Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Cross-border electronic commerce clearance―System architecture for InspectionSZDB/Z 183-20162016-4-1
Requirements for the development,validation and routine control of dry heat sterilization process for medical devicesYY/T 1276-20162017-1-1
Medical Suction Apparatus JJG(皖)49-20162016-4-15
Magnetic resonance compatibility for surgical implant - Part 2: Test method for magnetostrictive displacementYY/T 0987.2-20162017-1-1
Verification Regulation of Non-self-indicating Weighing InstrumentsJJG 14-20162016-9-3
Wireless local area network in-flight entertainment system. Part 1: General specificationMH/T 9008.1-20162016-7-1
Therapeutic laser equipment―Ruby Laser equipment for therapyYY 0983-20162018-1-1
Wind Velocity Sensor for Coal Mine JJG(皖)51-20162016-4-15
Technical requirements for the inspection of used mechanical and electrical products for import一Part 15:Concrete machinerySN/T 3701.15-20162016-10-1
Endoscopic washing stationYY 0992-20162018-1-1
Food allergen detection with visual biosensor chipsSN/T 4417-20162016-10-1
Optics and photonics―Operation microscopes―Light hazard from operation microscopes used in ocular surgeryYY 1296-20162018-1-1
Access control systems for police supervision areasGA 1209-20162016-5-1
Identity-based cryptographic algorithms SM9 - Part 3: Key exchange protocolGM/T 0044.3-20162016-3-28
Medical endoscopes―Capsule endoscopesYY 1298-20162018-1-1
Verification Regulation of Medical Multi-parameter MonitorJJG(黔)21-20162016-6-14
Standard of Occupational Skill of Gardens IndustryCJJ/T 237-20162016-10-1
Stationary source emission-Determination of sulfuric acid mist-Ion chromatographyHJ 544-20162016-5-1
Laser treating equipment―Ophthalmic semiconductor laser photocoagulatorsYY 1289-20162018-1-1
Technical specification for application of reduced-pressure backflow preventerCECS 426-20162016-7-1
Wireless local area network in-flight entertainment system. Part 5: Installation and acceptance specificationMH/T 9008.5-20162016-7-1
Technical specifications for breeding of Culter alburnusDB33/T 546.1-20162016-4-18
Ethylene oxide sterilizerYY 0503-20162018-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 14:SesameSN/T 4419.14-20162016-10-1
Facial features rinse syringes for single useYY/T 0981-20162017-1-1
Requirements and tests for copper used for IUDYY/T 1404-20162017-1-1
Metallic clipYY/T 0079-20162017-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 15:BarleySN/T 4419.15-20162016-10-1
Coatings of surgical implants-Part 13:Test method for shear and bending fatigue testing of calcium phosphate and metallic and calcium phosphate/metallic coatingYY/T 0988.13-20162017-1-1
Coatings of surgical implants-Part 12:Shear testing method of calcium phosphate coating and metallic coatingsYY/T 0988.12-20162017-1-1
Test method for additive in single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection—Part 1:Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) saltYY/T 1416.1-20162017-1-1
Verification Regulation of Temperature Detection and Alarm Instrument Used for Mine JJG(黔)23-20162016-6-14
Methods for the subjective assessment of small impairments in audio systemsGY/T 298-20162016-3-18
Wireless local area network in-flight entertainment system. Part 3: Cabin wireless access point specificationMH/T 9008.3-20162016-7-1
Intravenous catheter for single use YY 1282-20162018-1-1
Surgical instruments—Metallic materials—Part 1:Stainless steelYY/T 0294.1-20162017-1-1
Cardiopulmonary bypass systems―Suction catheter for single useYY 1271-20162018-1-1
Cardiopulmonary bypass systems―Blood-gas exchangers(oxygenators)YY 0604-20162018-1-1
Dentistry—Essential characteristics of test methods for the evaluation of treatment methods intended to improve or maintain the microbiological quality of dental unit procedural waterYY/T 1411-20162017-1-1
Ophthalmic instruments―Endoilluminators―Part 1:Requirements and test methodsYY 0792.1-20162018-1-1
Verification Regulation of Analogue Indication Weighing InstrumentJJG 13-20162016-9-3
Abrasion-heat resistant steel castingsT/CFA 02010204-20162016-5-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 18:MustardSN/T 4419.18-20162016-10-1
Standard for quality inspection of groove rail flash-butt welding for urban rail transitCECS 429-20162016-7-1
Technical guidelines for environmental protection in pharmaceutical constructional project for and accept of completed construction projectHJ 792-20162016-7-1
Measuring Instruments for Metallic Rockwell HardnessJJG 2067-20162016-9-3
Cleaning guide for the Heater with organic heat transfer carriersDB33/T 2002-20162016-4-18
Dental whitening acceleratorYY/T 1401-20162017-1-1
Coldbox venting plugT/CFA 020302-1-20162016-6-1
Automatic Analyser on Heavy Metal for Water Quality Through Spectrophotometric Method JJG(皖)48-20162016-4-15
Blowtube sealing sleeve of the tolling for castingT/CFA 020302-2-20162016-6-1
Silver through-hole printed circuit boardT/CPCA 6042-20162016-5-14
Test method to demonstrate the suitability of the process challenge device(PCD)during steam sterilizationYY/T 1402-20162017-1-1
Identification of reconstituted milk in pasteurized and UHT milkNY/T 939-20162016-4-1
Electrical and loading characteristics of X-ray tube assemblies for medical diagnosisYY/T 0064-20162017-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 19:CarrotSN/T 4419.19-20162016-10-1
Inspection rules for import and export dangerous chemical products- Peroxyacetic acidSN/T 4473-20162016-10-1
Dialysis fluid filterYY 1272-20162018-1-1
Medical endoscopes—Capsule endoscopesYY 1298-2016/XG1-20192019-1-25
Centrifugal blood components separation deviceYY 1413-20162018-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 13:Sunflower seedSN/T 4419.13-20162016-10-1
Dentistry―Soft lining material for removable dentures―Part 2:Materials for long-term useYY 0714.2-20162018-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Park 22:ShrimpSN/T 4419.22-20162016-10-1
Mechanical contraceptives-Reusable natural and silicone rubber contraceptive diaphragms-Requirements and testsYY/T 1405-20162017-1-1
Roller pump for auxiliary blood purificationYY 1273-20162018-1-1
Textiles一Determination of vinyl chloride in polyvinyl chloride coating materials一Headspace gas chromatography-mass spectrometrySN/T 4423-20162016-10-1
Chest drainage systems for single use—Part 2:Type of dry seal valveYY/T 0583.2-20162017-1-1
Determination of lead、arsenic、mercury、cadmium、chromium in tobacco and tobacco products for export一Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry methodSN/T 4420-20162016-10-1
Technical specification for container type houses (Guangdong)DBJ∕T 15-112-20162016-7-1
Radiation environmental protection management guidelines Content and format of environmental impacts evaluation document for nuclear technology application facilitiesHJ 10.1-20162016-4-1
Medical suture needleYY/T 0043-20162017-1-1
Performance characteristics and test methods of image system for radiotherapy simulatorYY/T 1407-20162017-1-1
Water quality- Determination of Acetonitrile- Purge and Trap/Gas chromatographyHJ 788-20162016-5-1
Verification Regulation of Dynamic Electronic Balance of Gantry (Bridge Frame) CraneJJG 1124-20162016-6-3
Identity-based cryptographic algorithms SM9 - Part 1: GeneralGM/T 0044.1-20162016-3-28
Dentistry—Materials used for dental equipment surfaces—Determination of resistance to chemical disinfectantsYY/T 1400-20162017-1-1
Portable mode steam sterilizersYY 0504-20162018-1-1
Solid waste―Determination of Lead,Zinc and Cadmium―Flame Atomic Absorption SpectrometryHJ 786-20162016-5-1
Technical specification for concrete structures prestressed with unbonded tendonsJGJ 92-20162016-9-1
Cardiopulmonary bypass systems-Centrifugal pumpYY 1412-20162018-1-1
Coatings of surgical implants—Part 11:Tension testing method of calcium phosphate coating and metallic coatingsYY/T 0988.11-20162017-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 16:WheatSN/T 4419.16-20162016-10-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 21:MilkSN/T 4419.21-20162016-10-1
Measuring Instruments for Shock AccelerationJJG 2072-20162016-9-3
Determination of carbendazin residue in fruits for exportSN/T 0220-20162016-10-1
Lifting Appliances Installation,Modernization & General Overhaul Supervision Inspection RegulationTSG Q7016-20162016-7-1
Pressure control peritoneal dialysis equipmentYY 1274-20162018-1-1
Skin staplerYY/T 1415-20162017-1-1
Mine Hydrogen Sulfide Alarm DetectorJJG(皖)52-20162016-4-15
Guidelines for application of HACCP for export medium and small food enterprisesSN/T 4422-20162016-10-1
Magnetic resonance compatibility for surgical implant - Part 1: Safety mark YY/T 0987.1-20162017-1-1
Magnetic resonance compatibility for surgical implant - Part 4: Test method for magnetostrictive torqueYY/T 0987.5-20162017-1-1
Performance characteristics and test methods of imaging system of single photon emission and X-ray computed tomographYY/T 1408-20162017-1-1
Coatings of surgical implants- Part 14:Stereological evaluation method of porous coatingsYY/T 0988.14-20162017-1-1
Single use bilirubin plasma hemoperfutorYY 1290-20162018-1-1
Hemodialysis and relavant therapics -Haemodialysers, haemodiafilters, haemofilters and haemoconcentrators YY 0053-20162018-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 20:CelerySN/T 4419.20-20162016-10-1
Technical requirements for the inspection of used electrical and mechanical products for import-Part 16:Earth transport machinerySN/T 3701.16-20162016-10-1
Quarantine protocol for chicken infectious bronchitisSN/T 1221-20162016-10-1
Rules for the inspection of information technology equipment for import and export一Part 13:Energy efficiency for imaging equipmentsSN/T 1429.13-20162016-10-1
Therapeutic laser equipment―Er:YAG laser equipment for therapyYY 1301-20162018-1-1
Medical device software—Part 1:Guidance on the application of ISO 14971 to medical device softwareYY/T 1406.1-20162017-1-1
Masterbatch of polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) piping systems for hot and cold water installationQB/T 4884-20152016-3-1
Technical standard of radiation safety for electron linear accelerator industrial computed tomographyHJ 785-20162016-4-1
The specification of recreational vehicle rental serviceCA/T 1603003-20162016-3-24
Identity-based cryptographic algorithms SM9 -- Part 5: Parameter definitionGM/T 0044.5-20162016-3-28
Rigid gas permeable contact lenses for orthokeratologyYY 0477-20162018-1-1
Safety technical specification of childrens indoor soft playground equipmentsT/CAAPA 0001-20162016-6-14
91 unleaded aviation gasolineMH/T 6112-20162016-7-1
Code for Design of Prestressed Concrete StructuresJGJ 369-20162016-9-1
Verification Regulation of Electronic Balance of Loader JJG 1123-20162016-6-3
Import and export textiles-Determination of bisphenol A- High performance liquid chromatography methodSN/T 4424-20162016-10-1
Solid waste-Determination of Lead and Cadmium - Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption SpectrometryHJ 787-20162016-5-1
Environmental requirements and test methods for medical X-ray equipmentYY/T 0291-20162017-1-1
Wireless local area network in-flight entertainment system. Part 2: In-flight server specificationMH/T 9008.2-20162016-7-1
Magnetic resonance compatibility for surgical implant - Part 3: Assessment method for image artifactYY/T 0987.3-20162017-1-1
Water quality- Determination of Acetonitrile Direct injection/Gas chromatographyHJ 789-20162016-5-1
Balancee valuation and exercise systemsYY/T 1410-20162017-1-1
Therapeutic laser equipment―Pulsed Nd:YAG laser equipment for therapyYY 1300-20162018-1-1
Dentistry—Wires for use in orthodonticsYY/T 0625-20162017-1-1
Biopsy needles for single use—Part 1:General requirementsYY/T 0980.1-20162017-1-1
Technical guidelines for environmental protection in polyester industry project for check and accept of completed construction projectHJ 790-20162016-7-1
Dentistry―Rotary bur instruments―Part 2:Finishing bursYY 0302.2-20162018-1-1
Lifting Appliances Periodical Inspection RegulationTSG Q7015-20162016-7-1
Wireless local area network in-flight entertainment system. Part 4: Cabin management unit specificationMH/T 9008.4-20162016-7-1
Standard for quality inspection of groove rail thermit welding for urban rail transitCECS 430-20162016-7-1
Community library service specificationsWH/T 73-20162016-5-1
NGB broadband access system―Technical specification of HINOC2.0 physical and MAC layerGY/T 297-20162016-3-18
Verification Regulation of Carbon Dioxide Detection and Alarm Instrument Used for Mine JJG(黔)22-20162016-6-14
Steam sterilizer―Performance requirements of biosafetyYY 1277-20162018-1-1
Abrasion-heat resistant iron castingsT/CFA 02010204-6-20162016-5-1
Cross-border electronic commerce clearance―Service process for Inspection and QuarantineSZDB/Z 184-20162016-4-1
Commercial insurance service specificationSZDB/Z 181-20162016-4-1
Hemodialysis and related therapies―Extracorporeal blood circuit for blood purification devicesYY 0267-20162018-1-1
Sterile urethral catheter for single useYY 0325-20162018-1-1
Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment—User-applied labels for syringes containing drugs used during anaesthesia—Colours,design and performanceYY/T 0975-20162017-1-1
Construction standard for online business hallSZDB/Z 179-20162016-4-1
Technical specifications for mud snail (Bullacta exarata ) aquacultureDB33/T 560-20162016-4-18
Plunger seal of syringes for single useYY/T 0243-20162017-1-1
Identity-based cryptographic algorithms SM9 - Part 2: Digital signature algorithmGM/T 0044.2-20162016-3-28
Test method on impact abrasion of steel and iron materialsT/CFA 010604-3-20162016-5-1
Magnetic resonance compatibility for surgical implant - Part 4: Test method for radio-frequency heatYY/T 0987.4-20162017-1-1
Cardiopulmonary bypass systems―Extracorporeal blood circuitYY 1048-20162018-1-1
Technical specification for leak location surveys of geomembrane in municipal solid waste landfillCJJ/T 214-20162016-9-1
Specifications of financial cryptographic serverGM/T 0045-20162016-3-28
Technical specifications for Moerella iridescens (Benson) aquacultureDB33/T 618.1-20162016-4-18
Intracranial external drainage system—Part 1:Collecting sets for external drainage by intracranial punctureYY/T 1287.1-20162017-1-1
Multicomponent Gas Detection and Alarm Instrument Used for Mine JJG(皖)47-20162016-4-15
Technical specification for application of water hammer arrestorCECS 425-20162016-6-1
Coatings of surgical implants-Part 15:Test methord for abrasion resistance testing of metallic thermal spray coatingsYY/T 0988.15-20162017-1-1
Dry heat (heated air) sterilizersYY 1275-20162018-1-1
Environmental protection acceptance of technical specifications for construction projects of viscose fiberHJ 791-20162016-7-1
Electrolyte analyzerYY/T 0589-20162017-1-1
Absorbable gelatin foamYY/T 1283-20162017-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 17:BuckwheatSN/T 4419.17-20162016-10-1
Liquid line solenoid valve for haemodialysis equipmentYY/T 1414-20162017-1-1
Technical specifications for artificial propagation of Micropterus salmoidesDB33/T 471.1-20162016-4-18
Laser Type Drilling Depth Measuring Instrument for Coal Mine JJG(皖)50-20162016-4-15
Heptafluoropropane foam fire extinguishing systemGA 1288-20162016-8-10
Identity-based cryptographic algorithms SM9 - Part 4: Key encapsulation mechanism and public key encryption alogorithmGM/T 0044.4-20162016-3-28
Plasma surgical equipmentYY/T 1409-20162017-1-1
Food allergen detection with LAMP methods for export一 Part 12:PeanutSN/T 4419.12-20162016-10-1
Dentistry-Elastomeric auxiliaries for use in orthodonticsYY/T 0624-20162017-1-1
Cross-border electronic commerce clearance―Basic terms for Inspection and QuarantineSZDB/Z 182-20162016-4-1
Medical diagnostic X-ray equipment—Radiation conditions for use in the determination of characteristicsYY/T 0481-20162017-1-1
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