Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Safety regulation for tailings pondGB 39496-20202021-9-1
Discharge Standard of Thallium Pollutants in Wastewater for Iron and Steel IndustryDB32/ 3431-20182018-9-1
Emission standard of pollutants for sulfuric acid industryGB 26132-20102011-3-1
Emission standard of pollutants for nitric acid industryGB 26131-20102011-3-1
Emission standard of pollutants for magnesium and titanium industryGB 25468-20102010-10-1
Emission standard of pollutants for aluminum industryGB 25465-20102010-10-1
Emission standard of pollutants for lead and zinc industryGB 25466-20102010-10-1
Emission Standard of Pollutants for Copper, Nickel, Cobalt IndustryGB 25467-20102010-10-1
Cleaner production standard Lead smelting industryHJ 512-20092010-2-1
Cleaner production standard Lead electrorefining industryHJ 513-20092010-2-1
Effluent limitations for pollutants from offshore petroleum exploration and productionGB 4914-20082009-5-1
Cleaner production standard Petroleum refinery industry(semi-asphaltic flux)HJ 443-20082008-11-1
Cleaner production standard-Steel rolling (plate) industryHJ/T 318-20062007-2-1
Cleaner production standard-Wood based panel industry(medium density fiberboard)HJ/T 315-20062007-2-1
Cleaner production standard-Process of bleached alkali bagasse pulp in paper industryHJ/T 317-20062007-2-1
Cleaner production standard -- Iron ore mining and mineral processing industryHJ/T 294-20062006-12-1
Safety Technical Regulations for the Tailing PondAQ 2006-20052006-3-1
Waste dump satety regulations for metal & nonmetal minesAQ 2005-20052005-5-1
Cleaner production standard Coking industryHJ/T 126-20032003-6-1
Cleaner production standard Petroleum refinery industryHJ/T 125-20032003-6-1
Discharge STANDARD of water pollutants for caustic alkali and polyvinyl chloride industryGB 15581-19951996-7-1
Discharge standard of water pollutants for meat packing industryGB 13457-19921992-7-1
Effluent STANDARDs for oil-bearing waste water from offshore petroleum development industryGB 4914-19851985-8-1
Emission standards for pollutants from iron and steel industryGB 4911-19851985-8-1
Emission standards for pollutants from light metal industryGB 4912-19851985-8-1
Effluent standard for pollutants from shipGB 3552-19831983-10-1
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