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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test method for determination of crystal defect density in PV silicon ingot and waferGB/T 37051-2018
Test method for measuring flatness, thickness and total thickness vsriation on silicon wafers. Automated non-contact scanningGB/T 29507-2013
Specification for establishing a wafer coordinate system GB/T 16596-20192020-2-1
Specification for a universal wafer grid GB/T 16595-20192020-2-1
Designations of semiconductor materialsGB/T 14844-20182019-11-1
Collection of metallographs on defects of germanium crystalGB/T 8756-20182019-7-1
Specification for alphanumeric marking of silicon wafersGB/T 34479-20172018-7-1
pecification for order entry format of silicon wafersGB/T 32279-20152017-1-1
Polished reclaimed silicon wafersYS/T 985-20142015-4-1
Metallographs Collection for Original Defects of Crystalline SiliconGB/T 30453-20132014-10-1
Method for net carrier density in silicon epitaxial layers by voltage-capacitance of gated and ungated diodesGB/T 14863-20132014-8-15
Measuring Methods of Parameters of Hgcdte Epilayers Used for Space Infrared DetectorsGB/T 30110-20132014-5-15
Test method for measuring surface roughness on planar surfaces of silicon waferGB/T 29505-20132014-2-1
Practice for evaluation of polocrystalline silicon rods by float-zone crystal growth and spectroscopyGB/T 29057-20122013-10-1
Cadmium TellurideYS/T 838-20122013-3-1
Specification for silicon annealed wafersGB/T 26069-20102011-10-1
Mono-crystalline silicon as cut slices for photovoltaic solar cellsGB/T 26071-20102011-10-1
Test method for carrier recombination lifetime in silicon wafers by non-contact measurement of photoconductivity decay by microwave reflectanceGB/T 26068-20102011-10-1
Test method for thickness of lightly doped silicon epitaxial layers on heavily doped silicon substrates by infrared reflectanceGB/T 14847-20102011-10-1
Practice for shallow etch pit detection on siliconGB/T 26066-20102011-10-1
Monocrystalline silicon of solar cellGB/T 25076-20102011-4-1
Gallium arsenide single crystal for solar cellGB/T 25075-20102011-4-1
Test method for measuring resistivity of silicon wafer using spreading resistance probeGB/T 6617-20092010-6-1
Test method for measuring Boron contamination in heavily doped n-type silicon substrates by secondary ion mass spectrometryGB/T 24580-20092010-6-1
Test method for low temperature FT-IR analysis of single crystal silicon for Ⅲ-Ⅴ impuritiesGB/T 24581-20092010-6-1
Test methods for minority carrier lifetime in bulk germanium and silicon by measurement of photoconduetivity decayGB/T 1553-20092010-6-1
Test methods for bow of silicon wafersGB/T 6619-20092010-6-1
Polycrystalline silicon-examination method-assessment of sandwiches on cross-section by chemical corrosionGB/T 4061-20092010-6-1
Test method for thickness and total thickness variation of silicon slicesGB/T 6618-20092010-6-1
Testing methods for surface flatness of silicon slicesGB/T 6621-20092010-6-1
Test method for measuring resistivity of monocrystal siliconGB/T 1551-20092010-6-1
Test methods for analyzing organic contaminants on silicon wafer surfaces by thermal desorption gas chromatographyGB/T 24577-20092010-6-1
Test method for detection of oxidation induced defects in polished silicon wafersGB/T 4058-20092010-6-1
Method for measuring crystallographic orientation of flats on single-crystal silicon slices and wafers by X-ray techniquesGB/T 13388-20092010-6-1
Test method for measuring surface metal contamination of polycrystalline silicon by acid extraction-atomic absorption spectroscopyGB/T 24579-20092010-6-1
Testing method for crystallographic perfection of silicon by preferential etch techniquesGB/T 1554-20092010-6-1
Test method for sheet resistance of silicon epitaxial,diffused and ion-implanted layers using a collinear four-probe arrayGB/T 14141-20092010-6-1
Test methods for photoluminescence analysis of single crystal silicon for Ⅲ-Ⅴ impuritiesGB/T 24574-20092010-6-1
Test method for measuring surface metal contamination on silicon wafers by total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectroscopyGB/T 24578-20092010-6-1
Test method for measuring the Al fraction in AlGaAs on GaAs substrates by high resolution X-ray diffractionGB/T 24576-20092010-6-1
Silicon epitaxial layers-determination of carrier concentration-mercury probe voltages-capacitance methodGB/T 14146-20092010-6-1
Test method for substitutional atomic carbon concent of silicon by infrared absorptionGB/T 1558-20092010-6-1
Test methods for measuring resistivity of semiconductor wafers or sheet resistance of semiconductor films with a noncontact eddy-current gaugeGB/T 6616-20092010-6-1
Silicon epitaxial wafersGB/T 14139-20092010-6-1
Test method for measuring surface metal contamination of polycrystalline silicon by acid extraction-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryGB/T 24582-20092010-6-1
Semiconductor materials - Terms and definitionsGB/T 14264-20092010-6-1
Testing methods for determining the orientation of a semiconductor single crystalGB/T 1555-20092010-6-1
Test method for measuring flat length wafers of silicon and other electronic materialsGB/T 13387-20092010-6-1
Test methods for minority carrier diffusion length in extrinsic semiconductors by measurement of steady-steady-state surface photovoltageYS/T 679-20082008-9-1
of semiconductor materialsGB/T 14844-19931994-9-1
Semiconductor materials-Terms and definitionsGB/T 14264-19931993-1-2
Thickness determination for silicon epitaxial layers - Stacking fault methodYS/T 23-19921993-1-1
Test method for defects of extended nailsYS/T 24-19921993-1-1
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