting service-Part 1: Semi-rigid�reel hose for fixed first-aid installationsGB/T 16590.1-19961997-6-1
Blood—Determination of chromium—Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 38-19961997-5-1
Blood - Determination of free erythrocyte protop orphyrin - Fluorometric methodWS/T 22-19961997-5-1
SandalerQB/T 2242-19961997-7-1
Food Additive - Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester (Solventless Method)QB 2245-19961997-7-1
Adhesives-Determination of peel resistance of high-strength adhesive bonds-Floating roller methodGB/T 7122-19961997-6-1
Gems-TestingGB/T 16553-19961997-5-1
Calculation Condition and Method for Voltage Loss of Traction Power Supply System TB/T 1652-19961997-4-1
Specification for the design of vertical cylindrical steel and aluminium silosSH 3078-19961997-6-1
Fortified Nutrient Salt QB 2238-19961997-7-1
CAD standard parts file--Specification of geometry and parameters--RingsGB/T 15049.8-19961997-5-1
Calculation Condition and Method for Electric Loss of Traction Power Supply System TB/T 1653-19961997-4-1
Urine - Determination of selenium - Hydride generation-atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 47-19961997-5-1
Blood - Determination of nickel - Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 45-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of vanadium - Catalytic polorographic methodWS/T 35-19961997-5-1
Rubber, Vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of compression set at ambient elevated or low temperaturesGB/T 7759-19961997-6-1
Fluorescent whitening agent VBLGB/T 10661-19961997-5-1
Urine—Determination of thiodiglycolic acid—Gas chromatographic methodWS/T 63-19961997-5-1
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for food poisoning of lolium temulentum poisoningWS/T 4-19961997-5-1
Piping sleeve expansion jointsGB/T 2465-19961997-5-1
Tobacco and tobacco products -- Determination of total nitrogen -- Kendal methodYC/T 33-19961997-7-1
Verification Regulation of Dynamometers for steel - WiresJJG 911-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of chlor dimeform and 4 - Chloro-o - Toluidine - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 65-19961997-5-1
- Photographic films-Specifications for safety filmGB/T 7430-19961997-5-1
Plastics-Film and sheeting- Determination of tear resistance -Trouser tear methodGB/T 16578-19961997-5-1
Preparation Rules for Type and Number of Diesel and Electric LocomotiveTB/T 1736-19961997-4-1
Urine - Determination of phenol - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 48-19961997-5-1
Pyrites and concentrate - Determination of carbon content - Caustic asbestos gravimetric methodGB/T 2469-19961997-5-1
Linalool (Isolate)QB/T 2240-19961997-7-1
Undisturbed sand samplerJG/T 5061.10-19961997-3-1
Technical code of quarantine for newcastle diseaseGB 16550-19961997-2-1
Dissolved acetyleneGB 6819-19961997-6-1
Urine—Determination of mercury—Dithizone extraction spectrophotometric methodWS/T 24-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of cadmium - Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 32-19961997-5-1
D001 macrporous strongly acidic styrene type cation exchange resinsGB/T 16579-19961997-5-1
Urine—Determination of phenol—Gas chromatographic method-Ⅰ—Liquid crystal columnWS/T 49-19961997-5-1
Ethyl AcetateQB/T 2244-19961997-7-1
Equipment interchange receipt for freight containerGB/T 16561-19961997-6-1
The ship maintenance system-Planning schedule for work cards in the first maintenance periodGB/T 16558.5-19961997-6-1
Standard classification system for carbon blacks used in rubber productsGB/T 3777-19961997-6-1
Vulcanized rubber- Determination of accelerant-Thin layer chromatographic methodGB/T 6029-19961997-6-1
Series 1: Tank containers for liquids, gases and pressurized dry bulk-Specification and testingGB/T 16563-19961997-6-1
Gauges for Measuring Distance between Inside Rim Faces of Railway WheelsTB/T 1362-19961997-4-1
Rubber, vulcanized--Classification--Description of the classification systemGB/T 7535-19961997-6-1
Photography 135-Size film and magazine--SpecificationGB/T 9185-19961997-5-1
Code of quarantine technology for the movement of breeding livestock and poultryGB 16567-19961997-2-1
Rotary shaft lip type seals-VocabularyGB/T 16593-19961997-6-1
Rubber, vulcanized-Classification-Rubber materialsGB/T 16589-19961997-6-1
Determination of melting point of semi-crystalline polymers--Capillary tube methodGB/T 16582-19961997-5-1
Pyrites and concentrate-Determination of lead content-Part 3: EDTA volumetric methodGB/T 2467.3-19961997-5-1
Combination ultrasonic and passive infrared intrusion detectorGB 10408.7-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of mercury - Cold atomic absorption spectrometric method-Ⅱ - Acidic stannous chloride reduction methodWS/T 26-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of 4-nitrophenol - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 57-19961997-5-1
Standard for Furnishing Maintenance Device and Architectural Area of Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 5059-19961997-5-1
The ship maintenance system-Code snd description for the work cardGB/T 16558.4-19961997-6-1
Urine—Determination of δ-aminolevulinic acid—Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 23-19961997-5-1
Health and quarantine requirement for dairy cattle farmsGB 16568-19961997-2-1
The ship maintenance system-General rulesGB/T 16558.1-19961997-6-1
Classification of adbesivesGB/T 13553-19961997-6-1
Alloyed cast iron grinding ballsYB/T 092-19961997-1-1
Powder coating-Determination of loss mass on stovingGB/T 16592-19961997-6-1
Pyrites and concentrate―Determination of copper content―Part 3:BCO spectrophotometric methodGB/T 2466.3-19961997-5-1
The ship maintenance system-Maintenance grades,standard code and permisible deviation for maintenance period of shipGB/T 16558.3-19961997-6-1
Reinforcing bar straightening and cutting machinesJG/T 5086-19961997-4-1
Blood - Determination of cadmium - Graphite atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 34-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of chromium - Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 37-19961997-5-1
Striped Asphalt Base PaperQB/T 2237-19961997-7-1
Safety signs for life-saving on sea-going shipGB 16557-19961997-6-1
Micrographics-Graphical symbolsGB/T 7516-19961997-5-1
Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic-Preparation of samples and test pieces-Part 1: Physical testsGB/T 9865.1-19961997-6-1
Workplace air - Determination of dimethyl acetamide - Gas chromatographic methodWS/T 70-19961997-5-1
Construction machinery and equipment general--TerminologyGB/T 7920.1-19961997-6-1
Technical code of quarantine for swine feverGB 16551-19961997-2-1
Determination of film hardness by pencil testGB/T 6739-19961997-6-1
Automotive V-belts--DimensionsGB/T 13352-19961997-6-1
Front Follower used for Draw Gear of Diesel and Electric LocomotiveTB/T 1596-19961997-4-1
Urine—Determination of phenol—Gas chromatographic method-Ⅱ—FFAP columnWS/T 50-19961997-5-1
Intaglio Printing Paper QB/T 2249-19961997-7-1
Urine - Determination of trichloroacetic acid - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 64-19961997-5-1
PVC paste resins-Preparation of a pasteGB/T 12004.2-19961997-5-1
Emergency list for shipboard oil spillageGB/T 16559-19961997-6-1
Pyrites and concentrate—Determination of arsenic content—Ag-DDTC spectrophotometric methodGB/T 2464-19961997-5-1
Forging(rolling)steel grinding ballsYB/T 091-19961997-1-1
Cigarettes - Determination of alkaloids in total particulate matter - Spectrometric methodYC/T 36-19961997-7-1
Urine - Determination of lead - Differential potentiometric stripping methodWS/T 19-19961997-5-1
The ship maintenance system-Samples of tablesGB/T 16558.7-19961997-6-1
Urine - Determination of 4-aminophenol - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 55-19961997-5-1
Welding code for mechanical components of PWR nuclear islandsEJ/T 1027.1~19-19961997-2-1
Urine - Determination of chromium - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 36-19961997-5-1
Specifications for design of surge chamber of hydropower stationsDL/T 5058-19961997-5-1
Tobacco and tobacco products - Determination of total volatile basesYC/T 35-19961997-7-1
Packing containers - Heavy duty corrugated boxGB/T 16717-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of p-nitrophenol - High performance liquid chromatographic methodWS/T 58-19961997-5-1
Cigarettes -- Determination of carbon monoxide in the gas phase of smoke -- NDIR methodYC/T 30-19961997-7-1
V.R.of Alpha Beta and Gamma Surface Contamination InstrumentsJJG 478-19961997-5-1
Evaluation standard of concrete members after fire accidents DBJ 08-219-19961995-11-1
Automotive V-beltsGB 12732-19961997-6-1
Tobacco and tobacco products - Determination of water soluble sugars - Munson-Walker methodYC/T 32-19961997-7-1
Rubber hose and hose assemblies for transferring anhydrous ammoniaGB/T 16591-19961997-6-1
Blood—Determination of lead—Differential potentiometric stripping methodWS/T 21-19961997-5-1
Technical Specification for Compression Gas SpringJB/T 8064.1-19961997-7-1
Test method for the determination of oxygen index of insulating liquidsGB/T 16581-19961997-5-1
Series 1: Platform and platform-based containers-Specification and testingGB/T 16564-19961997-6-1
Urine - Determination of cadmium - Differential potentiometric stripping methodWS/T 33-19961997-5-1
Neutral Paraffin Paper QB/T 2236-19961997-7-1
Biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS) sheetGB/T 16719-19961997-5-1
V-ribbed belts and pulleys for industrial applications-Dimensions (PH PJ PK PL and PM profiles)GB/T 16588-19961997-6-1
V-belt drives for the automotive industry-Fatigue testGB/T 11545-19961997-6-1
Calculation Condition and Method for Transformer Capacity of Traction Substation TB/T 1651-19961997-4-1
Reinforcing bar cutting machinesJG/T 5085-19961997-4-1
Technological guide for erection and welding of split runner of Francis turbineDL/T 5071-19971997-11-1
Designed criterion of security and alarm enginering for cultural museums seriesGB/T 16571-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of cadmium - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 30-19961997-5-1
Regulation for Drawing and Construction of Power Transmission Line TowersDLGJ 136-19971997-11-1
Urine - Determination of hippuric acid - Spectrophotometric methodWS/T 52-19961997-5-1
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for food poisoning of salmonellaWS/T 13-19962000-5-1
Rubber-Measurement of vulcanization characteristics with rotorless curemetersGB/T 16584-19961997-6-1
CAD standard parts file--Specification of geometry and parameters--ScrewsGB/T 15049.7-19961997-5-1
Urine - Determination of cadmium - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodWS/T 31-19961997-5-1
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for food poisoning of glycosides cyanophoricWS/T 5-19961997-5-1
Low chromium alloyed cast iron cylpebsYB/T 093-19961997-1-1
Food Additive - Guar GumQB 2246-19961997-7-1
Methods of exposure to natural weathering of coatingGB/T 9276-19961997-6-1
Urine - Determination of lead - Spectrophotometric method - Diphenylthiocarbazone methodWS/T 17-19961997-5-1
Tobacco and tobacco products -- Determination of alkaloids -- Spectrometric methodYC/T 34-19961997-7-1
Tetra-hydroxy polyether polyolsGB/T 16577-19961997-5-1
Micrographics-Microfilming of documents on 16mm and 35mm silver-gelatin type microfilm-Operating proceduresGB/T 16573-19961997-5-1
Technical Specifications for Lockable Gas SpringsJB/T 8064.2-19961997-7-1
Deck decompression chamberGB/T 16560-19961997-6-1
Gems--NomenclatureGB/T 16552-19961997-5-1
The ship maintenance system-Numberring of ship equipments and code numberGB/T 16558.2-19961997-6-1
Technical Specification for Locomotive Repair and Welding TB/T 1581-19961997-4-1
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