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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Standard color sample for flag of the Communist Youth League of ChinaGB/T 40056-20212021-4-30
Names and colorimetric characteristics of Chinese common colorsGB/T 37370-20192019-10-1
Method of measuring the color rendering properties of light sources GB/T 5702-20192019-10-1
Colour design systemGB/Z 35473-20172018-7-1
Names and colorimetric characteristics of traditional colors in ChinaGB/T 31430-20152015-6-1
Method of specification for water-based ink colorGB/T 30722-20142014-10-1
Optical functional films-Color measurementHG/T 4608-20142014-10-1
Safety coloursGB 2893-20082009-10-1
Method of measuring the color of light sources GB/T 7922-20082009-3-1
Specification of colorsGB/T 3977-20082008-11-1
Methods of color specification for architectureGB/T 18922-20082008-11-1
Color display chromaticity coordinates of white balance point and its tolerance GB/T 936-20082008-11-1
Method for visual appraisal of metamerismGB/T 15610-20082008-11-1
Method of specification for textile colorsGB/T 21898-20082008-11-1
Methods for the measurement of object colorGB/T 3979-20082008-11-1
Methods of whiteness specificationGB/T 17749-20082008-10-1
The Chinese color systemGB/T 15608-20062007-2-1
Standard color sample of antional flagGB 12983-20042004-7-1
Colors of Chinese classical architectureGB/T 18934-20032003-6-1
Method of measuring the color of light sourcesGB/T 7922-20032003-6-1
Surface colors for visual signallingGB/T 8416-20032003-6-1
Colours of light signalsGB/T 8417-20032003-6-1
Methods of color specification for building purposesGB/T 18922-20022003-5-1
Colour standard for pipelines and equipments of municipal wastewater treatment plantsCJ/T 158-20022002-10-1
Safety coloursGB 2893-20012002-6-1
Method for assessing the quality of daylight simulatorsGB/T 8415-20012001-12-1
Glossary of color termsGB/T 5698-20012001-12-1
Methods of whiteness specificationGB/T 17749-19991999-1-2
Methods of measuring the colour of materialsGB/T 3979-19971997-10-1
Methods of colour specificationGB/T 3977-19971997-10-1
Uniform colour space and colour difference formulaGB/T 7921-19971997-10-1
Method for visual evaluation of metamerismGB/T 15610-19951996-2-1
The Chinese color systemGB/T 15608-19951996-2-1
Standard color sample of national flagGB 12983-19911991-12-1
Colors of light signalsGB/T 8417-19871988-10-1
Methods of measuring the colour of light sourceGB 7922-19871988-2-1
Glossary of colour termsGB 5698-19851986-9-1
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