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GB/T 31962-2015   Wastewater quality standards for discharge to municipal sewers (English Version)
Standard No.: GB/T 31962-2015 Status:valid remind me the status change
Language:English File Format:PDF
Word Count: 7500 words Price(USD):210.0 remind me the price change
Implemented on:2016-8-1 Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Standard No.: GB/T 31962-2015
English Name: Wastewater quality standards for discharge to municipal sewers
Chinese Name: 污水排入城镇下水道水质标准
Chinese Classification: P40    Water supply and draining engineering in general
Professional Classification: GB    National Standard
Issued by: AQSIQ and MOH
Issued on: 2015-09-11
Implemented on: 2016-8-1
Status: valid
Language: English
File Format: PDF
Word Count: 7500 words
Price(USD): 210.0
Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Referred in GB/T 31962-2015:
*GB/T 6920-1986 Water Quality - Determination of pH Value - Glass Electrode Method
*GB/T 7466-1987 Water quality. Determination of total chromium
*GB/T 7467-1987
*GB/T 7470-1987
*GB/T 7471-1987
*GB/T 7472-1987 Water quality. Determination of zinc. Spectrophotometric method with dithizone
*GB/T 7475-1987 quality - Determination of copper, zinc, lead and cadmium - Atomic absorption spectrometry
*GB/T 7484-1987 quality - Determination of fluoride - Ion selective electrode method
*GB/T 7485-1987 Water quality - Determination of total arsenic - Silver diethyldithiocarbamate spectrophotometric method
*GB/T 7494-1987 quality - Determination of anionic surfactants - Methylene blue spectrophotometric method
*GB 8978-1996 Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard
*GB/T 9803-1988 Water quality. Determination of pentachlorophenol by safranine-T spectrophotometric method
*GB/T 11890-1989 Water quality. Determination of benzene and its analogies. Gas chromatographic method
*GB/T 11893-1989 Water quality-Determination of total phosphorus-Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometric method
*GB/T 11896-1989 Water quality. Determination of chloride. Silver nitrate titration method
*GB/T 11899-1989 Water quality. Determination of sulfate. Gravimetric method
*GB/T 11901-1989 Water Quality - Determination of Suspended Substance - Gravimetric Method
*GB/T 11903-1989
*GB/T 11906-1989 Water quality. Determination of manganese. Potassium periodate spectrophotometric method
*GB/T 11907-1989 Water qualtiy. Determination of silver. Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometric method
*GB/T 11910-1989
*GB/T 11912-1989
*GB/T 11914-1989
*GB/T 13192-1991 Water quality. Determination of organic phosphorous pesticide in water. Gas chromatography
*GB/T 13195-1991 Water quality. Determination of water temperature. Thermometer or reversing thermometer method
*GB/T 15505-1995 Water quality - Determination of selenium - Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric method
*GB/T 15959-1995 Water quality—Determination of adsorbable organic halogens (AOX)-Microcoulometric method
*GB/T 16489-1996 Water quality - Determination of sulfide-Methylene blue spectrophotometric method
*CJ/T 51-2004 Methods for the examination of municipal sewage
*HJ/T 59-2000 Water quality -- Determination of beryllium -- Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry
*HJ/T 60-2000 Water Quality - Determination of Sulfides - Iodometric Method
*HJ/T 83-2001 Water quality -- Determination of adsorbable organic halogen -- Ion chromatography method
*HJ/T 84-2001 Water quality -- Determination of inorangic anions -- Ion chromatography method
*HJ/T 399-2007 Water quality-Determination of the chemical oxygen demand-Fast digestion-Spectrophotometric method
*HJ 484-2009 Water quality-Determination of Cyanide Volumetric and Spectrophotometry method
*HJ 488-2009 Water quality-Determination of Fluoride-Fluorine reagents spectrophotometry
*HJ 489-2009 Water quality-Determination of silve-Spectrophotometric method with 3,5-Br2-PADAP
*HJ 493-2009 Water quality sampling-technical regulation of the preservation and hanling of samples
*HJ 502-2009 Water quality-Determination of volatile phenolic compounds-bromine method
*HJ 503-2009 Water quality-Determination of volatile phenolic compounds-4-AAP spectrophotometric method
*HJ 505-2009 Water Quality - Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand after 5 Days (BOD5) for Dilution and Seeding Method
*HJ 535-2009 Water Quality - Determination of Ammonia Nitrogen - Nesslers Reagent Spectrophotometry
*HJ 537-2009 Water quality-Determination of ammonia nitrogen-Distillation-neutralization titration
*HJ 585-2010 Water quality-Determination of free chlorine and total chlorine-Titrimetric method using N,N-diethyl-l,4-phenylenediamine
*HJ 586-2010 Water quality-Determination of free chlorine and total chlorine-Spectrophotonetric method N,N-diethyl-1,4-phenylenediamine
*HJ 591-2010 Water quality-Determination of Pentachlorophenol by Gas Chromatography
*HJ 592-2010 Water quality—Determination of nitrobenzene-compounds by Gas chromatography
*HJ 597-2011 Water quality—Determination of Total mercury—Cold atomic absorption spectrophotometry
*HJ 601-2011 Water quality—Dertermination of formaldehyde—Acetylacetone spectrophotometric method
*HJ 620-2011 Water quality–Determination of volatile halogenated organic compounds–Headspace gas chromatography
*HJ 636-2012 Water quality. Determination of total nitrogen. Alkaline potassium persulfate digestion UV spectrophotometric method
*HJ 637-2012 Water quality- Determination of petroleum oils and animal and vegetable oils- Infrared spectrophotometry
*HJ 639-2012 Water quality-Determination of volatile organic compounds- Purge and trap/gas chromatography-mass spectrometer
*HJ 648-2013 Water quality - Determination of nitroaromatics by gas chromatography
*HJ 665-2013 Water quality-Determination of ammonium nitrogen by continuous flow analysis(CFA) and Salicylic acid spectrophotometry
*HJ 666-2013 Water quality-Determination of ammonium nitrogen by flow injection analysis (FIA) and Salicylic acid spectrophotometry
*HJ 667-2013 Water quality-Determination of total nitrogen by continuous flow analysis(CFA) and N-(1-naphthyl)ethylene diamine dihydrochloride
*HJ 668-2013 Water quality-Determination of total nitrogen by flow injection analysis(FIA)and N-(1-naphthyl)ethylene diamine dihydrochloride spectrophotometry
*HJ 670-2013 Water quality-Determination of orthophosphate and total phosphorus-Continuous flow analysis(CFA) and Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometry
*HJ 671-2013 Water quality-Determination of total phosphorus-Flow injection Analysis (FIA) and Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometry
*HJ 676-2013 Water quality-Determination of phenolic compounds Liquid liquid extraction gas chromatography
*HJ 677-2013 Water quality- Digestion of total metals-Nitric acid digestion method
*HJ 678-2013 Water quality-Digestion of total metals-Microwave assisted acid digestion method
*HJ 686-2014 Water quality-Determination of volatile organic compounds-
*HJ 694-2014 Water Quality-Determination of Mercury,Arsenic,Selenium,Bismuth and Antimony -Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
*HJ 700-2014
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