Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
China standard serial number—Part 2:ISSNGB/T 9999.2-20182019-4-1
General specification of library services for the visually impairedGB/T 36719-20182019-4-1
Specification for electronic documents archiving and electronic records management in office automation environment of Jiangxi provinceDB36/T 1053-20182019-2-1
Information and documentation--Digital object identifier systemGB/T 36369-20182019-1-1
Information and documentation—Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies—Part 2:Interoperability with other vocabulariesGB/T 13190.2-20182019-1-1
Technical specifications for microfilm-digital image integration of paper-based recordsDA/T 71-20182018-10-1
Information and documentation—Specification for data processing of citation databasesGB/T 36067-20182018-10-1
Guidelines for establishment of indexes of the local chroniclesGB/T 36070-20182018-10-1
China machine-readable catalogue format for holdings dataGB/T 36068-20182018-10-1
Specifications for rescue and restoration of paper archives—Part 4: Guidelines on restorationDA/Z 64.4-20182018-10-1
General requirements of detection for administrative electronic recordsDA/T 70-20182018-10-1
Specification for archival management of construction projectsDA/T 28-20182018-10-1
Phthalocyanine blue BGB/T 3674-20172018-5-1
Information and documentation-ChinaMarcXchangeGB/T 34832-20172018-5-1
Information and documentation-Codes for the representation of names of scriptsGB/T 34836-20172018-5-1
Information and documentation―Descriptive metadata element set for periodicalGB/T 35430-20172018-4-1
Information and documentation—Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments—Part 2:Guidelines and functional requirements for digital records management systemsGB/T 34840.2-20172018-4-1
Research and development talent metadata element setGB/T 35397-20172018-4-1
Information and documentation—Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments—Part 3:Guidelines and functional requirements for records in business systemsGB/T 34840.3-20172018-4-1
Information and documentation-Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments- Part 1:Overview and statement of principlesGB/T 34840.1-20172018-2-1
Specification for recording of conservation and restoration on brick and stone collectionGB/T 33289-20162017-7-1
Standards of electronic records filing and managementGB/T 18894-20162017-3-1
The arrangement rule of archival documentsDA/T 22-20152016-6-1
Information and documentation―Work process analysis for recordsGB/Z 32002-20152016-4-1
Information and documentation―Permanence and durability of writing,printing and copying on paper―Requirements and test methodsGB/T 32004-20152016-4-1
Specification of scientific and technical novelty searchGB/T 32003-20152016-4-1
Public Library RFID Technology Application Service SpecificationSZDB/Z 169-20162016-2-1
Public Library Unified Service Technology Platform SpecificationSZDB/Z 168-20162016-2-1
Archives management regulation of social insuranceGB/T 31599-20152016-1-1
Information and documentation―Rules for bibliographic references and citations to information resourcesGB/T 7714-20152015-12-1
Information and documentation―Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies―Part 1:Thesauri for information retrievalGB/T 13190.1-20152015-12-1
Specification for recording conservation and restoration of metal collectionGB/T 30687-20142015-7-1
Regulations regarding the Archives of Chinese Communist Party Tianjin BranchDB12/T 553-20152015-3-1
Test specification for electronic records system―Part 2:Verdict criteria test for electronic records archived management systemGB/T 31021.2-20142015-2-1
Specification for Compilation of Conservation and Restoration Plan of Ancient Wall PaintingGB/T 30236-20132014-12-1
Specification for Archives of Conservation and Restoration of Ancient Wall PaintingGB/T 30235-20132014-12-1
Checking of juridical person fundamental informationDB43/T 880-20142014-8-6
Content Form and Media Type of Information ResourceGB/T 3469-20132014-4-15
Management specification for archives of basic medical insurance businessDB31/T 709-20132013-8-1
Information and documentation—Library performance indicatorsGB/T 29182-20122013-6-1
Presentation of forestry scientific and technical periodicalsLY/T 2019-20122012-7-1
Specification for digitization of forestry scientific and technical archivesLY/T 2020-20122012-7-1
Public library service specificationsGB/T 28220-20112012-5-1
Operational norms for institutional archives of oceanic administrationHY/T 057-20112011-12-1
Operational norms for archives on the oceanographic administrative law enforcementHY/T 139-20112011-3-1
Micrographics—Microfilming of newspapers for archival purposes on 35 mm microfilmGB/T 25072-20102010-12-1
Content delivery and rights management—Functional requirements for identifiers and descriptors for use in the music,film,video,sound recording and publishing industriesGB/Z 25101-20102010-12-1
Information and documentation—The Dublin Core metadata element setGB/T 25100-20102010-12-1
Operational norms for archives on marine scientific and technological researchHY/T 056-20102010-10-1
Operational norms for archives on the oceanographic survey observation and monitoringHY/T 058-20102010-3-1
Bibliographical description - Part 4: Non-book matGB/T 3792.4-20092010-2-1
Presentation of periodicalsGB/T 3179-20092010-2-1
Guidelines for the archives classification indexingGB/T 15418-20092010-2-1
Guidelines for determining the subjects and selecting the descriptorsGB/T 3860-20092010-2-1
Bibliographic description—Part 9:Electronic resourcesGB/T 3792.9-20092010-2-1
Bibliographic description - Part 3: Continuing resGB/T 3792.3-20092010-2-1
Information and documentation - VocabularyGB/T 4894-20092010-2-1
Bibliographical description—Part 1:GeneralGB/T 3792.1-20092010-2-1
Contents list of periodicalsGB/T 13417-20092010-2-1
China standard recording codeGB/T 13396-20092010-2-1
Holdings statementsGB/T 24424-20092010-2-1
China standard audiovisual number - Part 1: Audiovisual work identifierGB/T 23730.1-20092009-11-1
China standard musical work codeGB/T 23733-20092009-11-1
China standard text codeGB/T 23732-20092009-11-1
China standard audiovisual number - Part 2: Version identifierGB/T 23730.2-20092009-11-1
Information and documentation-library statisticsGB/T 13191-20092009-9-1
Codes for the representation of names of languages - Part 3: Alpha-3 code for comprehensive coverage of languagesGB/T 4880.3-20092009-9-1
Archives fond list formatGB/T 13967-20082009-5-1
General Requirements for the File Formation of Scientific and Technological ArchivesGB/T 11822-20082009-5-1
The filing forms of administrative archivesGB/T 9705-20082009-5-1
Guideline for establishment of indexes(General)GB/T 22466-20082009-4-1
Metadata of standards documentsGB/T 22373-20082009-1-1
Specificatoins for filing of original geological dataDA/T 41-20082008-9-1
The standard for the restoration and control of ancient books GB/T 21712-20082008-7-1
Intellectual property documentation and information - Essential vocabulary GB/T 21374-20082008-6-1
Intellectual property documentation and information - Classification and codesGB/T 21373-20082008-6-1
Specification of archives of life insurance business managemenDA/T 36-20072007-7-1
General rules for prevention and control of pests and mould in archivesDA/T 35-20072007-7-1
Presentation of theses and dissertationsGB/T 7713.1-20062007-5-1
Bibliographical description for monographes GB/T 3792.2-20062007-2-1
China Standard Book NumberGB/T 5795-20062007-1-1
China MARC format for archivesGB/T 20163-20062006-10-1
Codes for the representation of names of language—Part 1:Alpha-2 codeGB/T 4880.1-20052005-12-1
Common Chinese abbrieviations used in dictionariesGB/T 15933-20052005-12-1
Rules for content form and structure of bibliographic referencesGB/T 7714-20052005-10-1
Operation standards of national archives patriotism education baseDA/T 34-20052005-10-1
Bibliographical description for cartographic materials GB/T 3792.6-20052005-10-1
Standards of electronic mail document filing and managementDA/T 32-20052005-9-1
Specification for digitization of paper-based recordsDA/T 31-20052005-9-1
Data collection standard of China catalogue center for Ming-Qing archives-The machine-readable catalogue exchange for Ming-Qing archivesDA/T 33-20052005-9-1
Management specification for archives of entry-exit inspection & auarantine operationSN/T 0003.3-20032003-12-1
Specification of photographic archives managementGB/T 11821-20022003-5-1
STANDARDs of electronic records filing and managementGB/T 18894-20022003-5-1
Chinese translating guideline to the terminology of the Manchu archives for descriptionDA/T 30-20022003-4-1
Requirements for Filing of Records & Archival Arrangement of National Construction of Key ProjectDA/T 28-20022003-4-1
Format and requirements of the production process record of archival microformDA/T 29-20022003-4-1
Standard Serial NumberingGB/T 9999-20012002-6-1
Code for Urban Construction Archives DescriptionGB/T 50323-20012001-7-1
Codes for the representation of names of languages--Part 2:Alpha-3 codeGB/T 4880.2-20002001-5-1
General requirements for the file formation of scientific and technical archivesGB/T 11822-20002001-5-1
Regulations for archives management for shipbuilding industry Objective item archives managementCB/T 3495.14-19981999-6-1
Regulations for archives management for shipbuilding industry File format and general requirementCB/T 3495.17-19981999-6-1
Regulations for archives management for shipbuilding industry programme of archiving workCB/T 3495.15-19971998-6-1
Regulations for archives management for shipbuilding industry Scientific studiesCB/T 3495.13-19971998-6-1
Regulations for archives management for shipbuilding industry Record sign detailed catalogue and subject - term tableCB/T 3495.16-19971998-6-1
General rule for putting on record of product variety. Part 1: Record card form of product varietyGB/T 16707.1-19961997-7-1
EDIFACT Syntax implementation guidelinesGB/T 16703-19961997-7-1
Document formats for registration of copyright in computer softwareGB/T 16704-19961997-7-1
Thesaurus of Aerospace Industry Document and AmanuensisQJ 1914A-19971996-10-1
Use of punctuation marksGB/T 15834-19951996-6-1
Common chinese abbrieviations used in dictionariesGB/T 15933-19951996-6-1
Documentation guidelines for determining the subjects and selecting the descriptorsGB/T 3860-19951996-4-1
Guidelines for the archives classification indexingGB/T 15418-19941995-8-1
Documentation-Guidelines for establishment and development of multilingual thesauriGB/T 15417-19941995-8-1
Archives fond list formatGB/T 13967-19921993-7-1
Management Rules for Shipping Industry Archives - Job Requirements for File ClerkCB 3495.11-19951993-5-1
Archives Management Rule for Shipping Industry - Acoustic Image CB 3495.8-19951993-5-1
Archives Management Rules for Shipping Industry - Filing Quality Assessment CB 3495.9-19951993-5-1
Management Rules for Shipping Industry Archives - Requirements for Collection of Documents and Operational GuidanceCB 3495.10-19951993-5-1
Bibliographic Database of Aerospace Intelligence System - Preliminary Treatment QJ 2325-19921992-12-1
Acceptance Specification for Bibliographic Database SystemQJ 2332-19921992-12-1
Principle for the Keyword Selection of Items of Western Conference ProceedingsQJ 2427-19931992-12-1
In-line archives dispersion frame DA/T 7-19921992-10-20
Statistical STANDARD of information and documentation organizationGB/T 13191-19911992-5-1
Guidelines for establishment and development of Chinese thesauriGB/T 13190-19911992-5-1
Vocabulary of information and documentation--Traditional documentsGB/T 13143-19911992-4-1
Contents list for scientific and technical periodicalsGB/T 13417-19921992-1-2
Code for the representation of names of languageGB/T 4880-19911992-1-1
Transliterating rules of Chinese phonetic alphabet on titles for books and periodicals in ChineseGB/T 3259-19921992-1-1
The specification of photographic archives managementGB/T 11821-19891990-7-1
Spine titles on books and other publicationsGB 11668-19891990-6-1
Standards for the archives of the national multipurpose investigation of the coastal zone and tidal wetland resources--ClassificationGB/T 9852.3-19881989-5-1
The filing forms of administrative recordsGB 9705-19881989-3-1
Presentation of scientific and technical reports, dissertations and scientific papersGB 7713-19871988-1-1
Codes of secret level for documentsGB/T 7156-19871987-10-1
Bibliographical description for chinese antiquarian booksGB 3792.7-19871987-10-1
Rules for abstracts and abstractingGB 6447-19861987-6-1
Bibliographical description for cartographic materialsGB 3792.6-19861987-1-1
Bibliographical description for monographesGB 3792.2-19851985-10-1
Code of chinese languagesGB 4881-19851985-10-1
Code of chinese languagesGB/T 4881-19851985-10-1
Bibliographical description for serialsGB/T 3792.3-19851985-10-1
Vocabulary of information and documentation; Basic termsGB 4894-19851985-10-1
Descriptive rules for entries of retrieval periodicalsGB 3793-19831984-4-1
General editorial rule for retrieval periodicalsGB 3468-19831983-1-1
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