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CJJ 34-2010   Design Code for City Heating Network (English Version)
Standard No.: CJJ 34-2010 Status:valid remind me the status change
Language:English File Format:PDF
Word Count: 23000 words Price(USD):460.0 remind me the price change
Implemented on:2011-1-1 Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Standard No.: CJJ 34-2010
English Name: Design Code for City Heating Network
Chinese Name: 城镇供热管网设计规范
Professional Classification: CJ    Professional Standard - Urban Construction
Issued by: MOHURD
Issued on: 2010-7-23
Implemented on: 2011-1-1
Status: valid
Superseding:CJJ 34-2002 Design Code of District Heating Network
Language: English
File Format: PDF
Word Count: 23000 words
Price(USD): 460.0
Delivery: via email in 1 business day
Referred in CJJ 34-2010:
* GB 50015-2003(2009) Code for design of duilding water supply and drainage
* GB 50019-2015 Code for Design of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Industrial Buildings
* GB 50025-2004 Code for building construction in collapsible loess regions
* GB 50032-2003 Code for seismic design of outdoor water supply sewerage gas and heating engineering
* GB 50034-2013 Standard for lighting design of buildings
* GB 50041-2008 Code for design of boiler plant
* GB 50052-2009 Code for Design Electric Power Supply Systems
* GB 50054-2011 Code for design of low voltage eletrical installations
* GBJ 112-1987 Technical Specifications for Construction Ground In Expanding Soil Areas
* GB 50139-2014
* GB 50264-2013 Design Code for Insulation Engineering of Industrial Equipment and Pipe
* GB/T 1576-2008 Water quality for industrial boilers
* GB 3096-2008 Environmental Quality Standard for Noise
* GB/T 4272-2008 General Principles for Thermal Insulation Technique of Equipment and Pipes
* GB 5749-2006 Standards for Drinking Water Quality
* GB/T 8175-2008 Guide for Design of Thermal Insulation of Equipments and Pipes
* GB/T 14549-1993 Quality of Electric Energy Supply - Harmonics in Public Supply Network
* CJJ/T 81-2013 Technical Specification for Directly Buried Hot-water Heating Pipeline in City
* CJ/T 114-2000 Preformed directly buried insulating pipes for polyurethand [PUR] foamed-plastics and high density polyethylene [PE] protect pipes
* CJ 128-2007 Heat Meters
* CJ/T 129-2000 Preformed directly buried insulating pipes for polyurethane (PUR) foamed plastics and glass fiber reinforced plastics protect layers
* CJ/T 155-2001 Preformed directly buried insulating fittings with polyurethane [PUR] foamed-plastics and high density polyethylene [PE] casing pipes
* CJ 3082-1999
* DL/T 5366-2014
CJJ 34-2010 is referred in:
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