Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Requirements for radiological protection in medical X-ray diagnosisGB 8279-20012002-3-1
Solar greenhouse structureJB/T 10286-20012001-6-22
Hygienic STANDARD for p-dichlorobenzene in indoor airGB/T 18468-20012002-3-1
The Testing Method of Devices Entering Postal Financial Network Test Method of ATM and POSYZ/Z 0035-20012000-12-1
General specifications for microprocessor-based transformer protection equipmentDL/T 770-20012002-2-1
The code of drug control information management Part 11; The code of drug cultivation purposesGA 332.11-20012001-12-1
Physical qualifications for automobile drivers and their test protocolGB 18463-20012002-3-1
Multicore and Symmetrical Pair/Quad Cables for Digital Communications Horizontal Floor Wiring-Solid Polyolefin InsulateYD/T 1019-20012001-11-1
Pre-payment vending system using integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts--Part 2:IC card and its managementGB/T 18460.2-20012002-5-1
Specifications for Satellite Positioning and Monitoring System for Postal VehiclesYZ/Z 0036-20012000-12-1
Air traffic control radar labelMH/T 4012-20012002-3-1
Generic Requiretments of Multiprotocol Label SwitchingYD/T 1162.1-20012001-11-1
The methods of polarization photographyGA/T 327-20012002-3-1
Frame Relay MPLS Technical SpecificationYD/T 1162.3-20012001-11-1
Road milling machhine — Test methodsJB/T 9726-20012001-6-22
Code of start-up & completion acceptance for power transmission & distribution project of 110kV and aboveDL/T 782-20012002-2-1
Methods for calculating the main static performance specifications of transducersGB/T 18459-20012002-5-1
Specifications for design secondary circuit of hydroelectric powerplantsDL/T 5132-20012002-2-1
Table of universal wall thickness of thermoplastics pipeGB/T 10798-20012002-5-1
IP Network Security Technical Requiremente - Security FrameYD/T 1163-20012001-11-1
Construction machinery ― High temperature and low pressure oil-carrying pipeJB/T 8406-20012001-6-22
Thermoplastics materials for pipes and fittings for pressure applications - Classification and designation - Overall service (design) coefficientGB/T 18475-20012002-5-1
Suspension clampDL/T 756-20012002-2-1
Laser processing machines--Performance specifications and benchmarks for cutting of metalsGB/Z 18462-20012002-5-1
Telecommunication Generic Cabling System for Building Part 1:Generic SpecificationYD/T 926.1-20012001-11-1
Technical guide for microprocessor-based protection equipment of power systemDL/T 769-20012002-2-1
The technical code for transposing strain insulator on 330kV energized transmission lineDL 784-20012002-2-1
Sleeves insulating material for live workingDL 778-20012002-2-1
Electrical equipment of industrial machines - Serial data link for real-time communication between controls and drives GB/T 18473-20012002-4-1
Technical Requirements for STM-64 Regenerative RepeaterYD/T 1166-20012001-11-1
Technical Requirements for IP Network Call Center Part--Based IP Enable TechnologyYD/T 1161-20012001-11-1
Hygienic STANDARD for p-dichlorobenzene in indoor airGB 18468-20012002-3-1
Police shoe--Canvas rubber shoesGA 316-20012002-4-1
The code of drug control information management Part 3: The code of drug sourcesGA 332.3-20012001-12-1
Electric angle grindersGB/T 7442-20012002-4-1
Link fittingsDL/T 759-20012002-2-1
The rural electric safe working codeDL 493-20012002-2-1
Health examination criteria of blood donorsGB 18467-20012002-3-1
Electric power fitting fasteners split pinDL/T 764.2-20012002-2-1
The code of drug control information management Part 12: The code of seized drug handlingGA 332.12-20012001-12-1
The code of drug control information management Part 5: The code of drug funds sourcesGA 332.5-20012001-12-1
Technical specification for engineering design of automatic mobile communications for public securityGA/T 331-20012001-12-1
Electric power fitting fasteners hexagon head bolts with split pin hole on shankDL/T 764.1-20012002-2-1
Transmission technology protocol of alarm for 351 MHzGA 330-20012001-12-1
Safety of laser products - Manufacturers checklist for radiation safety of laser productsGB/Z 18461-20012002-5-1
The code of drug control information management Part 6: The code of detoxification typesGA 332.6-20012001-12-1
Design regulation on greenhouse heating systemJB/T 10297-20012001-6-22
Technical Requirements for STM-64 Add-Drop MultiplexerYD/T 1167-20012001-11-1
General utility small gasoline engine test and evaluate method of reliability and durabilityJB/T 5135.2-20012001-6-22
Technical Requirements for the MIB of IP Telephony SystemYD/T 1164-20012001-11-1
Technical requirements for boiler refractory of thermal power plantsDL/T 777-20012002-2-1
Technical requirements for distribution fittingsDL/T 765.1-20012002-2-1
Construction machinery ― Agent for metal parts repairing application ― Technical specificationJB/T 10283-20012001-6-22
The rural low-voltage electric safe working codeDL 477-20012002-2-1
Police shoe--Womens fur-lined leather shoesGA 314-20012002-4-1
Insulated rope tools for live workingDL 779-20012002-2-1
The code of drug control information management Part 9: The code of information providing typesGA 332.9-20012001-12-1
The code of drug control information management Part 2: The codes of drug addictions causeGA 332.2-20012001-12-1
ATM MPLS Technical SpecificationYD/T 1162.2-20012001-11-1
Grading ring, shielding ring, grading and shielding ringDL/T 760.3-20012002-2-1
The regulation of the criminal suspect and criminal registration photographyGA/T 328-20012002-3-1
Technical specification for testing compressive strength of masonry mortar by penetration resistance methodJGJ/T 136-20012002-1-1
ToothpasteGB 8372-20012002-10-1
V5 Interface Interoperability Testing SpecificationYD/T 1165-20012001-11-1
Technical requiremnts and testing methods for CPN providing public telecommunication servicesYDC 002-20012001-10-15
Telecommunication Generic Cabling System for Building Part 3:Connecting Hardware Requirements for Generic CablingYD/T 926.3-20012001-11-1
Polymeric material,cellular flexible--Determination of compression setGB/T 6669-20012002-5-1
Pre - Payment vending system using integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts - Part 3: Pre - Payment electricity metersGB/T 18460.3-20012002-5-1
The vacuum freezing drying equipment for foodJB/T 10285-20012001-6-22
Design guide of construction equipment selection for hydropower and water conservancy projectDL/T 5133-20012002-2-1
Food additive--Ponceau 4R aluminum lakeGB 4480.2-20012002-6-1
Requirements for medical organization sewage dischargeGB 18466-20012002-3-1
Methods for the determination of organic chemicals in water - determination of trace nitrobenzenes by resin adsorption and gas chromatographySL/T 273.1-20012002-1-1
Feed expanderJB/T 10290-20012001-6-22
Component for plastic lumber palletBB/T 0020-20012001-11-1
The rural electric network construct and reconstruct technical guideDL/T 5131-20012002-2-1
Telecommunication Generic Cabling System for Building Part 2: Cable Requirements for Generic CablingYD/T 926.2-20012001-11-1
The requirements and methods of conservancy for audiovisual archives of criminal casesGA/T 326-20012002-3-1
Specification for design of bio-contact oxidation processCECS 128-20012001-12-1
Access Network Technical Specification-Broadband Access Network Besed on Ethernet TechnologyYD/T 1160-20012001-11-1
Pilot valve for hydraulic excavators - Technical specificationsJB/T 10282-20012001-6-22
Code of vehicle register information Part 1:Code of vehicle achievement mannerGA 24.1-20012001-12-1
Multi - Span greenhouse structureJB/T 10288-20012001-6-22
Feed extruderJB/T 10289-20012001-6-22
Test signals for digitally encoded colour television systemGB/T 18472-20012002-3-1
High frequency switching converter module in power systemDL/T 781-20012002-2-1
VXIbus system specificationsGB/T 18471-20012002-3-1
Commissioning Code for I&C System of Ash and Slag in Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 775-20012001-2-1
Splicing fittingsDL/T 758-20012002-2-1
Technical specifications and methods of measurement for television transmittersGY/T 177-20012001-12-1
Police hat - Hat coverGA 323-20012002-4-1
The code of drug control information management Part 13: The code of trafficking meansGA 332.13-20012001-12-1
Polyolefin pipes for the conveyance of fluids - Determination of resistance to crack propagation - Test method for slow crack growth on notched pipes (notch test)GB/T 18476-20012002-5-1
Pipes and fittings made of crosslinked polythylene (PE-X) - Estimation of the degree of crossinking by determination of the gel contentGB/T 18474-20012002-5-1
Strain clampDL/T 757-20012002-2-1
The guide of the secure technic for the pipeline in the middle temperature or the middle pressure in the fossil power plantsDL/T 785-20012002-2-1
The natural gas compressor for the vehicle gas stationJB/T 10298-20012001-6-22
Technical specification and regulation for the results of MW and SW broadcasting monitoringGY/T 176-20012001-12-1
Code of vehicle register information Part 18: Reason code of the printingGA 24.18-20012001-12-1
Determination of Length and Width of Plastics Film and SheetingGB/T 6673-20012002-5-1
General utility small gasoline engine — Performance test methodJB/T 5135.1-20012001-6-22
Technical regulation for design of steel transmission poleDL/T 5130-20012002-2-1
The code of drug control information management Part 1: Codes of drug typesGA 332.1-20012001-12-1
Police shoe--All rubber bootsGA 315-20012002-4-1
Technical Specifications for Maintenance of Highway Asphalt PavementJTJ 073.2-20012002-1-1
Technical code for perforated brick masonry structuresJGJ 137-2001(2002)2003-1-1
The code of drug control information management Part 4: The code of drug consumptions effectsGA 332.4-20012001-12-1
Private Letter Box for Multi-storey and High-rise Block of FlatsYZ/T 0061-20012001-12-1
Wet pad cooling systemJB/T 10294-20012001-6-22
STANDARDs for whole blood and blood components qualityGB 18469-20012002-3-1
Nuclear criticality safety for fissile materials outside reactors--Safety requirements for the use of fixed neutron absorbersGB 15146.10-20012002-4-1
Standard of inspection and estimating carbon steel graphitizationDL/T 786-20012002-2-1
Guide for selecting ion exchange resins used in water treatment of thermal power plantDL/T 771-20012002-2-1
Technical specification for steel reinforced concrete composnte structuresJGJ 138-20012002-1-1
Guide for water saving of thermal power plantDL/T 783-20012002-2-1
Guide for operation and maintenance of distributed control system in fossil fuel power plantDL/T 774-20012002-2-1
Construction machinery. Anaerobic adhesive and RTV silicone application. Technical specificationJB/T 7311-20012001-6-22
Pre - Payment vending system using integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts - Part 1: General principlesGB/T 18460.1-20012002-5-1
Spheroidization evaluation standard of 12Cr1MoV steel used in power plantDL/T 773-20012002-2-1
Technical requirements for insulation material of thermal power plantsDL/T 776-20012002-2-1
Flight progress stripsMH 4011-20012002-3-1
The code of drug control information management Part 10: The code of drug concealment typesGA 332.10-20012001-12-1
The rural low-voltage electric power technical codeDL/T 499-20012002-2-1
The requirements of identifiable photography and videographyGA/T 325-20012002-3-1
Transformers for machine toolsJB/T 5555-20012001-12-1
The code of drug control information management Part 8: The code of information and intellegence sourcesGA 332.8-20012001-12-1
Radiological protection requirements for industrial gamma defect detectingGB 18465-20012002-3-1
Greenhouse engineering — TerminologyJB/T 10292-20012001-6-22
Data Exchanging Protocol for Sorting Equipment of Postal Area CenterYZ/Z 0037-20012000-12-1
SHB Z 07-2001 Guide for the automation design editing for installation materialSHB Z 07-20012002-1-1
Design guide of construction transportation for hydropower and water conservancy projectDL/T 5134-20012002-2-1
Specification for neutral-to-earth resistance in distribution systemDL/T 780-20012002-2-1
Test Methods of Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) SystemYD/T 1159-20012001-11-1
Technical specifications for passive sampler and monitorGB/T 18470-20012002-3-1
Police shoe--Mens fur-lined leather shoesGA 313-20012002-4-1
General specifications for static protection, security and automatic equipmentDL/T 478-20012002-2-1
Determination method of standard operation exchange capacity of ion exchange resin used in water treatment of thermal power plantDL/T 772-20012002-2-1
Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride(PVC-U) double wall corrugated pipes for underground soill,waste and drainageGB/T 18477-20012002-5-1
Design regulation on greenhouse electrical wiringJB/T 10296-20012001-6-22
The code of drug control information management Part 7: The code of drug addicts variations causesGA 332.7-20012001-12-1
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