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GB/T 5600-2018   General technical specification for railway freight car (English Version)
Standard No.: GB/T 5600-2018 Status:valid remind me the status change
Language:English File Format:PDF
Word Count: 10500 words Price(USD):315.0 remind me the price change
Implemented on:2019-1-1 Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Standard No.: GB/T 5600-2018
English Name: General technical specification for railway freight car
Chinese Name: 铁道货车通用技术条件
Chinese Classification: S52    Railway trucks
Professional Classification: GB    National Standard
ICS Classification: 45.060.20 45.060.20    Trailing stock 45.060.20
Issued by: SAIC AND SAC
Issued on: 2018-06-07
Implemented on: 2019-1-1
Status: valid
Superseding:GB/T 5600-2006 General technical specification for railway freight car
Language: English
File Format: PDF
Word Count: 10500 words
Price(USD): 315.0
Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Referred in GB/T 5600-2018:
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