Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Estimation of the lethal toxic potency of fire effluentsGB/T 38310-20192020-4-1
Indoor fire hydrantGB 3445-20182019-6-1
Fire resistive coating for steel structureGB 14907-20182019-6-1
Automatic sprinkler systems—Part 5: Deluge alarm valvesGB 5135.5-20182019-1-1
Automatic sprinkler systems—Part 7:Water flow indicatorsGB 5135.7-20182019-1-1
Automatic sprinkler systems—Part 6: Conventional valvesGB 5135.6-20182018-9-1
HFC fire extinguishing agentsGB 35373-20172018-7-1
Technical Regulations of Automatic Fire Alarm & Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System for Urban Rail Transit VehicleDB21/T 2755-20172017-3-23
Forestry machinery―Portable pneumatic fire extinguisher―Measurement of vibrationGB/T 10283-20162016-9-1
Forestry machinery―Portable pneumatic fire extinguisher―Measurement of noiseGB/T 10284-20162016-9-1
Heptafluoropropane foam fire extinguishing systemGA 1288-20162016-8-10
Portable fire hoseGA 180-20162016-8-1
Fire fighting vehicles—Performance requirements and test methodsGA 39-20162016-2-25
Service for fire extinguishersGA 95-20152016-2-1
Fire fighting vehicles―Part 14:Rescue fire fighting vehicleGB 7956.14-20152016-1-1
Fire fighting vehicles―Part 6:Compressed air foam system fire fighting vehicleGB 7956.6-20152016-1-1
Power take-off of fire fighting vehiclesGB 32157-20152016-1-1
Fire fighting vehicles―Part 12:Aerial fire fighting vehicleGB 7956.12-20152016-1-1
Fire safety engineering―General principlesGB/T 31592-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering guide―Part 3:Structural response and fire spread beyond the enclosure of originGB/T 31540.3-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering guide―Part 2:Initiation and development of fire and generation of fire effluentsGB/T 31540.2-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering guide―Part 1:Application of fire performance concepts to design objectivesGB/T 31540.1-20152015-8-1
Fixed fire extinguishing systems for compartment of busGA 1264-20152015-8-1
Fire fighting vehicles―Part 1: General technical specificationsGB 7956.1-20142015-7-1
Fire fighting vehicles-Part 3:Foam fire fighting vehicle GB 7956.3-20142015-7-1
Fire fighting vehicles―Part 2:Water tank fire fighting vehicleGB 7956.2-20142015-7-1
Standard burning items for class A fire test of extinguishing systemGB/T 31431-20152015-6-1
Test methods for the measurement of flame spread, heat release and smoke production on electric or optical fibre cables under fire conditionsGB/T 31248-20142015-4-1
Portable firefighting water storage reservoirsGA 1204-20142015-3-1
Fire blanketsGA 1205-20142015-3-1
Extinguishing agent filling rules for gaseous fire extinguishing systemsGA 1203-20142014-11-13
General technical requirements for push-bar emergency exit locksGB 30051-20132014-11-1
Low pressure carbon dioxide extinguishing system and componentsGB 19572-20132014-8-1
Siamese connectionGB 3446-20132014-8-1
Water mist extinguishing equipmentGA 1149-20142014-5-21
Dry-powder fire-extinguishing deviceGA 602-20132014-3-1
Fire extinguishing agent heptafluoropropane(HFC227ea)GB 18614-20122013-10-1
General requirements for fire protection materials of structural elementsGA/T 110-20132013-4-1
Firestop material (including Amendement 1)GB 23864-2009/XG1-20122013-2-1
Rules for field inspection and judgement of fire productsGA 588-20122013-1-1
General requirements for factory inspection of fire productsGA 1035-20122013-1-1
Fire products—Requirements for fire safetyGA 1025-20122012-11-23
Firestop collar for plastic pipesGA 304-20122012-10-1
Fireproof board for tunnelsGB 28376-20122012-9-1
Fire extinguishing device for kitchen equipmentGA 498-20122012-9-1
Fireproof coating for electric cableGB 28374-20122012-9-1
Fireproof coatings for concrete structureGB 28375-20122012-9-1
Test method for verifying field performance of smoke management system—Hot smoke testGA/T 999-20122012-8-1
Fixed water supply equipment used for fire-protection - Part 1: Gas pressure fixed water supply equipment used for fire-protection GB 27898.1-20112012-6-1
Fire hoseGB 6246-20112012-6-1
Outdoor fire hydrantGB 4452-20112012-6-1
Fixed water supply equipment used for fire-protection - Part 2: Constant pressure automatic water supply equipment used for fire-protection GB 27898.2-20112012-6-1
Fixed water supply equipment used for fire-protection - Part 3: Pressure boosting and stabilizing type water supply equipment used for fire-protection GB 27898.3-20112012-6-1
Automatic sprinkler system—Part 21:Inspectors test connectionGB 5135.21-20112012-6-1
Fixed water supply equipment for fire-protection - Part 5: Dual power fixed water supply equipment used for fire-protection GB 27898.5-20112012-6-1
Fixed water supply equipment used for fire-protection - Part 4: Gas driven fixed water supply equipment used for fire-protection GB 27898.4-20112012-6-1
Automatic sprinkler systems—Part 14:Preaction devicesGB 5135.14-20112012-5-1
Fire extinguishing media—D powderGA 979-20122012-3-1
Class A foam extinguishing agentGB 27897-20112012-3-1
Fire-fighting satellite communication system—Part 2:Portable earth stationGA/T 971.2-20112012-1-1
Fire-fighting satellite communication system—Part 1:System general requirementGA/T 971.1-20112012-1-1
Automatic sprinkler system - Part 17: Pressure reducing valvesGB 5135.17-20112011-11-1
General specification for water mist fire extinguishing system and components GB/T 26785-20112011-11-1
Automatic sprinkler system - Part 18: Pipe hangers GB/T 5135.18-20102011-6-1
Fire extinguishing agent hexafluoropropane(HFC236fa)GB 25971-20102011-6-1
Glass bulbs used for automatic fire extinguishing systemsGB 18428-20102011-6-1
Gas fire extinguishing systems and componentsGB 25972-20102011-6-1
Auto tracking and targeting jet suppression systemGB 25204-20102011-3-1
Foam nozzleGB 25202-20102011-3-1
Powder nozzleGB 25200-20102011-3-1
Automatic sprinkler system - Part 16: Flexible sprinkler hose with fittingsGB 5135.16-20102011-3-1
Deluge sprinklerGB/T 25205-20102011-3-1
General technical specifications for powder extinguishing system and componentsGB 16668-20102011-3-1
General technical specifications for components of carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systemsGB 16669-20102011-3-1
Automatic sprinkler system—Part 20:Coating steel pipeGB/T 5135.20-20102011-2-1
Automatic sprinkler system—Part 19:Plastic pipe and fittingsGB/T 5135.19-20102011-2-1
Ball valves for fire protectionGA 79-20102010-12-5
Aerosol fire extinguishing system - Part 1: Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing deviceGA 499.1-20102010-11-1
Fire robot—Part 1:General specificationsGA 892.1-20102010-10-1
General technical specifications of actuating and control devices of fixed extinguishing systemsGA 61-20102010-8-1
Wye and siameseGA 868-20102010-7-1
General requirements for fusible element for fire protectionGA 863-20102010-4-1
Fire axesGA 138-20102010-3-1
Firestop materialGB 23864-20092010-2-1
Fire extinguisher box GA 139-20092009-12-1
Simplified fire extinguishersGA 86-20092009-12-1
Fire intumescent sealsGB 16807-20092009-11-1
Code for installation and acceptance of fixed fire monitor extinguishing systemsGB 50498-20092009-10-1
Fire products identity information managementGA 846-20092009-10-1
Oil evacuation and nitrogen injection extinguishing equipment for oil-immersed power transformerGA 835-20092009-7-1
Foam-spray extinguishing equipmentsGA 834-20092009-7-1
Forestry machinery - Portable pneumatic fire extinguisherGB/T 10280-20082009-6-1
Automatic sprinkler system - Part 15: Domestic sprinklersGB 5135.15-20082009-6-1
Forestry machinery - Portable pneumatic fire extinguisher - Measurement of noiseGB/T 10284-20082009-6-1
Water crane of fireGA 821-20092009-6-1
Forestry machinery - Portable pneumatic fire extinguisher - Measurement of vibration at the handlesGB/T 10283-20082009-6-1
Water beased extinguishing agentGB 17835-20082009-5-1
Machinery for forestry - Portable pneumatic fire extinguisher - Safety code of practiceGB 10282-20082009-5-1
Performance and test methods for sprayed fire-resistive material of inorganic fibreGA 817-20092009-3-1
Fire motorcyclesGA 768-20082008-6-1
Reaction to fire tests - Ignitability of building products using a radiant heat sourceGB/T 14523-20072008-6-1
Service and scrap rules for fire extinguishersGA 95-20072007-10-1
Fire ladderGA 137-20072007-7-1
Foam extinguishing agentGB 15308-20062007-7-1
Firefighting infrared cameraGA/T 635-20062007-1-1
Hatchet for firefightersGA 630-20062007-1-1
Fire PumpsGB 6245-20062006-12-1
Inert fire extinguishing agentGB 20128-20062006-10-1
Cabinet gas fire extinguishing equipmentGB 16670-20062006-10-1
Fire coupling—Part 2:Patterns and basic parameters for fire snap-types couplingGB 12514.2-20062006-8-1
vFire coupling——Part 4:Patterns and basic parameters for fire screw-type couplingGB 12514.4-20062006-8-1
Fire coupling——Part 3:Patterns and basic parameters for fire insertion-type couplingGB 12514.3-20062006-8-1
Hanging gaseous fire extinguishing equipmentGA 13-20062006-5-1
Indoor fire hydrantGB 3445-20052006-4-1
General technical specifications for foam fire extinguishing systems and componentsGB 20031-20052006-4-1
Rubber suction hose for fire-fighting purposeGB 6969-20052006-4-1
Fire coupling - Part 1: General technical conditions for fire couplingGB 12514.1-20052006-4-1
Flame arresters for petroleum tanksGB 5908-20052006-4-1
Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Fire-extinguishersHJ/T 208-20052006-1-1
Fire extinguishing agent——carbon dioxideGB 4396-20052005-12-1
Fire performance requirements and test methods for fire fight vesselsGB/T 12553-20052005-12-1
Spark arresterGB 13365-20052005-12-1
Portable fire extinguishers—Part 1:Performance and construction GB 4351.1-20052005-12-1
Wheeled fire extinguishers GB 8109-20052005-12-1
Fire hose reelGB 15090-20052005-12-1
Portable fire extinguishers—Part 3:Regulations GB/T 4351.3-20052005-12-1
Portable fire extinguishers—Part 2:Requirements for seamless steel cylinders of portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers GB 4351.2-20052005-12-1
Flame retarded and fire resistive cables - Classification and speciafication of flame retarded rubber insulated cablesGA 535-20052005-10-1
Fire extinguishing medial - Part 2:ABC powderGB 4066.2-20042005-2-1
Fire extinguishing media - Part 1:BC powderGB 4066.1-20042005-2-1
Fire service fall protection equipmentGA 494-20042004-10-1
Rules for testing of fire safety signs - Part 1: General requirements and testing methodsGA 480.1-20042004-10-1
Rules for testing of fire safety signs - Part 4: Retroreflective fire safety signsGA 480.4-20042004-10-1
Rules for testing of fire safety signs - Part 3: Phosphorescent fire safety signsGA 480.3-20042004-10-1
Basic terminology for fire extinguisher agent GA 51-19932004-10-1
Rules for testing of fire safety signs—Part 2:Normal fire safety signsGA 480.2-20042004-10-1
Description data specification for bringing fingerprint hit subjiect to justiceGA 78-19942004-10-1
Rules for testing of fire safety signs - Part 6: Porcelain enamel fire safety signsGA 480.6-20042004-10-1
Flame-retardant decorative textileGA 504-20042004-10-1
Technical requiremtns of converting palm print image dataGA 79-19942004-10-1
Rules for testing of fire safety signs - Part 5: Fluorescent fire safety signsGA 480.5-20042004-10-1
Quality grading for protein-foam fire extinguishing agent and fluoroprotein-foam fire extinguishing agent GA/T 52-19932004-6-4
Lighting tower fire vehicleGA 442-20032004-6-1
Technical specification for application of synthetic foam spraying fire-extinguishing systemCECS 156-20042004-2-15
Combustible gas detectors - Part 5: Self-contained detectors for combustible man-made gasGB 15322.5-20032003-12-1
Combustible gas detectors - Part 4: Point type detectors for combustible man-made gasGB 15322.4-20032003-12-1
Combustible gas detectors--Part 6:Portable detectors for combustible man-made gasGB 15322.6-20032003-12-1
Combustible gas detectors--Part 3: Portable detectors for 0~100%LEL combustible gasGB 15322.3-20032003-12-1
Combustible gas detectors--Part 2: Self-contained detectors for 0~100%LEL combustible gasGB 15322.2-20032003-12-1
General specificatoins for fire monitorsGB 19156-20032003-11-1
General specification for remote-controlled fire monitor systemsGB 19157-20032003-9-1
Code for desing for fixed fire monitor extinguishing systemsGB 50338-20032003-8-1
Requirement and test methods of water supply fixed equipment used for fire-protection Part 2: Constant press automatic water supply equipment used for fire-protectionGA 30.2-20022003-5-1
Scrapping regulation of 1211 extinguishersGA 402-20022003-5-1
Requirement and test methods of water supply fixed equipment used for fire-protection-Part 1: Air pressure water supply equipment used for fire-protectionGA 30.1-20022003-5-1
Combustible gas detectors--Part 1:Point type detectors for 0~100%LEL combustible gasGB 15322.1-20032003-1-2
Fire extinguishing agent--Ammonium phosphate dry chemicalGB 15060-20022002-8-1
General specifications for plain conduits of flame-retardant PVC plastics for electrical installationsGA 305-20012002-2-1
Glass bulbs used for automatic fire extinguishing systemsGB 18428-20012002-2-1
Soft fire retardant polyurethane foam plasticsGA 303-20012001-12-1
General specification for hydraulically operated rescue toolsGB/T 17906-19992000-5-1
Portable pneumatic extinguishers―Safety requirementsGB 10282-19992000-4-1
Portable pneumatic extinguishers―Measurement of hand-transmitted vibrationGB/T 10283-19992000-4-1
General specification for water extinguishing agent seriesGB 17835-19992000-4-1
Portable pneumatic extinguishers-Measurement of airborne noise at the operator ’s earGB/T 10284-19992000-4-1
Portable pneumatic extinguishers―Bench test methodsGB/T 10281-19992000-4-1
Forest fire suppression hand pumpLY/T 1388-19991999-12-1
Fire Performance Requirements and Test Methods for VehicleGB 7956-19981999-6-1
Performance requirements and test methods for fire pumpsGB 6245-19981999-6-1
Aqueous film forming foam extinguishing agentGB 17427-19981999-1-1
Portable hose assembliesGA 180-19981998-10-1
Technical requirements for the installation of fire distinguishing system on inland waterway fire boats with 100 tonnage categoriesJT/T 313.1-19971997-10-1
Performance requirements and test methods for fire-proof sealing materialsGA 161-19971997-10-1
Fire intumescent sealsGB 16807-19971997-1-2
Steel fire windowsGB 16809-19971997-1-2
General technical conditions of control for fire protection equipmentGB 16806-19971997-1-2
General specifications for portable fire extinguishersGB 4351-19971997-1-2
Rules for quality periodic testing of fire vehicle productGA 131-19961996-10-1
Technical requirements for near infrared face recognition equipmentGA 113-19951996-6-1
Test method for smoke fire dampersGB 15931-19951996-6-1
Fire vehicle-engineering approval evaluation programGB 16279-19961996-1-1
General technical conditions for fire-proof glass nonbearing partition GA 97-19951995-12-1
General technical conditions for antiflaming tarpaulin GA 91-19951995-10-1
Fire protection snap connectionsGB 3265-19951995-9-1
Portable foam fire extinguishersGB 15368-19941995-7-1
General technical conditions for liquid supply fire vehicle GA 39.6-19941995-5-1
General technical conditions for water supply fire vehicle GA 39.7-19941995-5-1
Fire extinguishing agent- Ammonium phosphate dry chemicalGB 15060-19941995-2-1
Fire hose reelGB 15090-19941995-1-1
Indoor fire hydrantGB 3445-19931994-8-1
Siamese connectionGB 3446-19931994-6-1
Test method for burning behaviour of flame-retardant paper and boardGB/T 14656-19931994-6-1
Test method for ignitability of building materialsGB/T 14523-19931994-4-1
Fire hydrant boxGB 14561-19931994-3-1
Test method of heat of combustion for building materialsGB 14402-19931994-2-1
Automatic water-spouting fire extinguishing system--Performance requirements and test methods for sprinklersGB 5135-19931993-9-1
General technical specification for tankerGA 39.4-19921993-5-1
The general technical requirement of foam/powder universal fire truckGA 39.3-19921993-5-1
gurrent technical condition of powder fire truckGA 39.1-19921993-5-1
General technical specification for pumperGA 39.2-19921993-5-1
General technical specificution for foam fire truckGA 39.5-19921993-5-1
The performance requirements and test methods for exhaust spark arrester of vehicleGB 13365-19921992-10-1
Fire performance requirements and test methods of fire fighting boatsGB 12553-19901991-8-1
Portable dry powder fire extinguishers (stored-pressure)GB 12515-19901991-6-1
Performance requirements and test methods for fire couplingGB 12514-19901991-6-1
Performance requirements and tests methods for fire water branchGB 8181-19871988-6-1
Characteristics and tests for transportable fire extinguishersGB 8109-19871988-3-1
Rubber suction hose for fire-fighting purpose performance requirements and test methodsGB 6969-19861987-8-1
The general chassis of fire fighting vehicles series,types, basic parameters and technical requirementsGB/T 6244-19861987-2-1
The quenching ability of flame arresters and its test method for petroleum tanksGB 5908-19861986-1-2
Fire extinguishing agent;Carbon dioxideGB 4396-19841985-1-1
Hydrant connectorGB 4453-19841985-1-1
Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishersGB 4399-19841985-1-1
Fire extinguishing agent-BromochlorodifluoromethaneGB 4065-19831984-11-1
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