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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test method for softening point of quartz glass (wire drawing method)JC/T 751-1984(1996)
Silica glass substrates for photomaskGB/T 34178-20172018-8-1
Quartz glass wafer for lithographyGB/T 34177-20172018-8-1
Quartz glass handle tube for optical fibre drawingGB/T 33237-20162017-11-1
Spherical silica powder GB/T 32661-20162017-3-1
Milky quartz glass tubes for infrared heatersJC/T 892-20162017-1-1
Test method for stability to thermal darkening of quartz glassGB/T 4121-20142015-3-1
Quartz glass handle for optical fiber manufactureGB/T 30985-20142015-3-1
Test method for anti-devitrification of transparent quartz glassJC/T 750-20142014-10-1
Reinforcements - Test Method for Yarns - Part 2: Determination of TwistGB/T 7690.2-20132014-8-1
Transparent quartz glass tubes for liquid gaugeJC/T 225-20122013-6-1
Test methods for body stress of quartz glass productsJC/T 655-20122013-6-1
Quartz boats for silicon for solar cellJC/T 2065-20112012-7-1
Quartz glassware BeakerJC/T 653-20112012-7-1
Opaque quartz glass productionJC/T 182-20112012-7-1
Quartz glassware FlaskJC/T 652-20112012-7-1
Quartz glassware CrucibleJC/T 651-20112012-7-1
Transparent quartz cruciblesJC/T 179-20112012-7-1
Quartz glassware Evaporating dishJC/T 654-20112012-7-1
Transparent quartz glass devices for semiconductorJC/T 181-20112012-7-1
Transparent quartz glass tubes for semiconductorJC/T 597-20112012-7-1
Transparent quartz glass rods for semiconductorJC/T 2064-20112012-7-1
Quartz glass diffusion tubes for silicon for solar cellJC/T 2066-20112012-7-1
Determination of impurities in high purity quartz - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometryJC/T 2027-20102011-3-1
Test methods for thermal stability of silica glassGB/T 10701-20082009-4-1
Transparent quartz tubes for electrical lighting sourceJC/T 598-20072007-11-1
Milky quartz glass tubes for infrared heatersJC/T 892-20012002-6-1
TST quartz glass springsJC/T 228-1981(1996)2000-12-1
Analytical method of the chemical composition in the quartz glassGB/T 3284-19931994-7-1
Test method for the hydroxyl groups content of silica glassGB/T 12442-19901991-7-1
Test methods for thermal stability of silica glassGB 10701-19891989-12-1
Test method of alveolus and gas line in transparent silica glassGB 5949-19861987-2-1
The test method for stability to thermal darkening of silica glassGB 4121-19831984-11-1
Low-expansion QSD quartz glass tubesJC 227-1981(1996)1981-3-1
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