Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Installation of watt hour meter box of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) in residential building DBJT 08-77-1997
Code for construction and acceptance of electric equipment on fire and explosion hazard electric equipment installation engineeringGB 50257-20142015-8-1
Code for Installation and Acceptance of Protection Equipment and Secondary Circuit in Infrastructure ProjectGB/T 50976-20142014-12-1
Guidelines for installation and adjustment technology of hydroelectric generating set thrust bearing and guide bearingSL 688-20142014-6-28
Guide of thrust bearing and guide bearing installation and adjustment technology for hydrogenerating unitSL 668-20142014-6-28
Code for Construction and Acceptance of Busbar Installation of Electric EquipmentGB 50149-20102011-10-1
Code for construction and acceprance of electrical lighting installation in buildingGB 50617-20102011-6-1
Code for construction and acceptance of 1kV and blow wiring workGB 50575-20102010-12-1
Code for Design of Installation of Shunt CapacitorsGB 50227-20082009-6-1
Code for Quality Acceptance of Oil and Gas Construction Engineering-Electrical EngineeringSY 4206-20072008-3-1
Code for quality acceptance of oil and gas construction engineering automation instrumentation engineeringSY 4205-20072008-3-1
Code for acceptance of electrical construction installation in metallurgyGB 50397-20072007-10-1
Standard for lighting design of urban roadCJJ 45-20062007-7-1
Specification for construction and acceptance of wire pipelines with fastening connection steel conduitCECS 120-20072007-6-1
Code for construction and acceptance of rotating electrical machines electric equipment installation engineeringGB 50170-20062006-11-1
Code for construction and acceptance of cable system electric equipment installation engineeringGB 50168-20062006-11-1
Code of acceptance of construction quality of electrical installation in buildingGB 50303-20022002-6-1
Technical specification for aluminum-alloy cable trayCECS 106-20002000-10-1
Installation Drawing of Cable Bridge SHT 801-20002000-10-1
Code for construction and acception of 1kV and under feeder cable engineering electric equipment installation engineeringGB 50258-19961997-2-1
Code for design of installation of shunt capacitorsGB 50227-19951996-7-1
Recommendatory Universal Drawing 41 for Shanghai Building Product - Installation of ZDX (R)-B(F)-S(W) Series (Lightning Protection) Household Distribution Box 沪J/D 405-20001995-1-1
Recommendatory Universal Drawing 28 for Shanghai Building Product - Installation of PZDX Series Terminal Combined Distribution Box 沪J/D 401-19991995-1-1
Recommendatory Universal Drawing 37 for Shanghai Building Product - Installation of ZDX (II) Series Multi-functional Households Distribution Box 沪J/D 404-19991995-1-1
Recommendatory Universal Drawing 36 for Shanghai Building Product - Selection and Installation of PZ36 Series Combined Electrical Device (Box)沪J/D 403-19991995-1-1
Universal Drawing of Cable Tunnel Laying in Chemical Companies (Figure)HG/T 21509-19951994-10-1
Code for construction and acceptance of elevators electric equipment of electrical apparatus installation engineeringGB 50182-19931994-2-1
Code for construction and acceptance of rotating electrical matchines electric equipment installation engineeringGB 50170-19921993-7-1
Code for construction and acceptance of 35kV and under over-head power levels electric equipment installation engineeringGB 50173-19921993-7-1
Installation atlas No. of high-and-low voltage busway: Xie 97D701DBJT 14-5-19991993-4-1
Wiring installation atlas of rigid flame retardant plastic pipe with no plasticization DBJT 08-51-19921993-4-1
Standard for design of road illumination in cityCJJ 45-19911992-2-1
Standard for Quality Inspection and Assessment of Metallurgical Electrical Equipment ErectionYBJ 239-19921992-1-1
Quality inspection and assessment of electric equipment installationGBJ 303-19881989-9-1
Specifications for construction and acceptance of industrial automation instrumentationGBJ 93-19861987-1-1
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