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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Sea-going Vessels and Marine Technology - Instructions for Planning, Carrying Out and Reporting Sea TrialsGB/T 30493-20142014-6-1
General provisions for programming mooring and sea trials of sea going shipsGB/T 3471-20112012-6-1
Weight calculation ration of food portable water fresh water people and baggage for sea-going shipsCB/T 3649-20112011-10-1
Direct calculation method of inclined lifting passage constructionCB/T 4152-20112011-10-1
Ships and marine technology - Potable water supply on ships and marine structures - Part 1: Planning and design GB/T 21481.1-20082008-9-1
Ships and marine technology - Potable water supply on ships and marine structures - Part 2: Method of calculationGB/T 21481.2-20082008-9-1
Ships and marine technology -- Low-location lighting on passenger ships -- ArrangementGB/T 20132-20062006-10-1
Assessment of main general performance level for sea-going transport shipsCB/T 3886-20022003-2-1
Test method of hull tightness for sea-going steel shipsCB/T 257-20012002-2-1
Air - Conditioning and ventilation of dry provision rooms on board ships - Design conditions and basis of calculationsCB/T 3817-19981999-6-1
Design Specifications and Calculation Basises for Central Control Room Air Condition and Ventlation of ShipsCB/T 3773-19961997-6-1
Air Conditioning, Ventilation Design Condition and Calculation Basis of Ship CabCB/T 3774-19961997-6-1
Design Specifications and Calculation Basises for Cabin Ventlation of Diesel ShipsCB/T 3772-19961997-6-1
Rules for Design of Oil Tanker Venting System CB/T 3650-19941994-7-1
Air-conditioning and ventilation of accommodation spaces on board ships-Design parameter and method of calculationsGB/T 13409-19921993-1-1
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