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SY/T 0612-2008   Code for design of gathering and transmission systems in highly hydrogen sulfide gas field (English Version)
Standard No.: SY/T 0612-2008 Status:superseded remind me the status change
Language:English File Format:PDF
Word Count: 13000 words Price(USD):210.0 remind me the price change
Implemented on:2008-12-1 Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Standard No.: SY/T 0612-2008
English Name: Code for design of gathering and transmission systems in highly hydrogen sulfide gas field
Chinese Name: 高含硫化氢气田地面集输系统设计规范
Chinese Classification: E10    Petroleum exploration, development, gathering and transportation engineering in general
Professional Classification: SY    Professional Standard - Oil & Gas
Issued by: NDRC
Issued on: 2008-6-16
Implemented on: 2008-12-1
Status: superseded
Superseded by:SY/T 0612-2014
Superseded on:2015-3-1
Language: English
File Format: PDF
Word Count: 13000 words
Price(USD): 210.0
Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Referred in SY/T 0612-2008:
* GB 150-2011(GB150.1~150.4-2011) Pressure Vessels
* GB 8978-1996 Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard
* GB/T 9711.3-2005 Petroleum and natural gas industries—Steel pipe for pipelines—Technical delivery conditiions—Part 3:Pipes of requirements class C
* GB 50183-2004 Code for Fire Protection Design of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engin
* GB 50251-2003 Code for design of gas transmission pipeline engineering
* GB 50350-2005 Code for Design of Oil-gas Gathering and Transportation Systems
* SY/T 0011-2007 Code for design of natural gas conditioning plant
* SY/T 0015.1-19
* SY/T 0015.2-19
* SY/T 0059-1999 Technical specification of controlling weld hardness of steel equipment to prevent sulfide stress cracking
* SY/T 0076-2008 Code for design of natural gas dehydration
* SY/T 0078-
* SY 0402-2000 Standard for Construction and Acceptance of Oil and Natural Gas Station Procedure Pipeline Project
* SY 0466-1997
* SY/T 0599-2006 Metallic material requirements-Resistance to sulfide stress cracking and stress corrosion cracking for gas surface equipment
* SY/T 4103-2006 Welding and acceptance standard for steel Pipings and pipelines
* SY/T 4109-2013 Nondestructive Testing Standard of Oil and Gas Steel Pipeline
* SY/T 5257-2012 Heating Steel Bend for Oil and Gas Transmission
* SY/T 6137-2005 Recommended practices for oil and gas producing and gas processing plant operations involving hydrogen sulfide
* SYT 6277-2005 Specification of hydrogen sulfide monitoring and protecting for operation personnel in oil and gas field involving hydrogen sulfide
* SH/T 3018-2003 Design code for safety instrumented system in petrochemical industry
* JB/T 4730-2005 Nondestructive Testing for Pressure Equipment (JB/T 4730.1-2005~JB/T 4730.6-2005)
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