Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Requirements for general design of public space in multimodal passenger transportation hubJT/T 1115-20172017-8-1
Technical specification for construction of large-size equipment hoisting engineering in petrochemical industrySH/T 3515-20172017-10-1
Classification and codes of intermodal transport cargoJT/T 1110-20172017-8-1
Testing method for service-aware and controlling technology of broadband network access serverYD/T 3236-20172017-7-1
Palm vein recognition applications in security systems Technical requirements for palm vein imagesGA/T 1395-20172017-4-17
Technical requirements for public 4over6 access networkYD/T 3231-20172017-7-1
Specification for testing of quality control in computed radiography systems for mammographyWS 530-20172017-10-1
Asphalt binder for seamless expansion joints in bridgeJT/T 1129-20172017-8-1
Technical regulations for high density apple planting of dwarfing interstock rootstockDB21/T 2797-20172017-5-27
Quilted textilesFZ/T 81005-20172017-10-1
Technical specification for intelligent control for livestock raising environment-Part 2: Dairy breedingDB37/T 2942.2-20172017-5-14
National Food Safety Standard--Determination of potassium and sodium in foodsGB 5009.91-20172017-10-6
Green produck - FurnitureT/APEP 1001-20172017-7-1
Technical Specification of Biochar Substratum in Rice Factory SeedingDB21/T 2787-20172017-5-27
Oral care and cleansing products-Determination of alantan in toothpastes- High performance liquid chromatographyQB/T 5095-20172017-10-1
Wax shell printing for large honey pills of Chinese medicineJB/T 20183-20172017-10-1
Production technical regulation of exiting big peanutDB21/T 2788-20172017-5-27
Thermal mass flow sensorJB/T 13111-20172018-1-1
Gas Cooler for Electrical Machinery-Part 1: General Rules JB/T 2728.1-20172018-1-1
Pyroelectric ceramics for uncooled infrared detectors JC/T 2397-20172017-10-1
Technical requirements for WAN interconnection in cloud enabled Network Intelligent Capability Enhancement (NICE)YD/T 3219-20172017-7-1
Lighting columns-Part 2: steel lighting columnsQB/T 5093.2-20172017-10-1
Test methods for fastness of setting jewelry-Thrust and tension methodQB/T 5103-20172017-10-1
Self-monitoring guidelines for pollution sources―Thermal power generation and boilerHJ 820-20172017-6-1
Requirement and test method for antibacterial and eliminating bacterial function for household and similar electrical dish washersQB/T 5133-20172017-10-1
Specifications of charge-discharge motor controller for electric vehiclesQC/T 1088-20172017-10-1
Installation performance test methods for telecommunication optical fibre cables Part 4: Installation test for microduct cablingYD/T 3248.4-20172017-7-1
Spherical lollipop production lineJB/T 13263-20172018-1-1
Technical requirements for access network一 Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP)YD/T 2158-20172017-7-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 12:Animal husbandry service quality control specificationsDB21/T 2800.12-20172017-5-27
Test method for abrasion resistance of plastics pipesQB/T 5101-20172017-10-1
High shrinkage polyester/polyamide composite drawn yarnFZ/T 54095-20172017-10-1
Specifications for waterway surveySL 257-20172017-7-6
Operation conditions of recycle semi-dry flue gas desulphurization and denitration integration equipmentJB/T 13269-20172018-1-1
Classification of materials hazardous only in bulkJT/T 1123-20172017-8-1
Specifications of city battery electric sanitation vehiclesQC/T 1087-20172017-10-1
Oral care and cleansing products-Determination of dipotassium glycyrrhizinate in toothpastes- High performance liquid chromatographyQB/T 5096-20172017-10-1
Test methods for barcode reqognition service based on mobile networkYD/T 3220-20172017-7-1
National Food Safety Standard - Determination of Zinc in FoodsGB 5009.14-20172017-10-6
Evaluation method on energy saving quantity of mobile communication base station room based on simulationYD/T 3264-20172017-7-1
Seat assembly of passenger carQC/T 740-20172017-10-1
Beta crystallized homopolypropylene( -PPH) piping systems for industrial application-Part l:pipesQB/T 5099.1-20172017-10-1
Safety door technical requirements and test methods of outdoor shelter for telecommunication systemYD/T 3224-20172017-7-1
Operating condition of coal-fired flue gas denitration equipmentJB/T 13268-20172018-1-1
Passive device for signal distributing system of mobile communcations Part 1:General requirements and test methodsYD/T 3251.1-20172017-7-1
Technical requirements for wireless sensor network and telecommunication network combined gateway deviceYD/T 3253-20172017-7-1
RESTful based Service Capabiluty Open API-Video ShareYD/T 3217-20172017-7-1
Code for acceptance of coal-fired flue gas denitration equipmentJB/T 13174-20172018-1-1
Information codes for road traffic management—Part 30:Codes for classification of score deduction items in driver license examinationGA/T 16.30-20172017-4-17
Detection device of pig carcass backfat thicknessJB/T 13266-20172018-1-1
Competence Requirements for Auditing and Certification of Quality Management SystemsCNAS CC131-20172017-7-1
Mulberry silk and elastic polyester woven fabricsFZ/T 43042-20172017-10-1
The technical conditions of electromagnetic fan clutch for automobileQC/T 777-20172017-10-1
Specification for digitalized general drawing in petrochemical plantSH/T 3187-20172017-10-1
Rule for evaluation of sorghum resistance to acremonium wiltDB21/T 2790-20172017-5-27
Agricultural socialization service―Part 11:Animal husbandry service evaluationDB21/T 2800.11-20172017-5-27
Technical regulations for high density planting of pearDB21/T 2798-20172017-5-27
Safety technical requirements for coal liable to self-heating carried by shipJT/T 1121-20172017-8-1
Code for design and installation and acceptance of Compressed Gas Foam Systems (CGFS) in firefightingDB37/T 1916-20172017-5-14
Testing method for heat dimensional change of fusible interliningsFZ/T 01082-20172017-10-1
High speed jam filled candy production lineJB/T 13258-20172018-1-1
Melting and holding furnaces for die casting-Technical requirementsJB/T 13238-20172018-1-1
Technical Specification on Information Exchange for Intelligent Systems of Multimodal Passenger HubsJT/T 1117-20172017-8-1
Falling weight deflectometerJT/T 1125-20172017-8-1
Biscuit processing machinery - Cream mixing machineJB/T 13255-20172018-1-1
Technical regulationgs of oil seed tree peony Part 4 : Intercropping techniqueDB37/T 2941.4-20172017-5-14
LZ series bottom roller bearingsFZ/T 92024-20172017-10-1
Testing and Grading of Synthetic DiamondDB37/T 2948-20172017-5-14
Biscuit brushing milk machineJB/T 13257-20172018-1-1
Passive device for signal distributing system of mobile communcations Part 4: Hybrid bridgeYD/T 3251.4-20172017-7-1
Terms of automotive automatic transmission classificationsQC/T 1077-20172017-10-1
Technical specifications for net-cage mariculture of sea cucumberDB37/T 2943-20172017-5-14
Dumpling-making machine of sausage typeJB/T 13259-20172018-1-1
Technical regulationgs of oil seed tree peony Part 3 : Cultivation techniueDB37/T 2941.3-20172017-5-14
Clean vegetable processing equipmentJB/T 13260-20172018-1-1
Function technical requirement of GSM/WCDMA network performance evaluation and monitoring system based on the user perceptionYD/T 3227-20172017-7-1
Cotton wax imitation printed fabricFZ/T 14036-20172017-10-1
Tomato hybird seed production technical specificationDB21/T 1327-20172017-5-27
Agricultural socialization service―Part 18:Technology transformationDB21/T 2800.18-20172017-5-27
Technical specification of optical transceiver module for xPON Part 7: Optical transceiver module embedded with MAC for ONUYD/T 1688.7-20172017-7-1
Technical specification of mechanized operation of seedbed soil (tray soil) mix for rice factory seedling nursingDB21/T 2795-20172017-5-27
Agricultural socialization service―Part 8:ConsultationDB21/T 2800.8-20172017-5-27
Numerical control system for air j et weaving machineFZ/T 99019-20172017-10-1
Radio management specifications of data structures: space station and satellite network database partT/RAC 005-20172017-4-12
Technical specification for intelligent control for livestock raising environment-Part 1: Pig breedingDB37/T 2942.1-20172017-5-14
Technical requirements for setting jewelry of precious metal-FastnessQB/T 5102-20172017-10-1
Specification for testing of quality control in γ-ray sources afterloading brachytherapyWS 262-20172017-10-1
Coarse raw silkFZ/T 42010-20172017-10-1
Evaluation methods for mobile application securityYD/T 3228-20172017-7-1
Service specification of integrated passenger transportation hubJT/T 1113-20172017-8-1
Management requirements with quality of service (QoS)of cloud datacenter network for network intelligent capability enhancement (NICE)YD/T 3218-20172017-7-1
Automotive shift position sensorQC/T 1072-20172017-10-1
Bedding sheet of corduroyFZ/T 62038-20172017-10-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 6:Guidelines for quality control specificationDB21/T 2800.6-20172017-5-27
Self-monitoring technology guidelines for pollution sources―General ruleHJ 819-20172017-6-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 3:Terms and definitionsDB21/T 2800.3-20172017-5-27
Information security technology—Security technical requirements for computer security reinforcement systemsGA/T 1393-20172017-4-19
Agricultural socialization service―Part 17:Technical guidance proceduresDB21/T 2800.17-20172017-5-27
Technial specifications of quality evaluation for sunflower shellcomplete sets of equipmentDB21/T 2796-20172017-5-27
Mini dynamic extracting and concentration setJB/T 20083-20172017-10-1
Summer sleeping mat composited with warp-knitted mesh fabricFZ/T 62035-20172017-10-1
Hair removal cream(lotion)QB/T 5108-20172017-10-1
Terminology of passenger intermodal transportJT/T 1109-20172017-8-1
Self-monitoring technology guidelines for pollution sources ― Paper industryHJ 821-20172017-6-1
Technical specification for pneumatic diaphragm pumps in petrochemical industrySH/T 3191-20172017-10-1
General technical requirements for SIM-Applet based mobile authentication system YD/T 3239-20172017-7-1
Data transmission standard for online monitoring systems of pollutantHJ 212-20172017-5-1
Printed and dyed cotton covered spandex elastic corduroyFZ/T 14039-20172017-10-1
Testing method for surface appearance and dimensional change after washing for fusible interliningsFZ/T 01084-20172017-10-1
Modifer for asphalt mixture - Part 7: Pyrolytic carbon black from used tireJT/T 860.7-20172017-8-1
Medical elastic base fabricFZ/T 64063-20172017-10-1
Latex pillow and cushionFZ/T 62036-20172017-10-1
Evaluation for the Shandong SapphireDB37/T 2949-20172017-5-14
Wire mesh expanded perlite composite board for constructionJC/T 2422-20172017-10-1
National food safety standard - Determination of nickel in foodsGB 5009.138-20172017-9-17
Punch and die for ZP series tablet pressJB/T 20022-20172017-10-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 2:Guidelines for standardizationDB21/T 2800.2-20172017-5-27
Hot-melt thinfilm interliningsFZ/T 64062-20172017-10-1
Skin mashQB/T 2872-20172017-10-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 4:General principlesDB21/T 2800.4-20172017-5-27
GNSS for operating vehicles—Test method for platformJT/T 1120-20172017-8-1
Industrial embroidery machine- Computer controlled embroidery machine with a chain stitch pattern testQB/T 5109-20172017-10-1
Standard for selection,inspection and acceptance of metallic hose for piping in petrochemical industrySH/T 3412-20172017-10-1
High pressure metal die casting units-Technical requirementsJB/T 13237-20172018-1-1
Technical Specification for Production of Single-grain Sowing for Maize SeedDB21/T 2789-20172017-5-27
Agricultural socialization service―Part23:Fruit and vegetable industry service quality control specificationsDB21/T 2800.23-20172017-5-27
Classification and basic requirements of intermodal freight transportation hubJT/T 1111-20172017-8-1
Integrated heat pipe air conditioner for telecom stations/sitesYD/T 3223-20172017-7-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 16:Evaluation for science and technology achievementsDB21/T 2800.16-20172017-5-27
Bacterial endotoxin testerJB/T 20184-20172017-10-1
Cosmetic ingredients-AllantoinQB/T 5107-20172017-10-1
Information codes for road traffic management—Part 31:Codes for classification of traffic violation actionsGA/T 16.31-20172017-4-17
Automotive acceleromete sensor-Part 1:linear acceleromete sensorQC/T 1073.1-20172017-10-1
Technical requirements for multi-service IP/MPLS bearer network management-Part 4:EMS-NMS interface common information modelYD/T 2786.4-20172017-7-1
Polyamidester staple fiberFZ/T 52044-20172017-10-1
Test method of anti clogging ability for textle motorFZ/T 90088-20172017-10-1
Nondestructive testing device for pesticide residues on/in fruitsJB/T 13264-20172018-1-1
Non-destructive testing一Practice for in situ examination of ferromagnetic heat-exchanger tubes using remote field testingJB/T 13159-20172018-1-1
Test method for content switch supporting IPv4/IPv6YD/T 3235-20172017-7-1
IMS network operation&management indicatorsYD/T 3260-20172017-7-1
National Food Safety Standard - Determination of Manganese in Foods GB 5009.242-20172017-10-6
External heating double-effect evaporator with thermal vapour recompressorJB/T 20084-20172017-10-1
Mobile Payment Test methods for Contactless Point of sale (POS) Terminal based on 13.56MHz Near Field Communication technologyYD/T 3246-20172017-7-1
GSM/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA mobile communication network service quality indicatorYD/T 3261-20172017-7-1
Safety technical requirements for coal liable to emitting methane carried by shipJT/T 1122-20172017-8-1
Paddyfield burying stubble harrowing slurry land leveller-working technique regulationsDB21/T 2784-20172017-5-27
Technical Regulation of Green Cultivation on FigsDB37/T 2939-20172017-5-14
Biscuit sprinkle seasoning machineJB/T 13256-20172018-1-1
Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Multi-component fibre mixturesFZ/T 01026-20172017-10-1
Technical requirements for multi-service IP/MPLS bearer network management Part 3:EMS-NMS interface functionYD/T 2786.3-20172017-7-1
Passive device for signal distributing system of mobile communcations Part 3: CouplerYD/T 3251.3-20172017-7-1
Cosmetic ingredients-Iodopropynyl butylcarbamateQB/T 5105-20172017-10-1
Jewellery-Bracelet-size-Definition,measurementand designationDB37/T 2950-20172017-5-14
本标准规定了主机文件监测产品的安全功能要求、安全保障要求及等级划分要求。?GA/T 1392-20172017-4-19
Standard for Classification on Hazards of Toxicity and Explosion of Chemical Mediums in Pressure VesselHG/T 20660-20172017-10-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 1:Guide for standardizationDB21/T 2800.1-20172017-5-27
LTE EMS-NMS interface function technical requirementsYD/T 3262-20172017-7-1
TD-MBMS application server network operation&management indicatorsYD/T 3256-20172017-7-1
Quilt cover of corduroyFZ/T 62037-20172017-10-1
National Food Safety Standard - Determination of Copper in FoodsGB 5009.13-20172017-10-6
Technical requirements and testing methods of feeder windows for telecommunication roomYD/T 3225-20172017-7-1
Suspended flyer of rovingFZ/T 92033-20172017-10-1
specification for densified biofuelDB21/T 2786-20172017-5-27
Industrial sewing machine-Portable bag closing sewing machineQB/T 1180-20172017-10-1
Calculation methods for average travel speed on urban roadGA/T 1391-20172017-5-1
Industry washer-extractorsQB/T 2323-20172017-10-1
Binder materials for resin cold-mixture steel deck pavementJT/T 1131-20172017-8-1
Installation performance test methods for telecommunication optical fibre cables. Part 2: Microduct internal pressure-withstandYD/T 3248.2-20172017-7-1
Diamond Color GradingDB37/T 2952-20172017-5-14
Technical specification of honeycomb metal substrate for exhaust catalytic converter QC/T 1075-20172017-10-1
Code for denitration equipment design of coal-fired flue gasJB/T 13173-20172018-1-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 15:Scientific and technical personnelDB21/T 2800.15-20172017-5-27
Polyphenylene sulfide spunlaid spunlace nonwoven filtration materialsFZ/T 64064-20172017-10-1
Radio management specifications of data service interface: radio equipement management and testing database partT/RAC 007-20172017-4-12
Special mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete wallJC/T 890-20172017-10-1
Printed or dyed cotton and profiled cross-shaped polyamide 66 filament interweaved fabricFZ/T 14040-20172017-10-1
Data store requirements for domain name registrationYD/T 3238-20172017-7-1
Specification of Artificial propagation Techniques on SturgeonDB37/T 2947-20172017-5-14
Information security technology—Security technical requirements for security operation and maintenance management productsGA/T 1394-20172017-4-19
Drum brake shoe for automobile JC/T 2414-20172017-10-1
TD-SCDMA/WCDMA radio access network network operation & management indicatorsYD/T 3259-20172017-7-1
Autolevelling system for spinning preparatory and spinning machinesFZ/T 93058-20172017-10-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 13:Fishery service specificationDB21/T 2800.13-20172017-5-27
Cable for wireless remote radio unit Part 4:Pre-terminated cable assembliesYD/T 2289.4-20172017-7-1
Technical regulations of late maturing plum productionDB21/T 2794-20172017-5-27
Agricultural socialization service―Part 9:Animal husbandry service specificationDB21/T 2800.9-20172017-5-27
GSM and TD-SCDMA/WCDMA mobile communication network converged core network network operation&management indicatorsYD/T 3255-20172017-7-1
National Food Safety Standard - Determination of Lead in Foods GB 5009.12-20172017-10-6
Technical requirements of security for public warning system based on mobile communication systemYD/T 3229-20172017-7-1
Code for lakesSL 261-20172017-7-6
Limit standards of volatile origanic compounds of architectural coatings and adhesivesDB11/ 3005-20172017-9-1
Cucumber hybird seed production technical specificationDB21/T 1330-20172017-5-27
Battery rack for telecommunicationYD/T 3226-20172017-7-1
Calibration Specification for Ultraviolet Test Chamber for Photovoltaic ModulesJJF(闽)1082-20172017-7-7
Filament fabrics for suitcases and bagsFZ/T 43041-20172017-10-1
Technical regulations of seedlings propagation for mulberryDB37/T 2937-20172017-5-14
Modified impact resistance poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-M) hollow-wall inner-spiral pipes for soil and waste discharge inside buildingsQB/T 5100-20172017-10-1
Electronic yarn clearing installationFZ/T 98003-20172017-10-1
Code for design of waste heat power generation of glass furnaceJC/T 2423-20172017-10-1
Technical specification of optical transceiver module for xPON Part 3: Optical transceiver module for GPON OLT/ONUYD/T 1688.3-20172017-7-1
National Food Safety Standard--Determination of Selenium in FoodsGB 5009.93-20172017-10-6
Diatomite JC/T 414-20172017-10-1
National Food Safety Standard--Determination of Aluminum in FoodsGB 5009.182-20172017-10-6
General technical specification of ceramic tube for cement preheaterJC/T 2408-20172017-10-1
High temperature and high pressure cheese dyeing machineFZ/T 95023-20172017-10-1
Diamond Cut GradingDB37/T 2951-20172017-5-14
LTEFDD digital cellular mobile telecommunication network- Testmethod of eNodeB equipment(Phase 1)YD/T 2574-20172017-7-1
Specification for testing of quality control in medical X-ray diagnostic equipmentWS 76-20172017-10-1
Specifications for road traffic information releaseGA/T 994-20172017-5-1
SL series top roller bearingsFZ/T 92013-20172017-10-1
Specification for testing of quality control in medical digital radiography(DR)systemsWS 521-20172017-10-1
Technical specification for modern orchard soil fertilizationDB21/T 2799-20172017-5-27
Technical specification on mechanized operation of rice smashed strawDB21/T 2791-20172017-5-27
LTE element management system-network management system(EMS-NMS) interface function testing methodYD/T 3263-20172017-7-1
Design specification for highway parallel with railwayJT/T 1116-20172017-8-1
Specification for testing of quality control in helical tomotherapy unitWS 531-20172017-10-1
Test method for carrier grade NAT (NAT44)JB/T 13221-2017
Stereolithography prototyping machines-Part 1:Testing of the accuracyJB/T 13231.1-20172018-1-1
Mobile payment technical requirements for multi-application management protocol YD/T 3247-20172017-7-1
Specification for construction quality acceptance of vertical cylindrical low temperature storage tank in petrochemical industrySH/T 3560-20172017-10-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 20:InformatizationDB21/T 2800.20-20172017-5-27
Information technology service-Maintenance-Part 5:Specification for desktop terminal and peripheralSJ/T 11564.5-20172017-7-1
Radio management specifications of data structures: equipement mangagement testing database type approval partT/RAC 008-20172017-4-12
Pyrogen testerJB/T 20185-20172017-10-1
Radio management specifications of data structures: equipement mangagement testing database equipement in use partT/RAC 009-20172017-4-12
Code for calibration of porous plate SL 111-20172017-7-6
Performance requirements and testing methods for continuously variable transmissionQC/T 1076-20172017-10-1
Emergency disposal specification for urban-rural road passenger transportation -Part 2: operation enterpriseJT/T 1119.2-20172017-8-1
Nepheline syenite powder(sand)JC/T 2395-20172017-10-1
Lighting columns-Part 1:general requirementsQB/T 5093.1-20172017-10-1
Mounting centre dimensions of dyeing and finishing machineryFZ/T 90096-20172017-10-1
Autocontrol straightenter deviceFZ/T 93098-20172017-10-1
Technical specification of assembling and welding for the steel inner tank of full containment tanks for the storage of liquefied natural gasSH/T 3561-20172017-10-1
DC remote feeding power system for telecommunication equipmentYD/T 1817-20172017-7-1
Technical regulationgs of oil seed tree peony Part 2 : Seedling quality classificationDB37/T 2941.2-20172017-5-14
Optical fiber connector for wireless remote radio unitYD/T 3249-20172017-7-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 5:Evaluating guideDB21/T 2800.5-20172017-5-27
Determination of Major Metabolites of Mequindox in Sea cucumber with high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometryDB37/T 2945-20172017-5-14
DHCPv4 over IPv6 transport technical requirementsYD/T 3232-20172017-7-1
General requirements for construction of field equipment infrastructure for public security traffic managementGA/T 652-20172017-5-1
Specification for design of power center automation systems in petrochemical industrySH/T 3183-20172017-10-1
Detection device of beef marblingJB/T 13261-20172018-1-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 22:Fruit and vegetable industry service evaluationDB21/T 2800.22-20172017-5-27
Measurement method for radiated RF power and receiver performance of wireless device Part 4:WCDMA wireless deviceYD/T 1484.4-20172017-7-1
Code for calibration of compaction apparatus SL 112-20172017-7-6
Bottom rollers of drafting systems for cotton roving frameFZ/T 93064-20172017-10-1
Dope-dyed profiled polyester staple fiberFZ/T 52046-20172017-10-1
Telepresence conference system system architectureYD/T 3244-20172017-7-1
Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (PE-UHMV pipesQB/T 2668.1-20172017-10-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 10:Science and technology data of animal husbandryDB21/T 2800.10-20172017-5-27
Polyethylene/Polyethylene terephthalate (PE/PET) whitening bicomponent composite staple fiberFZ/T 52047-20172017-10-1
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