Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
General technical specification of riveting process for railway vehicleTB/T 2911-20162017-4-1
EMU/DMU vocabulary-Part 2:TestTB/T 3453.2-20162017-4-1
Brass fittings for press jointCJ/T 502-20162017-3-1
Code for Design of River LNG Bunkering WharfJTS 196-11-20162016-11-1
High Density Polyethylene Sheathing Compounds for Bridge CableCJ/T 297-20162017-3-1
Information Security-Specification for Personal Information ProtectionDB21/T 1628.1-20162016-11-27
Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Services Assessment Technical SpecificationDB21/T 2686-20162016-11-27
Cucumber Strong Seedlings Production Technology Regulations of AgeDB21/T 1801-20162016-11-27
GC,GC-MS and LC-MS/MS examination methods for zolpidem in biological samples in forensic scienceGA/T 1327-20162016-9-14
Controlled knife classification and security requirementsGA 1334-20162016-9-8
Design Code for Clock System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5019-20162017-1-1
Technical specification of transplantation of Laminaria japonica and Undaria pinnatifida SuringarDB21/T 2689-20162016-11-27
Design Code for Generic Cabling System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5021-20162017-1-1
Shop Building Electric Design Specifications JGJ 392-20162017-3-1
Melon Strong Seedlings Production Technology Regulations of AgeDB21/T 1967-20162016-11-27
Design Code for Flight Information Display System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5015-20162016-10-1
LC-MS/MS examination methods for abamectin B1a in blood samples in forensic scienceGA/T 1331-20162016-9-14
Technical Standard of Test Detection Instrument and Equipment for Water Transport EngineeringJTS 238-20162017-1-1
Code for quality acceptance of precast concrete structures constructionDB33/T 1123-20162016-12-1
Anti static and acid proof protective filmT/GDEIA 02-20162016-10-1
Design Code for Broadcast System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5020-20162017-1-1
GC-MS examination methods for tetrahydrocannabinol and tetrahy-drocannabinolic acid in urine of drug users in forensic scienceGA/T 1330-20162016-9-14
Technical requirement of axial device assembly for railway passenger carTB/T 1716-20162017-4-1
Governmental Data Guidelines for Categorization and Classification of DataDB52/T 1123-20162016-9-28
Transfer of polyester film by heating methodT/GDEIA 01-20162016-10-1
The data elements for public security(12)GA/T 543.12-20162016-9-14
Standard for leakage control and assessment of urban water supply distribution systemCJJ 92-20162017-3-1
Specification for forest resources management information system of countyDB33/T 641-20162016-10-28
Technical Specification for Machinery Equipment Inspection in Construction Site JGJ 160-20162017-3-1
Design Code for Building Automatic Control System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5009-20162016-10-1
Design Code for Information Management System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5018-20162016-10-1
Isolated gas-pressurization deviceCJ/T 501-20162017-3-1
Governmental Data Work Instructions for Data MaskingDB52/T 1126-20162016-9-28
Governmental Data Resource Directory Part 1: Specification for Description of MetadataDB52/T 1124-20162016-9-28
Diaphragm gas meter with wireless remote-readingCJ/T 503-20162017-3-1
Security requirements for protecting cabins of bank self-service devicesGA/T 1337-20162016-10-1
Hot Pepper Strong Seedlings Production Technology Regulations of AgeDB21/T 1802-20162016-11-27
General Technical Requirements for Light Weight Panels for Partition Walls Used in BuildingsJG/T 169-20162017-3-1
IT Skill Standards―Part1: General rulesDB21/T 1793.1-20162016-11-27
Digital Sticking Strength TesterJG/T 507-20162017-3-1
Ultrasonic Gas MetersJJG(沪)55-20162016-11-1
Daily knife classification and security requirementsGA/T 1335-20162016-9-8
Technical Code for Groundwater Control Engineering in Building and MunicipalJGJ 111-20162017-3-1
Information Security-guidelines for personal information database managermentDB21/T 1628.3-20162016-11-27
Guidelines for the estimation of measurement uncertainty of food microbiological quantitative detectionRB/T 151-20162017-4-1
Hand breaks of railway freight car TB/T 2978-20162017-4-1
Technical regulations for operation and maintenance of drainage pipeline in cities and townsDB33/T 1124-20162016-12-1
Technical specification for alien marine microalgae minitoringDB21/T 2687-20162016-11-27
GC and GC-MS examination methods for ketamine in urine of drug user in forensic scienceGA/T 1329-20162016-9-14
IT Skill Standards-Part4:System IntegrationDB21/T 1793.4-20162016-11-27
Technical specification for thermal insulating systems of inorganic lightweight aggregate mortarDB33/T 1054-20162016-12-1
Standard for design of urban public toiletsCJJ 14-20162016-12-1
Technical Regulation on Cultivation of Asarum heterotropoides under ForestDB21/T 2697-20162016-11-27
Construction regulation of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigationDB33/T 2016-20162016-10-30
Comprehensive management of public security―Specification of construction and management for central officeGB/T 33200-20162017-1-1
Information Security-Personal Information security management system evaluation-Part 1-RequirementsDB21/T 2702.1-20162016-11-27
Standard of Data Acquisition and Exchange for Dministrative Power Operation and Supervision SystemDB21/T 2703-20162016-11-27
Governmental Data Resource Directory Part 2: Guidelines for Compiling WorkDB52/T 1125-20162016-9-28
Design Code for Departure System Engineering of Civil Airport Terminal BuildingMH/T 5003-20162017-1-1
Tomato Strong Seedlings Production Technology Regulations of AgeDB21/T 1800-20162016-11-27
Air reservior of railway vehicleTB/T 1900-20162017-4-1
Wheelset and bearing of railway vehicles-types and basic dimensionsTB/T 1010-20162017-4-1
Police digital trunking communication system Technical requirements and measurement methods for radio frequency equipmentGA/T 1255-20162016-9-8
Cut-out Cock for EMU/DMUTB/T 3456-20162017-4-1
GC-MS examination methods for five actamide herbicides including alachlor in blood in forensic scienceGA/T 1332-20162016-9-14
Watermelons Strong Seedlings Production Technology Regulations of AgeDB21/T 1803-20162016-11-27
EMU/DMU vocabulary-Part 3:Parts and systemTB/T 3453.3-20162017-4-1
Product of geographical indication―Pixian doubanGB/T 20560-2006/XG1-20142015-1-9
Residential and commercial water treatment equipmentT/NHAIA 004-2016
Specification for construction and acceptance of RH vacuum degassing equipment for steel liquidCECS 450-20162017-1-1
GC and GC-MS examination methods for carbamazepine in biological samples in forensic scienceGA/T 1328-20162016-9-14
Design Code for TheaterJGJ 57-20162017-3-1
Centralized journal temperature alarm system for railway passenger carTB/T 2226-20162017-4-1
Air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners installed service specificationT/NHAIA 002-2016
EMU/DMU vocabulary-Part 1:Basic vocabularyTB/T 3453.1-20162017-4-1
Technical Regulation on Cultivation new cultivar of Cryptotaenia japonica HasskDB21/T 2698-20162016-11-27
Face recognition application in security systems. Technical requirements for face image extraction from videoGA/T 1344-20162016-9-14
Smart toiletCBMF 15-20162016-10-1
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