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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical Specification of Maintenance for Highway TunnelJTG H12-20152015-3-1
Design and construction specification of synchronous chip seal for highway engineeringDB33/T 937-20142014-10-17
Road safety barrelGB/T 28650-20122013-1-1
Requirement for planning and design of resting place for road sweeping and maintenance workersDB31/T 560-20112012-1-1
Highway Performance Assessment StandardJTG H20-20072008-2-1
Code for Maintenance of Highway Bridges and CulversJTG H11-20042004-10-1
Safety Work Rules for Highway MaintenanceJTG H30-20042004-10-1
Technical Specification of Maintenance for Highway TunnelJTG H 12-20032003-10-1
Technical Specifications for Maintenance of Highway Asphalt PavementJTJ 073.2-20012002-1-1
Three-beam guardrail for highwayJT/T 457-20012001-12-1
Technical Specifications of Cement Concrete Pavement Maintenance for HighwayJTJ 073.1-20012001-10-1
Specification for steel components anticorrosion of highway traffic engineering appurtenancesGB/T 18226-20002001-7-1
Technical Specificaitons for Construction of Highway RoadbasesJTJ 034-20002000-10-1
Specification for fencesJT/T 374-19981998-10-1
Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standards for Highway MaintenanceJTJ 075-19941994-6-1
Technical specifications for Design and construction for Fly ash EmbankmentJTJ 016-19931992-2-1
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