Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test methods for primary wound dressings—Part 3:WaterproofnessYY/T 0471.3-20042004-1-1
The Code of Welding Procedure QualificationDL/T 868-20042004-6-1
Safety code for inspection of portable tanks for dangerous goods. Use appraisalGB 19454.3-20042004-10-1
Pesticide Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(II)Part 63:Insecticides against sugarcane beetleGB/T 17980.63-20042004-8-1
Volatile organic liquides for industrial use—Determination of boiling rangeGB/T 7534-20042004-12-1
Determination of the maximum symmetrical radiation field from a rotating anode X-ray tube for medical diagnosisYY/T 0479-20042005-1-1
Specification for data broadcasting in digital television systemGY/T 201-20042004-5-1
Fans Performance Testing in Situ for Power BoilerDL/T 469-20042004-6-1
Intra-uterine suction curettesYY/T 1025-20042005-1-1
Highway Bridge Expansion and Contraction InstallationJT/T 327-20042004-6-1
Design Code for Clock System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5019-20042004-5-1
Rigid gas permedable contact lenses for orthokeratologyYY 0477-20042005-1-1
Iron ores—Determination of tin content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodGB/T 6730.55-20042004-9-1
Design Standard of I&C Laboratory for Thermal Power PlantDL/T 5004-20042004-6-1
Sodium tripolyphosphate for industrial use―Determination of total phosphorus (Ⅴ) oxide content―Quinoline phosphomolybdate gravimetric methodGB/T 9984.2-20042004-9-1
Design Code for Departure System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5003-20042004-5-1
Crystal growing furnaces TDR-series crystal growing furnaces by Czochralski methodJB/T 10439-20042004-8-1
Polyethylene structure wall pipeline system for underground usage Part 1:Polyethylene double wall corrugated pipesGB/T 19472.1-20042004-10-1
Safety code for inspection of packaging of dangerous goods for paint. Performance testsGB 19457.1-20042004-10-1
The guide for selection and calculation of current transformers and voltage transformersDL/T 866-20042004-6-1
Cross-linked polyvinyl chloride insulated wires and cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750VJB/T 10438-20042004-8-1
Sound level for 6kV~500kV power transformersJB/T 10088-20042004-8-1
Methods for analysis of plating black nickel solutions-Part 2:Continual determination of nickel sulfate and zinc sulfate content by magnesium sulfate back titrimetric EDTA volumetric methodHB/Z 5089.2-20042004-6-1
Design Code for CCTV System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5017-20042004-5-1
Specification for HFC data transmission system Part 1:General specificationGY/T 200.1-20042004-5-1
Section analyze and measure method for aircraft tyresGB/T 11196-20042004-12-1
The selection of the loci of the forensic DNA database and data structure of the selected locusGA 469-20042004-5-1
Verification Regulation of Pneumatic Measuring Instrument for MicrometersJJG 356-20042004-9-2
Verification Regulation of High Voltage Capacitance BridgesJJG 563-20042004-9-2
Verification Regulation of D.C.Comparator potentiometersJJG 505-20042004-9-2
Design Code for Generic Cabling System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5021-20042004-5-1
Safety code for inspection of hazardous properties for dangerous of civil explosivesGB/T 19455-20042004-10-1
Cranes Service Administration RegulationTSG Q5001-20092009-8-31
Hygienic standard for yuangong intrauterine device of specially designed inserterYY/T 0470-20042005-1-1
Technical coal for designing coal handling of fossil fuel power plant Part 1:Coal handling systemDL/T 5187.1-20042004-6-1
Information technology -- Universal multiple-octet coded character set (Basic Multilingual plane ) -- 20-dots matrix font of Chinese ideogramSJ 11297-20032004-3-17
Serum products of anti-A,anti-B antibodiesGA 471-20042004-7-1
Impression tonometersYY 1036-20042005-1-1
Crepe insulating paper for electrical purposes Part 2:Methods of testJB/T 10441.2-20042004-8-1
Construction standard for heat insulation work in petrochemical industrySH/T 3522-20032004-7-1
Test method of organic chemical products—Part 2:Determination of dry residue after evaporation on a water bath for volatile organic liquidsGB/T 6324.2-20042004-12-1
Plasma arc cutting machineJB/T 2751-20042004-8-1
Fuse-links for motor vehiclesQC/T 420-20042004-8-1
Verification Regulation of Reference Standard Facility of High Temperature Platinum Resistance ThermometersJJG 985-20042004-6-2
Technical specification of fire protection for steel structures in petrochemical industrySH 3137-20032004-7-1
Calibration Specification for Linear Accelerometer Used Precision CentrifugerJJF 1116-20042004-6-2
Test method of the physical properties for aircraft tyresGB/T 13656-20042004-12-1
Fire resistance cables trayGA 479-20042004-10-1
Verification Regulation of Gauges for Measuring Distance Between Inside Rim Faces of Railway WheelsJJG 220-20042004-9-2
Design code for instrument grounding in petrochemical industrySH/T 3081-20032004-7-1
Dynamometer test methods for aircraft tyresGB/T 9747-20042004-12-1
Code of design for water & wastewater in petrochemical engineeringSH 3015-20032004-7-1
Design specification for illumination level in petrochemical industrySH/T 3027-20032004-7-1
Cross-Linkable flame-retar dant polyolefin compounds for wire and cableJB/T 10436-20042004-8-1
Quick action oil-pressure relays for transformersJB/T 10430-20042004-8-1
General specification of floor coating for electrostatic protectionSJ/T 11294-20032004-3-17
Crepe insulating papers for electrical purposes Part3:Technical specificationJB/T 10441.3-20042004-8-1
Design Code for Flight Information Display System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5015-20042004-5-1
Technical Code for Designing DC System of Power ProjectsDL/T 5044-20042004-6-1
Iron ore—Determination of decrepitation indexGB/T 10322.6-20042004-9-1
Measurement management systems—Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipmentGB/T 19022-20032004-3-1
Panels for interior thermal insulation of the outer-wallJG/T 159-20042004-8-1
Safety code for inspection of portable tanks for dangerous goods. General specificationsGB 19454.1-20042004-10-1
Design code for instrument tubing and wiring in petrochemical industrySH/T 3019-20032004-7-1
Technical specification of blower of air conditioner for motor vehiclesQC/T 708-20042004-8-1
General specification of Nd:YAG laser medical instrument with continuous wave (CW)YY 0307-20042005-1-10
Technical Rule for Designing of Local Equipment Installation, PipDL/T 5182-20042004-6-1
Specification for selection inspection and acceptance of steel valves used in petrochemical industrySH/T 3064-20032004-7-1
Rapid test strips for human hemoglobinGA 476-20042004-7-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication―Duliu vinegarGB 19461-20042004-6-1
Verification Regulation for Table BalancesJJG 156-20042004-9-2
Test methods for primary wound dressings—Part 2:Moisture vapour transmission rate of permeable film dressingsYY/T 0471.2-20042005-1-1
General specification for digital projectorSJ/T 11298-20032004-3-17
Test method of burst pressure for aircraft typeGB/T 11191-20042004-12-1
Telecontrol equipment and systems Part 5-6: Test procedures for IEC 60870-5 protocols seriesDL/Z 634.56-20042004-6-1
Serum products of anti-common animal sera(pig,goat etc.)GA 474-20042004-7-1
The general specification of He-Ne laser medical instrument for ILIBYY 0284-20042005-1-1
Pesticide - Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(II) - Part 92: Fungicides against verticillium wilt & fusarium wilt of cottonGB/T 17980.92-20042004-8-1
Terms of meat and meat productsGB/T 19480-20042004-8-1
Iron ores—Determination of vanadium content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodsGB/T 6730.58-20042004-9-1
Performance design STANDARD for furnaces and burners of large-capacity pulverized-coal-fired boilersJB/T 10440-20042004-8-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication―Huangshan maofeng teaGB 19460-20042004-5-1
The requirements of internet advertising e-mail formatYD/T 1310-20042004-3-24
Integrated forging reinforcement for spherical tanksSH/T 3138-20032004-7-1
Rules for testing of fire safety signs—Part 2:Normal fire safety signsGA 480.2-20042004-10-1
Technical code of epoxy resin mortarDL/T 5193-20042004-6-1
Power transformers immersed in fire resistance fluidJB/T 10431-20042004-8-1
Plate Type Elastomeric Pad Bearings for Highway BridgesJT/T 4-20042004-6-1
General seismic design rule of non-buried pipe for petrochemical industrySH/T 3039-20032004-7-1
Iron ores—Determination of cobalt content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methnodGB/T 6730.52-20042004-9-1
Crepe insulating papers for electrical purposes Part1:Definitions and general requirementsJB/T 10441.1-20042004-8-1
Specifications of resistance vacuum gaugeJB/T 10074-20042004-8-1
Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Profiles for the Doors and WindowsGB/T 8814-20042004-10-1
Designing procedure of transport packagesGB/T 19451-20042004-8-1
Coding rules of automobile part and componentQC/T 265-20042004-8-1
Design Code for Information Management System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5018-20042004-5-1
Design Code for Building Automatic Control System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5009-20042004-5-1
Verification Regulation of Earth-Continuity TestersJJG 984-20042004-6-2
Pesticide - Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(II) - Part 138: Herbicides against weeds in hydrop HilyGB/T 17980.138-20042004-8-1
Safety code for inspection of portable tanks for dangerous goods―Performance inspectionGB 19454.2-20042004-10-1
Iron ores—Determination of zinc content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodGB/T 6730.53-20042004-9-1
30/25mm plastic pilferproof closureBB/T 0025-20042004-8-1
Specification of prestressing tendon construction for hyudropower and water conservancy projectDL/T 5083-20042004-6-1
Safety code for inspection of packaging of dangerous goods for calcium carbide―Use appraisalGB 19453.2-20042004-10-1
Safety code for performance test of dangerous goods packaging for paint―Use appraisalGB 19457.2-20042004-10-1
Calibration Specification for Optical & Digital Dividing TablesJJF 1114-20042004-9-2
Pulps—Determination of stock concentrationGB/T 5399-20042004-11-1
Micro-gap switchesJB/T 3022-20042004-8-1
Design Specification for Safety of Liquefied Hydrocarbon Spherical TSH 3136-20032004-7-1
Gear shaving machines—Part 4:Series and spectrumJB/T 3732.4-20042004-8-1
Authentication Standard for Earthquake Destruction in Petrochemical EngineeringSH/T 3135-20032004-7-1
Technical Code for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning DesiDL/T 5035-20042004-6-1
High speed electro-discharge small hole drilling machines-Part 3: Testing of accuracyJB/T 10330.3-20042004-8-1
Specification of Internet Anti-SpamYD/T 1311-20042004-3-24
Pesticide - Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(II) - Part 148: Herbicides against weeds in lawnGB/T 17980.148-20042004-8-1
Design Code for Instrument Power Supply in Petrochemical IndustrySH/T 3082-20032004-7-1
Plastics—Determination of temperature of deflection under load—Part 2:Plastics,ebonite and long-fibre-reinforced compositesGB/T 1634.2-20042004-12-1
Packing container requirement of liveanimals for air transportMH/T 1014-20042004-8-1
Codes for Surface Color and Mark on Equipment, Pipe and Steel Structure in Petrochemical IndustrySH 3043-20032004-7-1
General technical requirements for urine analyzerYY/T 0475-20042005-1-1
Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers for WorkingJJG 130-20042004-9-2
Construction Standard for Large-size Equipment Hoisting EngineeringSH/T 3515-20032004-7-1
Micrographics—Microfilming for ancient books on 16mm roll filmGB/T 7517-20042004-12-1
Verification Regulation of Angle Gauge BlocksJJG 70-20042004-9-2
Calibration Specification of Angle Measuring Instrument for Bearing RingJJF 1113-20042004-9-2
Specification for Comparison of Measuring InstrumentJJF 1117-20042004-6-2
Test methods for primary wound dressing—Part 5:Bacterial barrier propertiesYY/T 0471.5-20042005-1-1
Design Code for Broadcast System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5020-20042004-5-1
Iron ores—Determination of lead content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodGB/T 6730.54-20042004-9-1
Iron ores—Determination of aluminum content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodGB/T 6730.56-20042004-9-1
Specification for special epoxy polyamide coatings for parts of aircraft accessoriesHB 7737-20042003-6-1
Rigid gas permeable contact lenses for orthokeratologyYY 0477-2004/XG1-20162016-1-26
Code for the Prevention of Pulverized Coal Firing Furnace Explosion/Implosions in Power Plant BoilersDL/T 435-20042004-6-1
Laundry powdersGB/T 13171-20042004-9-1
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