Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Medium/high-power mine gas generating setGB/T 29487-20132013-7-1
Publication metadata. Part 1: FrameworkCY/T 90.1-20132013-2-28
Domestic dolomite waresGB/T 29491-20132013-9-1
Capacitors for power electronicsGB/T 17702-20132013-7-1
Enterprise intellectual property managementGB/T 29490-20132013-3-1
Insulation co-ordination—Part 2:Application guideGB/T 311.2-20132013-7-1
Standard Bidding Document for Investment and Design Works in Water Transport EngineeringJTS 110-11-20122013-4-1
Printing technology - Quality requirements for and test methods of pressure-sensitive adhesive labelCY/T 93-20132013-2-28
Automobile diesel fuels(Ⅳ)GB 19147-20132013-2-7
China Financial Integrated Circuit Card Specifications - Part 5: Debit/Credit Application Card SpecificationJR/T 0025.5-20132013-2-5
ZJW Series Intelligent Integrated Low-voltage Reactive Power Compensation AssembliesT/CEEIA 220-20132013-2-5
China Financial Integrated Circuit Card Specifications - Part 12: Contactless Integrated Circuit Card Payment SpecificationJR/T 0025.12-20132013-2-5
Bogie frame for locomotiveTB/T 3312-20132013-6-1
High-voltage test techniques—Part 2:Measuring systemsGB/T 16927.2-20132013-7-1
Code for Design of Railway Continuous Welded RailTB 10015-20122013-5-1
Transformers for railway signaling-Part 4:25 Hz series track transformersTB/T 1869.4-20132013-6-1
Publication metadata. Part 2: Core data element datasetCY/T 90.2-20132013-2-28
Code for design of safety instrumented system in petrochemical engineeringGB/T 50770-20132013-9-1
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