Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical Regulation of Cultivation for Non-environmental Pollution Castanea MollissimaDB33/T 371-20112011-7-27
SanxianQB/T 1207.5-20112011-10-1
Flexible and foldable plastic containersBB/T 0013-20112011-10-1
RuanQB/T 1207.4-20112011-10-1
Needles for household sewing machinesQB/T 1514-20112011-10-1
Quenched and tempered high strength steel plates for pressure vesselsGB/T 19189-20112012-2-1
Sewing machine partsNot note geometric and position toleranceQB/T 1511-20112011-10-1
Jewellery with Cu-Sn alloy coatingQB/T 4185-20112011-10-1
PipaQB/T 1207.2-20112011-10-1
Application Handbook of Technical Specification for Construction of Highway Bridge and CulvertJTG/T F50-2011-SSSC2011-8-1
Specification for Operation and Maintenance of Security and Protection System EngineeringDB33/T 830-20112011-7-27
Methods of measurement for digital terrestrial television receiverGB/T 26685-20112011-11-1
Criterion of Risk Data Collection for Maize ProductionDB37/T 1895-20112011-8-1
Putuo Buddha Tea Part 1: SeedlingDB33/T 325.1-20112011-7-27
StaplesQB/T 1151-20112011-10-1
Steel fiber reinforced concrete manhole coverGB/T 26537-20112012-4-1
Ship and ocean engineering structural steelGB 712-20112012-2-1
Builders tools (masonry)—Brick knivesQB/T 2212.5-20112011-10-1
Earthquake data MetadataDB/T 41-20112011-10-1
Technical Regulation for Production of Landscape Shrubs Part 14: Hibiscus Hamabo Sieb. Et Zucc. DB33/T 821.14-20112011-7-27
Redlip mulletGB/T 19162-20112011-11-1
Comprehensive energy consumption of tannin extract productionLY/T 1150-20112011-7-1
Tanning machinery - Bandknife for splitting machine splitting machineQB/T 2016-20112011-10-1
Technical requirements for the overhead psychological training facility for firemanGA 943-20112011-7-1
PasteQB/T 1962-20112011-10-1
Technical requirements for the smoke-heat training facility with mesh fenceGA 942-20112011-7-1
Safety Specification for Filling Station of Liquefied Natural Gas CylindersDB33/ 829-20112011-10-1
Statistical indicator system of logistics for tobacco industrial enterprisesYC/T 399-20112011-7-15
Technical Specifications for Inter-domain Video Surveillance Networking and Sharing Part 1: General ConsiderationDB33/T 629.1-20112011-7-27
Technical code for unified video surveillance system platform of tobacco commercial enterpriseslogistics centersYC/T 402-20112011-7-15
Meteorological Elements Classifying and CodingQX/T 133-20112011-11-1
Tanning machinery - Jaw plate scraper plate for splitting machineQB/T 2015-20112011-10-1
Technical regulation for high-yield plantation of Cinnamomum cassiaLY/T 1945-20112011-7-1
Technical specification for test of concrete strength by pullout methodCECS 69-20112011-10-1
No. 1 Amendment of Alarmer Detectors of Combustible GasJJG 693-20112011-12-14
Inspection Technical Specification for Engineering (System) of Security and Technical Protection SystemDB33/T 334-20112012-1-1
Evaluation standard for green industrial building of tobacco industryYC/T 396-20112011-7-15
Comprehensive energy consumption of rosin productionLY/T 1114-20112011-7-1
LiuqinQB/T 1948-20112011-10-1
YueqinQB/T 1207.6-20112011-10-1
Household sewing machineStraight lock stitch sewing machine headQB/T 2043-20112011-10-1
Sand for constructionGB/T 14684-20112012-2-1
General technical conditions of national string instrumentQB/T 1207.1-20112011-10-1
Builders tools (masonry)—Pressing trowelsQB/T 2212.3-20112011-10-1
Ball point pens and refillsGB/T 26714-2011/XG1-20152015-6-1
Upholstered furniture—Assessment of the resistance to ignition of mattress and sofa—Part 2:Match flame equivalentGB 17927.2-20112011-12-1
Technical Specification for Video Surveillance Equipment Monitoring SystemDB33/T 831-20112011-7-27
Safety of transformers,reactors,power supply units and similar products for supply voltages up to 1 100 V—Part 5:Particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers and power supply units incorporating isolating transformersGB 19212.5-20112012-5-1
Classification for Solar Activity LevelQX/T 135-20112011-11-1
Functional specification of logistics management system for tobacco commercial enterprises at provincial levelYC/T 401-20112011-7-15
Parts for alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries –Part 4: Current CollectorQB/T 2459.2-20112011-10-1
Tanning machinery—Knives for shaving and fleshing machineQB/T 1348-20112011-10-1
Builders tools (masonry)—TrowelsQB/T 2212.2-20112011-10-1
Tail-fin anchorCB/T 4128-20112011-10-1
Criteria for the Authentication on the Agriculture Guinness RecordDB33/T 833-20112011-7-27
Sewing machine partsSize limit of not note tolerancesQB/T 1512-20112011-10-1
Technical Specifications for Inter-domain Video Surveillance Networking and Sharing Part 5: Video/Audio Codec Technical Specifications and Media Plugin ManageDB33/T 629.5-20112011-7-27
Office GlueQB/T 1961-20112011-10-1
General Technical Standards for Pet ClinicDB31/T 327-20112011-9-1
Protocol for the Movement of Dairy Animals and Breeding AnimalsDB31/T 537-20112011-9-1
Ball point pens and refillsGB/T 26714-20112011-12-1
Fired perforated brick and blockGB 13544-20112012-4-1
Product of Geographical Indication - Sanmen - Mud Crab Scylla SerrataDB33/T 832-20112011-7-27
JinghuQB/T 1207.7-20112011-10-1
Parts for alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries – Part 2: Negative Terminal plateQB/T 2459.5-20112011-10-1
Marine light derrickCB/T 4142-20112011-10-1
Classification for the Intensity of Solar Proton EventQX/T 136-20112011-11-1
ErhuQB/T 1207.8-20112011-10-1
Putuo Buddha Tea Part 2: Technical Regulations for CultivatingDB33/T 325.2-20112011-7-27
Technical specification of energy saving and environmental protection design for industrial furnace of cold rolling strip CAL and CGL and CCL line in iron and steel worksYB/T 4243-20112011-10-1
ZhengQB/T 1207.3-20112011-10-1
Parts for alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries –Part 3: Sealing GrommetQB/T 2459.3-20112011-10-1
General specification for digital terrestrial television receiverGB/T 26686-20112011-11-1
Builders tools (masonry)—GrooversQB/T 2212.7-20112011-10-1
Builders tools (masonry)—Brick trowelsQB/T 2212.4-20112011-10-1
Measuring relays and protection equipment—Part 11:Voltage dips,short interruptions,variations and ripple on auxiliary power supply portGB/T 14598.11-20112011-12-1
Catalogues of the Types of Work and Projects of the Operators of Special Equipment2011-19952011-7-1
Wooden cabinetQB/T 2530-20112011-10-1
Shoemaking machinery-Round knife for splitting machineQB/T 1490-20112011-10-1
Reciprocating internal combustion engines—Exhaust emission measurement—Part 2:Measurement of gaseous and particulate exhaust emissions at siteGB/T 8190.2-20112012-1-1
Technical specification energy saving design for reheating furnace of steel rolling in iron and steel worksYB/T 4242-20112011-10-1
Technical Specifications for Inter-domain Video Surveillance Networking and Sharing Part 4: Users and Devices Code ManagementDB33/T 629.4-20112011-7-27
Suan zao[Ziziphus spinosus(Bunge)Hu]LY/T 1964-20112011-7-1
General diesel fuelsGB 252-20112011-7-1
Fired perforated brick and blockGB/T 13544-20112012-4-1
Classification and code of earthquake observation itemDB/T 3-20112011-10-1
Standard for Acceptance of Breeding Pig FarmsDB31/T 243-20112011-9-1
Fountain pens and nibsGB/T 26717-20112011-12-1
YangqinQB/T 1949-20112011-10-1
The guidelines of efficient energy conservation for the office buildings of municipal agencyDB31/T 550-20112011-9-1
Criterion of Risk Data Collection for Wheat ProductionDB37/T 1894-20112011-8-1
Technical Specifications for Inter-domain Video Surveillance Networking and Sharing Part 3: Device Description and Control ProtocolDB33/T 629.3-20112011-7-27
Logistics quota technical specification for tobacco commercial enterpriseYC/T 397-20112011-7-15
Secondary processing logsLY/T 1369-20112011-7-1
Graphical symbols for marine fire control plansCB/T 3569-20112011-10-1
Mineral Heat Transfer FluidsDB31/T 229-20112011-9-1
Builders tools (masonry)—Gengeral requirementsQB/T 2212.1-20112011-10-1
Guideline for designation of capital farmlandTD/T 1032-20112011-6-30
ClipsQB/T 1149-20112011-10-1
Parts for alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries –Part 5: Support ringQB/T 2459.4-20112011-10-1
Parts for alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries –Part 1: Positive Terminal Steel CanQB/T 2459.1-20112011-10-1
Method for developing dust footprint by potassium ferricyanide of forensicGA/T 936-20112011-7-1
Putuo Buddha Tea Part 3: Technical Regulations for ProcessingDB33/T 325.3-20112011-7-27
Stainless steel press-fitting assemblies—Part 1:Press-fittingsGB/T 19228.1-20112012-3-1
Sand and Dust Storm Observation Data Archives FormatQX/T 134-20112011-11-1
Technical requirements for the training facility for firefighting operation in chemical plantsGA 941-20112011-7-1
Office pinsQB/T 1148-20112011-10-1
Data Format for Atmospheric Composition ObservationQX/T 132-20112011-11-1
Civil coalbed methane(coal mine gas)GB 26569-2011/XG1-20152015-3-1
Fountain pens and nibs, including Amendment 1GB/T 26717-2011/XG1-20152015-6-1
Builders tools (masonry)—Brick toolsQB/T 2212.6-20112011-10-1
Fired heat preservation brick and blockGB/T 26538-20112012-4-1
Technical Specifications for Inter-domain Video Surveillance Networking and Sharing Part 6: Devices Running Monitor ManagementDB33/T 629.6-20112011-7-27
Safety of transformers,reactors,power supply units and similar products for supply voltages up to 1 100 V―Part 5:Particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers and power supply units incorporating isolating transformersGB/T 19212.5-20112012-5-1
Worksite management specification for logistics distribution center of tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 398-20112011-7-15
Thunb TacksQB/T 1150-20112011-10-1
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