Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
The window decoration products of building interior—Technical requirements for metal slide rails for curtainsT/CADBM 40-2021
Cylindrical swaged joint for steel wire ropeJG 5091-1997
General technical requirements for certification of prefabricated supports and hangersT/CECS 10141-20212021-12-1
General technical requirements for certification of rebar mechanical splicesT/CECS 10115-20212021-6-1
General safety technique requirements of interior ceiling system for buildingT/CADBM 25-20202020-5-5
Door closer for buildingJG/T 268-20192019-12-1
Point supporting device for curtain wallGB/T 37266-20182019-11-1
Technical conditions of civil anti-corrosion steel guardrailCJ/T 563-20182019-4-1
Aluminum-plastic co-exusion windows and doors JG/T 543-20182019-4-1
Building hardware for windows and doors—Shoot boltsJG/T 214-20172018-8-1
Welded stainless steel tubes for buildingJG/T 539-20172018-8-1
Metal venetian blinds for shading of buildingJG/T 251-20172018-8-1
Ventilator for windows and doors of buildingJG/T 233-20172018-8-1
Building hardware for windows and doors―Friction hingesJG/T 127-20172018-8-1
Building hardware for windows and doors—RollersJG/T 129-20172018-6-1
Building hardware for windows and doors—Espagnolette gearsJG/T 126-20172018-6-1
Building hardware for windows and doors—Casement fastener handlesJG/T 213-20172018-6-1
Building hardware for windows and doors—Multipoint locking gearsJG/T 215-20172018-6-1
Stainless steel welded tubes for decorationT/GDSS 001-20182018-1-1
Building hardware of windows and doors. HingesJG/T 125-20172017-7-1
Disk lock steel tubular scaffold componentsJG/T 503-20162017-5-1
Integrated ceilingT/ZZB 0148-20162016-12-31
Hub-shape Inlay Joints of Single Layer Lattice ShellsJG/T 136-20162016-12-1
Garage Door OpenerJG/T 227-20162016-12-1
Building hardware for windows and doors―General requirementsGB/T 32223-20152016-11-1
Anchorage,grip and coupler for prestressing tendonsGB/T 14370-20152016-8-1
Waterproof Split Bolt for Building Formwork JG/T 478-20152016-1-1
Building Hardware for Daylighting Exclude Smoke SkylightJG/T 459-20142015-4-1
Vehicle Exit Barrier GateJG/T 452-20142015-4-1
Electric Swing or Sliding GateJG/T 155-20142015-4-1
Co-extruded Profiles Made of Plastic and Aluminum for Windows and DoorsJG/T 437-20142014-12-1
Aluminum alloy T-type beamsJC/T 2220-20142014-10-1
Aluminium-clad steel fenceJC/T 2161-20122013-6-1
Roofing products from metal sheet with reflect thermal coatingJG/T 402-20132013-5-1
Electric daylighting exclude smoke skylightGB/T 28637-20122013-2-1
Industrial sliding door opening machineJG/T 325-20112011-12-1
Color steel rolling doorJG/T 306-20112011-10-1
Insulating aluminum alloy profile with thermal barrier strip for constructionJG 175-20112011-8-1
Electrodynamic control smoke venting side-window for buildings JG/T 307-20112011-8-1
Building hardware for doors - Lift and slide hardware system JG/T 308-20112011-8-1
Point supporting device for architectural glassJG/T 138-20102010-8-1
Door closer for buildingJG/T 268-20102010-7-1
Building hardware for windows—Tilt and turn hardware systemGB/T 24601-20092010-6-1
Metal and Metal-Composite CeilingsGB/T 23444-20092010-1-1
Aluminium Panels for Building DecorationGB/T 23443-20092010-1-1
Garage door openerJG/T 227-20072009-9-4
Steel furring for buildingGB/T 11981-20082008-8-1
Anchorage, Grip and Coupler for Prestressing TendonsGB/T 14370-20072008-2-1
High frequency weldedJG/T 137-20072007-11-1
Steel doors and windowsGB/T 20909-20072007-11-1
Building hardware for windows and doors—Multipoint locking gearsJG/T 215-20072007-10-1
Building hardware for windows and doors - Espagnolette gearsJG/T 126-20072007-10-1
Accessory of steel furring for buildingJC/T 558-20072007-10-1
Cold formed steel sheet pilingJG/T 196-20072007-8-1
Technical specification for application of automatic door for pedestrian useCECS 211-20062006-12-1
Automatic doorJG/T 177-20052005-12-1
Integrated aluminium doors and windowsJG/T 173-20052005-11-1
Parallel thread rebar splice with upsetting endJG 171-20052005-8-1
Assembled steel tubular frame of the plastic greenhouseNY/T 7-19842004-3-1
Electric swing or sliding gateJG/T 155-20032003-12-1
Sectional garage doorJG/T 153-20032003-12-1
Steel Members of Light-weight Buildings with Gabled FramesJG 144-20022002-10-1
The support device of point supported glass curtain wallJG 138-20012002-1-1
The support device of suspended glass curtain wallJG 139-20012002-1-1
The high frequency welded light gauge H sections for constructionJG/T 137-20012001-12-1
Hub-shape inlay joints of single layer lattice shellsJG/T 136-20012001-12-1
Steel furrings for buildingsGB/T 11981-20012001-10-1
Metal Decorative Gate 沪参J 01-19952000-12-1
Stainless steel sliding windowsJG/T 41-19992000-3-1
Cold forming sectional stainless steel in architectureJG/T 73-19992000-3-1
Single side-hung multifunctional external doorJG/T 3054-19991999-4-13
Light Type Metal Rolling Doors and WindowsJG/T 5087-19961999-4-1
Cylindrical swaged joint for steel wire ropeJG/T 5091-19971997-11-1
Side hung or sliding colour coated sheet doors and windowsJG/T 3041-19971997-10-1
Light-weight rolling metal doors and windows for buildingsJG/T 3039-19971997-9-1
Side hung aotmaticdoorJG/T 3015.2-19941994-12-1
Sliding automatic doorJG/T 3015.1-19941994-12-1
Steel skylight-Top hung steel skylightJG/T 3004-19931994-2-1
Fink steel roof truss - span: 9m, 12m and 15mDBJT 11-32-19891993-4-1
Metel CeilingQB/T 1561-19921993-3-1
Rolling DoorsQB 1137-19911992-1-1
Universal Drawing of Steel Planking HG/T 21553-19931992-1-1
Universal Drawing of Single Rail Suspended Crane Beam HG/T 21542-19921992-1-1
General Drawings of Pressure-Welded Steel GratingHG/T 21612-19961992-1-1
General Drawing of Steel Ladders and HandrailsHG/T 21613-19961992-1-1
Steel Guard GatesQB 1136-19911992-1-1
Tubular Steel Frame ScaffoldingJGJ 76-19911991-12-1
Quality Standard of Steel TrussesJGJ 74.1-19911991-12-1
Inspection and Acceptance Standard for Steel TrussesJGJ 74.2-19911991-12-1
Mechanica test methods for windowsGB 9158-19881988-11-1
Representation of structural metal workGB/T 4656-19841985-5-1
Assembled steel tubular frame of the plastic greenhouseGB 4176-19841984-12-1
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