Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
The test and qualification methods of emergency shutoff valve for liquefied gas tank carDB12/T 578-20152015-7-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of diphenyl methane diisocyanateGB 31830-20152016-7-1
Principles and guidelines for the risk analysis of vector―Large-scale activityGB/T 31716-20152016-1-1
Operation rules for cold chain logistics of fruits and vegetablesDB12/T 561-20152015-7-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of methanol―Part 4:Coke oven gas to methanolGB 29436.4-20152016-7-1
Configure Specifications of Environment Automatic Control System for GreenhouseDB12/T 580-20152015-7-1
Technical specifications for surface observation of atmospheric ice nucleiDB21/T 2484-20152015-8-26
Calibration Specification for Petroleum Products Colorimeters & FiltersJJF 1526-20152015-9-15
Non-destructive testing―Infrared flash thermography―Part 2:PracticeGB/T 31768.2-20152016-3-1
Aircraft ducting and pipling―Profile dimensions for flanges of V-band couplingsGB/T 31767-20152016-2-1
Library reference service specificationsWH/T 71-20152015-8-1
Technical Code for Brackish Water Irrigation of Facility Vegetables on Coastal AreasDB12/T 573-20152015-7-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 2: Data and information needed for FSEGB/T 31593.2-20152015-8-1
Code for Design of Photovoltaic Rolled Glass PlantGB 51113-20152016-3-1
Air line breathing apparatusGA 1261-20152015-9-1
Portable luminaires with charging devicesGB/T 31728-20152016-1-1
Wheelchair seating―Part 3:Determination of static,impact and repetitive load strengths for postural support devicesGB/T 30661.3-20152016-1-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of methanol―Part 2:Natural gas to methanolGB 29436.2-20152016-7-1
Ceramic ball bearings―Silicon nitride ballsGB/T 31703-20152016-5-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of toluene diisocyanateGB 31828-20152016-7-1
Test method for attrition rate of transparent plastic filmGB/T 31727-20152016-1-1
Code for measurements of suspended sediment in open channelsGB/T 50159-20152016-3-1
Cold chain logistics-Technical requirements of insulated containersDB12/T 559-20152015-7-1
Honeycomb-type DeNOx catalystsGB/T 31587-20152015-12-1
Rules of Metrology Testing for Energy Efficiency Label of Household Induction CookersJJF 1261.3-20152015-12-15
The quota & calculation method of eletricity consumption per comparable unit production for monocrystalline silicon polycrystallineDB33/ 972-20152015-10-1
The maize waterlogged levelDB21/T 2486-20152015-8-26
Inspection and assessment standard for separated item project construction quality of water conservancy engineering ― Rural water conservancy engineeringDB21/T 2481-20152015-8-8
Aircraft carpetMH/T 6060-20152015-9-1
Specification for appraisal of security of historic architectureDB12/T 571-20152015-7-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of Fresh sweet cornDB33/T 602-20152015-7-12
Data processing of background atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane concentration measured by in situ gas chromatographic (GC) systemGB/T 31709-20152016-1-1
The quota & calculation method of comprehensive electricity consumption per comparable unit product for cotton fabricDB33/ 758-20152015-10-1
Archives management regulation of social insuranceGB/T 31599-20152016-1-1
Technical specification for quasi-fourth class highway engineeringDB33/T 440-20152015-7-12
Technical specification for stainless pipeline of building drainageCECS 403-20152015-9-1
Verification Regulation of Hydraulic-amplification Force Standard MachinesJJG 1117-20152015-12-15
Data processing of background atmospheric carbon monoxide concentration measured by in situ gas chromatographic (GC) systemGB/T 31707-20152016-1-1
Production and operation procedures of Longquan celadonDB33/T 970-20152015-7-12
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of methanol―Part 3:Co-production of ammonia with methanolGB 29436.3-20152016-7-1
Generic specification for piezoelectric ceramic transducing elementsGB/T 15156-20152016-2-1
Mountain tourist attraction cleaning service specificationGB/T 31706-20152016-1-1
Cool storage type vest for firefighterGA 1265-20152015-10-1
Limits and measurement method for exhaust pollutants from in-use vehicle by remote sensingDB12/T 590-20152015-7-1
Technical specification for Jiande Bao tea productionDB33/T 729-20152015-7-12
Vector control terms and classificationGB/T 31721-20152016-1-1
Basic code set of copyright informationCY/T 136-20152015-6-29
Measurement of Hemoglobin A1cWS/T 461-20152015-12-31
Event sustainability management systems―Requirements with guidance for useGB/T 31598-20152016-1-1
Periodic inspection and evaluation of welded steel gas cylindersDB12/T 579-20152015-7-1
The Technical Specification of greenhouse early spring tomato―autumn celery cultivation modelDB12/T 567-20152015-7-1
Soil―Determination of redox potential―Potential methodHJ 746-20152015-7-1
Silver jewellery alloys―Determination of sliver―Volhard methodGB/T 11886-20152016-1-1
Rating specification for applied competence of innovation methodGB/T 31769-20152015-7-1
Code for Design of the Residential Interior DecorationJGJ 367-20152015-12-1
Technical specification for application of insulated fireproof composite panelsJGJ/T 350-20152015-12-1
Fire safety engineering―General principlesGB/T 31592-20152015-8-1
Health management technological protocol under 6-year-old childrenWS/T 479-20152016-1-1
Coaxial communication cables―Part 1-313:Mechanical test methods―Adhesion of dielectric and sheathGB/T 17737.313-20152016-2-1
Guidelines for integrated vector management―Environmental management―MosquitoGB/T 31717-20152016-1-1
Test method of physical properties for deoxidizing protection type sulfur recovery catalystGB/T 31583-20152016-1-1
Specification on basic old-age insurance service for urban and rural residentsGB/T 31597-20152016-1-1
Track circuit general technical specificationsTB/T 2852-20152016-1-1
Remote-monitoring system of urban fire protection―Part 8:External data exchange protocol for monitoring centerGB/T 26875.8-20152016-2-1
Information technology―Security techniques―Information security risk managementGB/T 31722-20152016-2-1
Enterprise group safety production basic normsDB12/T 582-20152015-7-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of ammonium bicarbonateGB 31829-20152016-7-1
Standard of construction and service for recreational campground―Part 2:Service of self-driving campGB/T 31710.2-20152016-1-1
Plate-type DeNOx catalystsGB/T 31584-20152016-1-1
Apparent Charge Calibrator for Partial Discharge MeasurementsJJG 1115-20152015-9-15
Test method for anti-fogging property of plastic filmGB/T 31726-20152016-1-1
Radio-frequency connectors―Part 37:Sectional specification for STWX8 series R.F. coaxial connectorsGB/T 11313.37-20152016-2-1
The norm of energy consumption per unit product and the method of calculatingDB33/ 766-20152015-10-1
Guidelines for integrated vector management―Chemical control―FlyGB/T 31718-20152016-1-1
Civil aircraft incidentMH/T 2001-20152015-9-1
Code for construction organization plan of surface coal mineGB 51114-20152016-3-1
Operation rules for cold chain logistics of livestock and poultry meatDB12/T 562-20152015-7-1
Technical specification for Cultivation of the Mud Crab in Sanmen CountyDB33/T 832-20152015-7-12
Fire safety engineering―Part 7:Requirements governing algebraic equations for ceiling jet flowsGB/T 31593.7-20152015-8-1
Technical requirements for application of LED indoor lightingGB/T 31831-20152016-1-1
Core metadata of copyright informationCY/T 134-20152015-6-29
Technical specification for agricultural drought assessmentDB21/T 2476-20152015-8-26
Technical requirements for application of LED road lightingGB/T 31832-20152016-1-1
Basic data element of copyright informationCY/T 135-20152015-6-29
Fire safety engineering―Part 4:Selection of design fire scenarios and design firesGB/T 31593.4-20152015-8-1
Specifications of logistics pedigree tracking management for low-temperature foodDB12/T 565-20152015-7-1
Radio-frequency connectors―Part 101:Sectional specification for MMCX series RF coaxial connectorsGB/T 11313.101-20152016-2-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 6:Requirements governing algebraic equations for smoke layersGB/T 31593.6-20152015-8-1
Quality specification for data on core service in social insuranceGB/T 31594-20152016-1-1
Specification on Coding of the Centralized Drinking Water SourceHJ 747-20152015-7-1
Plasma display panels—Part 6: Blank detail specification for plasma display panels used for digital TV setsGB/T 22181.6-20152016-2-1
Guidance on social responsibility reporting4GB/T 36001-20152016-1-1
Certification requirements for motor maintenance and repair enterprise Part 4: For motorcycle maintenance and repairDB33/T 608.4-20152015-7-12
Technique guide of chemical control for vector―Residual sprayGB/T 31715-20152016-1-1
Detection of genetically modified components in rice―Membrane-based array methodGB/T 31730-20152015-9-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 1: Assessment, verification and validation of calculation methodsGB/T 31593.1-20152015-8-1
Cold chain logistics - Requirements of refrigerated vehicles equipmentDB12/T 558-20152015-7-1
Operations criterion for civil aviation fuel supplied by pipelineMH/T 6110-20152015-9-1
Remote-monitoring system of urban fire protection―Part 7:Functional requirements for maintenance and management software for building fire facilitiesGB/T 26875.7-20152016-2-1
Technical requirements for anti-counterfeiting ofD9ing matrix codeGB/T 31770-20152016-1-1
Societal security―Business continuity management systems―GuidanceGB/T 31595-20152016-1-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of polypropyleneGB 31826-20152016-7-1
Social insurance terminology―Part 4: Medical insuranceGB/T 31596.4-20152016-1-1
Discharge standard of pollutants for rural sewage treatment facilitiesDB33/ 973-20152015-7-1
Certification requirements for motor maintenance and repair enterprise Part 1: For motor vehicle maintenance and repairDB33/T 608.1-20152015-7-12
The Technical Specification of Plastic greenhouses Summering pepper―winter spinach cultivation modelDB12/T 569-20152015-7-1
The quota & calculation method of comprehensive energy and electricity consumption per unit for hotel buildingDB33/ 760-20152015-10-1
The Technical Specification of Plastic greenhouses spring cucumber―autumn cucumber cultivation modelDB12/T 570-20152015-7-1
General principles for calculating energy consumption of insulation materials productionGB/T 31833-20152016-1-1
Analytical method of chemical composition for flue gas DeNOx catalystsGB/T 31590-20152016-1-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit throughout of container terminalGB 31823-20152016-7-1
Guidelines for integrated vector management―Chemical control―CockroachGB/T 31719-20152016-1-1
Specification of excess baggage in electronic processing in ancillary serviceMH/T 0053-20152015-9-1
Code for Construction and Acceptance of Isolation BuildingsJGJ 360-20152015-12-1
Radio-frequency connectors―Part 8:Sectional specification for RF coaxial connectors with inner diameter of outer conductor 6.5 mm (0.256 in) with bayonet lock―Characteristic impedance 50 Ω(75 Ω)(type BNC)GB/T 11313.8-20152016-2-1
Verification Regulation of Build-up Force Standard MachinesJJG 1116-20152015-12-15
Code for Design of Museum BuildingJGJ 66-20152016-2-1
Steeliness type dangerous chemical stationary atmospheric pressure vessel periodical inspection specificationDB12/T 581-20152015-7-1
Social insurance terminology―Part 1:Gereral termGB/T 31596.1-20152016-1-1
Paints and varnishes―Evaluation of degradation of coatings―Designation of quantity and size of defects ,and of intensity of uniform changes inappearance―Part 1:General introduction and designation systemGB/T 30789.1-20152016-1-1
Standard supermarket construction management serviceDB12/T 566-20152015-7-1
Operation rules for cold chain logistics of fishery productsDB12/T 563-20152015-7-1
Analytical method of chemical composition for activated MDEA decarbonization desulfurization agentGB/T 31589-20152015-12-1
Specification for early childhood education and care servicesGB/T 31725-20152016-1-1
Code for construction of oil and gas transmission pipeline crossing engineeringGB 50424-20152016-3-1
Technical specification for bedbug controlDB12/T 587-20152015-7-1
Guidance on classifying social responsibility performanceGB/T 36002-20152016-1-1
Social insurance terminology―Part 2:Old-age insuranceGB/T 31596.2-20152016-1-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 8:Requirements governing algebraic equations for vent flowGB/T 31593.8-20152015-8-1
Technical regulations of fertigation for greenhouse pepper cultivationDB12/T 583-20152015-7-1
Technical specification for application for glass films and coatingsJGJ/T 351-20152015-12-1
Wind and Snow Meteorological Disaster Warning level of Facility agriculture (greenhouse)DB21/T 2475-20152015-8-26
Water quality-Determination of Thallium-Graphite furnace absorption Apectrophotometric methodHJ 748-20152015-8-1
Plasma display panels—Part 5: Generic specificationGB/T 22181.5-20152016-2-1
The quota & calculation method of electricity consumption comprehensive energyDB33/ 757-20152015-10-1
General requirements of lighting fixtures for civil airportGB/T 7256-20152016-1-1
PianoGB/T 10159-20152016-1-1
Non-destructive testing―Infrared flash thermography―Part 4:SystemGB/T 31768.4-20152016-3-1
Safety of sporting goods―Risk assessment guidelinesGB/T 31708-20152016-1-1
Requirements for control of indoor radon and its progenyGB/T 16146-20152016-1-1
Technical specification for the release and enhancement of Nibea japonicaDB33/T 971-20152015-7-12
Test of mechanical properties of furniture—Part 8:Stability of chairs with tilting or reclining mechanisms when fully reclined,and rocking chairsGB/T 10357.8-20152016-1-1
Technique guide of chemical control for vector―Space sprayGB/T 31714-20152016-1-1
Paints and varnishes―Determination of scratch resistance―Part 1:Constant-loading methodGB/T 9279.1-20152016-1-1
Norm of energy consumption per unit throughout of bulk terminalGB 31827-20152016-7-1
The quota & calculation method of comprehensive energy consumption for viscose (filament yarn & staple ) fiberDB33/ 678-20152015-10-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 9:Guidance on evaluation of behaviour and movement of peopleGB/T 31593.9-20152015-8-1
Standard for urban water conservation evaluationGB 50183-20152016-3-1
Specification of productive information record collection for protected vegetablesDB12/T 576-20152015-7-1
Guidelines for the construction of the road traffic safety publicity and education baseGA/T 1263-20152015-11-6
Test method for mass per unit area of plastic filmGB/T 31729-20152016-1-1
Guidance on social responsibilityGB/T 36000-20152016-1-1
The Technical Specification of greenhouse early spring tomato interplanting lettuce―autumn cucumber cultivation modelDB12/T 568-20152015-7-1
General principle on disinfection for infectious focusGB 19193-20152016-1-1
The mesoscale convective weather analysis technical specificationsDB21/T 2487-20152015-8-26
Freezing rain and snow ClassificationDB21/T 2485-20152015-8-26
Guidelines for integrated vector management―Environmental management―RodentGB/T 31712-20152016-1-1
Terminologies of wind energy resourceGB/T 31724-20152016-1-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 5:Requirements governing algebraic equations for fire plumesGB/T 31593.5-20152015-8-1
Specification for hydrogeological survey(1: 50 000)DZ/T 0282-20152015-10-1
Social insurance terminology―Part 5:Work-related injury insuranceGB/T 31596.5-20152016-1-1
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of pulp and paperGB 31825-20152016-7-1
Conformity assessment―Requirements for bodies certifying products,processes and servicesGB/T 27065-20152015-6-1
Rules for forecast technology of the mainly locust and grasshopper in grasslandDB21/T 2483-20152015-8-23
Norm of energy consumption per unit product of 1,4-butanediolGB 31824-20152016-7-1
Verification Regulation of Dust Concentration Measuring InstrumentsJJG 846-20152015-12-15
Paints and varnishes―Determination of mar resistanceGB/T 31591-20152015-11-1
Technical requirements for optical fiber vibration intrusion detectorsGA/T 1217-20152015-10-1
Measurement of quartz crystal unit parameters―Part 7:Measurement of activity dips of quartz crystal unitsGB/T 22319.7-20152016-2-1
Verification Regulation of Liquefied Natural Gas DispensersJJG 1114-20152015-9-15
Radio-frequency connectors―Part 16:Sectional specification for RF coaxial connectors with inner diameter of outer conductor 7 mm (0.276 in)with screw coupling―Characteristics impedance 50 Ω (75 Ω) (type N)GB/T 11313.16-20152016-2-1
Insecticide resistance management for vector―General rulesGB/T 31720-20152016-1-1
Specification for quality management systems certification in th state administrative agenciesRB/T 200-20152015-12-1
Format and technical specifications of 2D bar code boarding pass for air transportMH/T 0039-20152015-9-1
Specification for intelligent cultivation system indoorDB12/T 572-20152015-7-1
Technical specification for smoke fire extinguishing systemsCECS 169-20152015-11-1
Measurement of serum low density lipoprotein cholesterolWS/T 463-20152015-12-31
Code for design of blast furnace ironmaking plantGB 50427-20152016-3-1
Test method of activity for oxygen and sulphur and cyanider emoval purification catalyst from coal gasGB/T 31585-20152016-1-1
Guideline for the agriculture comprehensive standardizationGB/T 31600-20152015-6-2
management specifications for Service of Pest Control OperationDB12/T 586-20152015-7-1
Technical specification for control of mainly locust and grasshopper in grasslandDB21/T 2482-20152015-8-23
Technical regulation of Cultivation for Bamboo shoot of Dendrocalamopsis oldhamiDB33/T 343-20152015-7-12
General analytical methods of high-purity germanium gamma spectrometerGB/T 11713-20152016-1-1
Coding rules for agricultural resources and environmentDB12/T 575-20152015-7-1
Coaxial communication cables―Part 1-201: Environmental test methods―Test for cold bend performance of cableGB/T 17737.201-20152016-2-1
Cold chain logistics-Technical specifications of cold storageDB12/T 557-20152015-7-1
Technology requirements of water quality online monitoring for freshwater pond cultureDB12/T 585-20152015-7-1
SignsMH/T 6011-20152015-9-1
Service quality criterion for motor vehicle repairingDB33/T 626-20152015-7-12
Fixed fire extinguishing systems for compartment of busGA 1264-20152015-8-1
Verification Scheme of Viscosity Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2016-20152015-12-15
In situ measurement of background atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane concentration by gas chromatographic (GC) systemGB/T 31705-20152016-1-1
Cold chain logistics-Specifications of temperature measurements and requirementsDB12/T 560-20152015-7-1
Fire safety signs―Part 1:SignsGB 13495.1-20152015-8-1
Clinical practice of PSA test in prostatic cancerWS/T 460-20152015-12-31
Automatic loader weighing instrumentsGB/T 31704-20152016-1-1
Soil-Determination of cyanide and total cyanide-Spectrometric methodHJ 745-20152015-7-1
Clinical practice of cardiac markers in coronary artery disease and heart failureWS/T 462-20152015-12-31
Calibration Specification for Silicate AnalyzersJJF 1539-20152015-9-15
Classification guide for classified security protection of postal industry information systemYZ/T 0142-20152015-10-1
Control and elimination of schistosomiasisGB 15976-20152016-1-1
Metallic communication cable test methods―Part 4-5:Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)―Coupling or screening attenuation―Absorbing clamp methodGB/T 31723.405-20152016-2-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 3:Guidance on fire risk assessmentGB/T 31593.3-20152015-8-1
Luminaires―Part 2-14:Particular requirements―Luminaires for cold cathode tubular discharge lamps (neon tubes) and similar equipmentGB 7000.214-20152016-1-1
Certification requirements for motor maintenance and repair enterprise Part 5: For maintenance and repair of mobile machinery shopDB33/T 608.5-20152015-7-12
Technical Specification for Application of Architectural Reflective Thermal Insulation CoatingJGJ/T 359-20152016-2-1
Temperature-controlled techniques of storage and transportation for low-temperatureDB12/T 564-20152015-7-1
The remote sensing monitoring of polar-orbiting satellite Tenth part:Vegetation Water ContentDB21/T 1455.10-20152015-8-2
Metallic communication cable test methods―Part 4-6:Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)―Surface transfer impedance―Line injection methodGB/T 31723.406-20152016-2-1
Plumbing fittings―Copper pipe fittingsGB/T 31069-20152016-1-1
Product of geographical indication Honghuayu mulberry fruitDB12/T 577-20152015-7-1
Field efficacy test methods and criterions of public health insecticides―Mosquito larvicidesGB/T 31711-20152016-1-1
Air CleanerGB/T 18801-20152016-3-1
Calcium aluminate cementGB/T 201-20152016-5-1
Certification requirements for motor maintenance and repair enterpriseDB33/T 608.2-20152015-7-12
Energy efficiency limits and monitoring technical requirements of organic heat carrier furnaceDB 33/ 974-20152015-10-1
Verification Regulation of Fixed Radar Vehicle Speed Measurement DevicesJJG 527-20152015-12-15
Paints and varnishes―Determination of resistance to cyclic corrosion conditions―Part 1:Wet(salt fog)/dry/humidityGB/T 31588.1-20152016-1-1
Specification of environment information collection for protected vegetablesDB12/T 574-20152015-7-1
School uniforms of primary and secondary studentsGB/T 31888-20152015-6-30
General technical specifications of recovering for waste musical instrumentsGB/T 31731-20152016-1-1
Oil metrology supervision of civil aviationMH/T 6004-20152015-9-1
Hygienic requirement for safety of antibacterial textilesGB/T 31713-20152016-1-1
Rigid cellular plastics-spray-applied polyurethane foam for thermal insulationGB/T 20219-20152016-1-1
Technology requirements of water quality online monitoring for marine industrial aquacultureDB12/T 584-20152015-7-1
Verification Regulation of Mobile Radar Vehicle Speed Measurement DevicesJJG 528-20152015-12-15
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