Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Quality requirements for oligosaccharides—Part 2:FructooligosaccharideGB/T 23528.2-20212022-7-1
Guideline for enzyme preparations classificationGB/T 20370-20212022-3-1
Kiwi (fruit/rice) liqueurT/CNFIA 116-20202020-10-15
Implementation Guidelines for the system of screening for and elimination of Liquor manufacturing industry hidden risks of work safety accidentsDB37/T 3148-20182018-3-24
Rice LeavenQB/T 4577-20132014-7-1
Classification of soyfoodsSB/T 10687-20122012-6-1
Soyfoods industry terminologySB/T 10686-20122012-6-1
Thick gravy-stewed semi-dehydrated tofuSB/T 10632-20112011-12-1
Technical specifications for field processing bean productsSB/T 10630-20112011-12-1
SoymilkSB/T 10633-20112011-12-1
Food additive Disodium 5-UridylateQB/T 4158-20102011-4-1
Alpha-amylase preparationGB/T 24401-20092010-3-1
NattoSB/T 10528-20092009-12-1
Good manufacturing practices for enzyme preparations used in food processingGB/T 23531-20092009-11-1
General standard for the labeling of prepackaged alcoholic beverageGB 10344-20052006-10-1
Biocatalyst Guideline for enzyme preparation nomenclatureGB/T 20370-20062006-10-1
Green food - WineNY/T 274-20042005-2-1
Rules for the inspection of mixed wines for exportSN/T 1026-20012002-6-1
Sampling and examination methods of pressed hops and hop pelletsQB/T 3770.2-19991999-4-21
Pressed hops and pelletsQB/T 3770.1-19991999-4-21
Processing procedure of brewing flavoured vinegarSB/T 10306-19991999-4-15
Processing procedure of brewing ripened vinegarSB/T 10305-19991999-4-15
Processing procedure of vinegar with liquid process of submerged fermentationSB/T 10307-19991999-4-15
High-temperature Resistant α-amylase Preparation QB/T 2306-19971998-4-1
Classification of alcoholic beveragesGB/T 17204-19981998-1-2
LiqueurQB/T 1981-19941995-3-1
Terminology of chinese spirits industryGB/T 15109-19941995-2-1
Method for the determination of ethyl carbamate residues in wines for exportSN 0285-19931994-5-1
Alkali Proteinase for DetergentQB 1806-19931994-3-1
Lipase for industrial useQB 1805.4-19931994-3-1
Glucoamylase for industrial useQB 1805.2-19931994-3-1
Proteinase for industrial useQB 1805.3-19931994-3-1
α-Amylase for industrial useQB 1805.1-19931994-3-1
General principles of inspection and mark、packing、transport、storage for industrial enzymesQB/T 1804-19931994-3-1
Barley MaltQB/T 1686-19931993-10-1
Method for determination of procymidone residues in liquors for exportSN 0203-19931993-8-1
Method for determination of BHC DDT residue in wines for exportSN 0166-19921993-5-1
Standard for the labelling of alcoholic beverageGB 10344-19891989-9-1
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